8. SkyOS Tour - Developing

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Fri, 2006-01-13 09:12.

SkyOS has a native C++ Application Framework featuring more than 200 unique classes ranging from simple String handling to device management and full GUI development.

Read more about the SDK.

Programming languages
Develop in a variety of languages, for instance:

  • C# .NET (Mono)
  • C (GCC)
  • C++ (GCC)
  • Pascal (freepascal compiler)
  • Perl, Ruby, Bash scripts, and many more...

Developer Studio

The Developer Studio offers everything that a programmer needs to develop software for SkyOS. Syntax highlighting for the programming languages C, C++, Javascript and Perl make your source code much more manageable. With the Developer Studio, you can create console applications with C, C++, Perl and Javascript. Also, GUI-based applications via C and C++ are supported. The project manager makes work on larger projects a much easier task. The integrated debugger helps with the error tracking.

  • Syntax highlighting for C, C++, JavaScript and Perl
  • Develop console based (C, C++, Perl, JavaScript) and GUI based (C, C++) applications
  • Project manager
  • Intergrated debugger with support for:
    • Disassembly
    • Memory watch
    • Variable watch
    • C/C++ source code watch
    • Function watch
    • Set breakpoints / Step / Single Step in disassembly and C/C++ source files
  • Intergrated profiler (SkyProfiler)
  • Function tracing

GCC 4.1.1
GCC 4.1.1 is available for SkyOS developers to develop C and C++ applications. Additionally, you may use GDB to debug your applications.

Freepascal 2.0.0
Use freepascal do develop applications in the pascal language.

Mono and DotGNU
Allows developers to develop for the .NET runtime and use various programming languages like C#.

Furthermore, you may develop in Python and Perl as well.

./configure & make
There is full support for ./configure scripts and the make process. Most tools needed by this configure script are available too. autoconf, automake, libtool, coreutils and many more.
Makes porting of UNIX applications very easy

Memory debugging support