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Card Games returning...

Submitted by Chris Marshall on Mon, 2006-11-27 21:50.

After a long time the Card Games are returning... I am doing all the development in SkyOS now and after moving the code over had to make several changes.

The initial changes are complete and SkyCribbage and SkyFreeCell build without any issues, however they do not function correctly because the mouse functionality appears to have changed since they were last build.

Once these issues are fixed a test version will be released.

I give up...

Submitted by Chris Marshall on Fri, 2006-10-27 16:37.

I guess I am not supposed to test SkyOS natively...

I recently rebuilt my native machine for the 3rd time due to power supply issues and installed the recently Alpha 3, however I was never able to use it because it would hang after booting.

I then downloaded Alpha 4 last night to test again and now the machine will not boot up at all, it simple shows me the start up screen and stops doing anything after the memory tests.

At least I still have my VMware setup for testing.

New Addition

Submitted by Chris Marshall on Wed, 2006-05-17 01:03.

Based on the blog entry by Tomasz... (Ironically I was going to post this last week but didn't)

I wanted to annouce the arrive of our Second child Lillian Eileen born last Thursday 11th May.

PersonalOrganizer.Mono Update

Submitted by Chris Marshall on Tue, 2006-04-18 13:03.

Having migrated most of my code to Mono I have now hit a new problem. The application compiles without any issues, however when I run it on Mono several issues occur, I am reviewing these and will submit bug reports to the Mono team as I go.

The biggest issue is that the resources will not load correctly so either I have no toolbar button images or the application crashes when I open the screen. In addition I am getting number of object errors when attempting to use the toolbar, this could be related to the previous issue or seperate.

Progress is slow but continuing...


Submitted by Chris Marshall on Mon, 2006-03-27 11:42.

So after finding out that hardly any of the .NET 2.0 Windows Forms stuff is actually implemeneted yet, I am currently in the process of building the application on top of the .NET 1.1 stuff so that it will work under Mono.

I recently installed Fedora Core 5 on my machine as a dual boot so that I can test it in a none windows environment.

The good news is that the RichTextBox control is supported in Mono so the work on the HTML editor I started is not wasted.

I am now looking at porting the LumiSoft library over to Mono, hopefully that will only require a new build script but we will see.