Online Magazines
There are many online magazins and news sites which report regularly about SkyOS.
Recent news stories and reviews:

Magazin Articles
Techimo Interview with Kelly, Nathan and me about SkyOS 5.0
Techimo Preview about SkyOS 5.0
Tweakers Preview about SkyOS 5.0
OSNews Interview from '2004 and SkyOS Review
OSNews Interview from '2001
Technoids Technoids - SkyOS Review and Interview

Dziennik Internautów Article about SkyOS (Polish, 2006)
Der Standard - Austrian Newspaper Article about SkyOS
Wikipedia - English Information about SkyOS
Wikipedia - German Information about SkyOS
Wikipedia - Polish Information about SkyOS

Printed Magazines

Magazin Articles
PC Austria Article about SkyOS + SkyOS 2.0 on CDROM
Login Issue °103 and °110 Article about SkyOS + SkyOS 4.0 on CDROM
Mikrodatorn Article about SkyOS and preview for SkyOS 5.0
Wiener Computer Magazin Article about SkyOS


Magazin Award
OSNews SkyOS is the "best hobby OS 2003 award" winning project.