SkyOS Changelog

SkyOS 5.0 Build 6947
15th, jul 2008:
Various style theme fixes for titlebar drawing and moving
Implemented VolumeControlDialog Class
Fixes to ParagraphView to correctly set preferred size if no windows are attached

26th, jun 2008:
Various Mail and IDE updates
Added an embedded Search textbox in the main panel popup menu (similar to Vistas 'startmenu search/filter')
Added PopupMenuFactory class to allow derived PopupMenuView classes
Added Mail plugin for Panel which displays an icon if new mail arrived

09th, jun 2008:
Implemented Mail Application
Added Mail Folder support
Added Mail Checker thread
Added Mail import from mbox file
Added Mail account settings dialog
Added automail check support
Added ListViewMailFileView Class to display mails in DirectoryViews
Added support to mark mails read/unread
Added SetHint to TextView to display input hints in grayed out colors

3rd, june 2008:
Implemented ProtocolPop3 class
Implemented ProtocolSmtp class
Implemented ProtocolSmtpMessage class
Implemented CodecBase64 class

15th, may 2008:
Added various new layout nodes for IDE
Added project settings and new item type dialogs to IDE. (Built with IDE itself)
Fixed annonying bug which prevented SkyOS to boot in non-debug mode on some systems

09th, may 2008:
IDE supports dependencies now. (e.g. dependencies on header files, on design layouts, etc...)
Added factory recipe for makedepend-1.0.1
Ported makedepend-1.0.1

08th, may 2008:
Implemented LayoutViewGrid. This is the thrid layout class in addition to the LayoutViewVertical and LayoutViewHorizontal layout classes.

29th, apr 2008:
Implemented IDE/ProjectView
Implemented IDE/Source Editor
Implemented IDE/Integrated API documentation using GeckoView
Implemented IDE/Build and BuildOutput support
Implemented IDE/Makefile writer
Implemented IDE/DataColletion Editor
Added ListViewNodeEditCombo and ListViewNodeEditListView to support inline Combo/ListView editing in addition to the TextView
Implemented initial IDE/Layout Editors Property View
Implemented initial IDE/Layout Editors Tree View used to edit the layout skeleton
Implemented initial IDE/Layout Editors Layout View
Implemented initial IDE/Layout Editors Property system
Added various Window methods required to dynamically change layout
Implemented IDE/WelcomeView

28th, apr 2008:
Implemented TabDocumentView class. Similar to TabView but uses a smaller title and can be top or bottom.
Implemented new IDE

24th, apr 2008:
Implemented XMLDocument class
Implemented initial support for floating/dockable windows.
Implemented initial FloatingWindow class
Implemented initial FloatingWindowContainer class

22th, apr 2008:
Implemented new gesture plugin for system manager
Implemented new filetypes plugin for system manager
Implemented Gesture class
Implemented GestureAction class
Added various methods to Mime class

16th, apr 2008:
Implemented new proxy plugin for system manager
Implemented HardwareDevice class
Implemented HardwareDeviceClass class
Implemented HardwareDeviceList class
Implemented new hardware devices plugin for system manager
Implemented new network configuration plugin for system manager
Implemented ConfirmDialog class
Implemented Layouter class
Implemented ParagraphView class
Added missing functions to NetworkInterface class (e.g. Start, Stop, ...)
Activated new encrypted serial algorithm

14th, apr 2008:
Implemented new beta center
Fixed statusbar background theming ability
Implemented new system managers about plugin
System manager used InfoPanels instead of GroupBoxes to display the actual plugin content
Fixed FontCache by using new hashtable. could leak memory
Implemented os/HashTable support functions

31th , mar 2008:
Finalized new software store
Updated installer and partition detection code
Fixed various libos OS/GUI bugs from the bugtracker
Restructured source code and filesystem layout

9th , jan 2008:
Implemented new Software Store using Package, Repository, Archiver and JobManager Class to manage and install new software
Implemented Archiver Class
Implemented ArchiverTAR Class
Implemented Package Class
Implemented JobManager Class (used to perform jobs using a multithreaded environment)
Implemented virtual Job Class
Implemented ListViewCheckBoxNode Class
Began makefile rewrite to support cygwin on Windows Vista.
Released Baby v0.1

12th, dec 2007:
Implemented MemoryFile class
Implemented Download class (can be used to easily download files via HTTP/FTP)
Implemented OptionParser class
Implemented LineParser class
Implemented Repository class (can be used to talk to local and remote software stores)
Implemented RepositoryLoader class (asynchronous repository synchronizer)

10th, dec 2007:
Added libsigc++-2.0.18 factory recipe
Added libsigc++-2.0.18.pkg to software store
Updated Firefox port from to Firefox
Implemented crypt (supporting md5 (md5), des (des), blowfish (blf) and nthash (nth)
Updated libuser and password encryption to use crypt syscall instead of fixed MD5
Implemented getpwent, setpwent, endpwent
Implemented FrameWindow class. ( moved code from ApplicationWindow to this call. FrameWindow will be used by the new FloatingWindow class in near future to create MDI layouts)
ApplicationWindow now derives from FrameWindow

26th, nov 2007:
Added imlib2-1.0.6 factory recipe

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6814
20th, nov 2007:
Added ISS audio/video streaming support using RTP/RTSP protocol
Added streaming support to Mediaplayer

15th, nov 2007:
Implemented ComboBox Class
Added ComboBox testcase and example sources

8th, nov 2007:
Implemented spellchecker service (started automatically on login)

7th, nov 2007:
Changed Style theme to use multiple settings file (one for each themeable component) instead of a single one. Makes it possible to exchange
the look of single components without affecting other component settings.
Implemented PasswordDialog
Added support for optional checkbox in PasswordDialog
GeckoView uses native SkyGI dialogs now

6th, nov 2007:
Optimized PainterImage::FillRect. Major Firefox speed improvement
Implemented "Browser" application which simply opens a URL specified at the command line using Gecko
Added Browser source to sdk
Implemented "Wikipedia Reader". Simple application which loads wikipedia articles by using Gecko and QuickFilter toolbar widget

5th, nov 2007:
Implemented SkyGI C++ GeckoView widget
Implemented A simply application which can display web pages
Added API Documentation link to panels Development menu which opens with local mirrored API Documentation

30th, oct 2007:
Kernel event collector runs in its own thread now, makes it possible to send events/notification from interrupt routines
Added various columns to QueryResultView
Added various commands to QueryView
Fixed possible hang when booting with attached USB2.0 (EHCI) devices

29th, oct 2007:
Implemented new Kernel Event Collection system
Implemented new Event Collection service
Implemented Event Viewer which replaces the Notification panel and displays various system events
Implemented NavigationView Class
Implemented DateParser Class
Implemented QueryEditDialog Class
Added 'Today, Yesterday, Past Week, Past 5 Minutes' queries to default distribution
Merged Lukas Linemayers CPU, Memory, UpTime and Query Panel plugins
Updated Viewer to use new NavigationView Class instead of Favorites and Query View
Updated Kernel and Drivers to use new EventCollection system
Updated Desktop Communication Server to make it easier to call remote application functions
Added various new Query class methods

19th, oct 2007:
Implemented new Themeing Engine.
Implemented Themeing Engine Style 'WindUI'
Updated various classes to use settings from Theme Engine
Updated panel to use settings from Theme Engine
Changed to way how transparency works. Removed all transparent rectangles from the window visible rectangles, so each window will draw opaque always.
Transparency itself is computed when composing the screen.
Updated old WindUI theme and old C API applications to handle new transparency system
Fixed PainterImage Width/Height offset by one

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6796
8th, oct 2007:
Added support to identify file using file content sniffer which is now part of Registrar and IndexFeeder
Added inital sniffer rule database for common file types
Added FileReference::ReadMimeTypeAttribute method
Added FileReference::GetMimeType method
Added FileReference::SetMimeType method
Added FileReference::Identify method
Added Identify option in DirectoryView/Viewer popup menu which can be used to identify files
Fixed statfs and GetVolumeInformation when to be used on links
Fixed bugs:
#2180 Can't copy files from Vista in to "shared" folder.
#2001 guess filetype based on content
#2396 Hitting the "Windows" key a second time should minimize the Start Menu
#1671 MediaCente: Looping file consumes more and more memory
#0327 Progress Bar in Media Viewer
#2196 No progress bar in MediaCenter while playing MP3
#2392 [mediacenter] Ability to repeat the playlist (loop)
#1161 MediaCenter: No ability to stop video from replaying
#0914 Random play order in media center
#2391 [mediacenter] Ability to shuffle playlist
#2386 [mediacenter] Keep aspect ratio option
#2385 [mediacenter] Ability to bring back the original size of video
#1169 MediaCenter: Request ability to resize the playlist vertically
#1310 MediaCenter: Some videos are resized when looped on replay
#1458 MediaCenter - resizes window disregarding movie size.
#1262 MediaCenter: Browsing and opening a file does not begin playing the audio/video file
#1854 Media Center: media file repeats if another file is added after it has already began
#2307 speed of switching between applications not fast enough
3rd, oct 2007:
Added HSV colorspace support to Color class
Added Color::Lighter and Color::Darker
Implemented DataCollectionEditor application. Can be used to view/change DataCollections
Implemented ThemeManager class
Implemented WindUI class as loadable Theme Plugin
Updated WindUI Theme class to use DataCollection for various appearance flags (can be tweaked with DataCollectionEditor)
FileReference::GetMimeType will now try to identify the mime type in following order: file extension, mimetype attribute
FileReference::GetFileIconPath will now use GetMimeType to get the mime type of the file and query registrar for associated icon
Process::Execute will now use FileReference::GetMimeType to get the mime type of the file and query registrar for associated file handlers

2nd, oct 2007:
Added support for separator line between listview columns
Added panel quick launch menu

30th, sep 2007:
Implemented VideoView
Implemented ISSVideoOutput

23th, sep 2007:
Fixed vfs_seek when passing invalid values as whence parameter. Fixes ffmpegs file size detection code

22th, sep 2007:
Implemented ISSCodec class
Implemented ISSOutput class
Implemented ISSInput class
Implemented ISSSink class
Implemented ISSSource class
Implemented ISSConvert class
Implemented ISSSync class
Implemented ISSPlay class
Implemented ISSServiceOutputPlugin class
Implemented ISSWaveOutputPlugin class
Implemented ISSSourceOutputPlugin class
Implemented ISSWindowOutputPlugin class
Fixed GIWM window resize bug when trying to resize a to small window
Rewrote MediaCenter to use C++ API

21th, sep 2007:
Implemented ISSManager class
Implemented ISSStream class
Implemented ISSFormat class
Implemented ISSStream class
Implemented ISSPacket class
Implemented ISSFFMpegPlugin plugin
Added isscheck command line utility which displays media file information and performs various checks on it

20th, sep 2007:
Implemented File class
Implemented BufferIO class
Implemented SeekIO class
Changed various internal classes to use File class instead of C file streams

19th, sep 2007:
New application manager (ALT+TAB window). Removed window previews
Implemented default button support
Added support to temporarly disable tooltips
Fixed bugs:
#1218 SimpleImageViewer: Title cut short if small picture is loaded (reported by Coldfirex )
#1808 Changing pressed and unpressed images does not remove the original image (reported by computrius )
#2142 tooltip drawing error (reported by rextency )
#2265 Pressing the Delete button in Viewer opens a prompt you must click on (reported by mattst88 )
#2364 Option to not show Clock or Weather not saved (reported by Coldfirex )
#2379 Minimized 'Edit Link' window not shown in Panel (reported by Coldfirex )
#2358 tab and text-cursor position in skypad (reported by Kobi )
#2381 Multiple Right-Clicks Menus can linger after closing Viewer (reported by Coldfirex )
#2384 Right-click menu over desktop can be printed more than once (reported by Coldfirex )
#2376 Panel looks akward when Weather and Clock both not selected (reported by Coldfirex )
#2375 Crash (no debug) GPF in when opening a file with a long filename (reported by Coldfirex )
#2378 Different Viewer Icons used (reported by Coldfirex )
#2380 Additional extensions to register to SkyPad (reported by Coldfirex )
#2382 Right-clicking twice on a program window to minimize it leaves Right-Click menu on desktop (reported by Coldfirex )
#2377 Tooltips shown in non-focus programs when dragging in-focus icons/shortucts (reported by Coldfirex )
#2371 No tooltips in Viewer for minimize, maximize, and close (reported by Coldfirex )
#2340 Background not drawn if no tab is selected (reported by Darknesss )
#2339 Window::IsVisible not properly initialized for tabs in a tabview? (reported by Darknesss )
#2342 GetCursorPosition for TextView (reported by apachler )
#2365 Minimized Programs are all using the same default application icon in Panel. (reported by Coldfirex )
#2359 Debug in Panel when right-clicking (reported by Coldfirex )
#2360 Debug of Panel when clicking to open a closed program that Panel still thought was minimized (reported by Coldfirex )
#2361 Panel didnt update itself when programs were closed (reported by Coldfirex )
#2369 Debug in Viewer when right-clicking -> Properties on Root folder mutliple times in a row (reported by Coldfirex )
#2370 Viewer starts over calculating size of folder if you click again on the folder (reported by Coldfirex )
#2362 Keyboard keys not working in new Panel (reported by Coldfirex )
#2366 No tool tips are displayed when hovering over a minimized (or maximized application). (reported by Coldfirex )
#1762 Pressing Up in the panel menu goes to the top instead of up one (reported by mattst88 )
#2374 Panel can be resized (reported by robert )
#2363 Day listeed in Panel is cut off at beginning (reported by Coldfirex )
#2367 Menu for listing multiple instances of a minimized application not lined up. (reported by Coldfirex )
#1322 Start Menu stays open after search (reported by Coldfirex )
#2218 transparent text in advanced find (reported by Kobi )
#1905 In the vicinity of instead of "In the vicinify in" (reported by mattst88 )
#1864 Right Click 'Close All' (reported by shirlz )
#1555 Panel Find Function (reported by Lukaslinemayr )
#2122 Icon on Panel (reported by jpd-software )
#2143 Popup Menu logic (reported by rextency )
#2274 First item already grayed in submenus before entering the submenu (reported by thinkcat )
#2300 minor bug: panel waits for "Run..." to close when launched from panel (sky menu) (reported by Kobi )
#2235 Irregular Startup Menu Behavior (reported by wberg )
#408 Main SkyOS menu minor issue. (reported by Another One )
#2337 NO NETWORK (reported by Ruud )
#2327 Netmon reported unknown source, destination, and ethernet type (reported by Coldfirex )
#1807 Request: WF_FRAME_ROUND_EDGES_LEFT & RIGHT (reported by Lukaslinemayr )
#2333 cannot configure samba in build 6773 with old system manager (reported by Darknesss )
#2332 extra shortcuts for cut/copy/paste (reported by Darknesss )
#2334 viewer does not refresh application icon when this changes (reported by Darknesss )
#1702 Software Store: Crash debug when selecting to work offline and clicking on "close" icon (reported by Coldfirex )
#2331 pTheme->GetProperty(THEME_PROPERTY_TAB_VIEW_BORDER) returns 134331344 (reported by Darknesss )
#1573 Security issue in ghttpd (our webserver service) (reported by Another One )
#1369 Using ThreadSuspend/ThreadResume crashes OS (reported by dvdfrdmn )
#1613 Firefox crashes Network Monitor (reported by adamk )
#2035 Closing telnet connectin to SkyOS reboots SkyOS (reported by Coldfirex )
#1104 SimpleImageViewer: Unable to resize window borders (reported by Coldfirex )
#977 Selection using shift+mouse click doesn't work in the Text Widget (reported by runevi )
#1381 Request: Right-click on Shortcut and Rename (reported by Coldfirex )
#1582 Error while making libmpcdec 1.2.2 (reported by Another One )
#825 workload app hangs, but shows iterations (reported by Darknesss )
#1729 GC_DrawRoundedRect and GC_DrawRoundedRectFill (reported by runevi )
#1837 Clicking Browse while editing a shortcut takes you to wrong directories (reported by Coldfirex )
#1992 Debug on opening Software Store (reported by Coldfirex )
#1684 Maximizing a window When it is minimized using Gestures (reported by shirlz )
#1500 Setting Maximum Application Window Size Breaks Resizing (reported by Rafael )
#2316 Select Font dialog and the quick brown fox (reported by Jellybean )
#2297 better hebrew keymap (reported by Kobi )
#604 Resizing the System manager... (reported by adamk )
#892 System Manager - Menu (reported by Lukaslinemayr )
#1377 System Manager: Menu icons are highlighted more than once (reported by Coldfirex )
#2299 LS get killed (reported by apachler )
#857 Z-Axis Mouse Wheel doesn't always scroll a list down (reported by mwmitton )
#1190 System Manager: Top of sidebar icons cutoff (reported by Coldfirex )
#1453 System Manager usability fix. (reported by Another One )
#2293 ability to limit memory for a specified application (reported by Kobi )
#2289 text saved as .png opens in image viewer instead of skypad (reported by Kobi )
#2291 feature: add a find icon to the panel (reported by Kobi )
#2276 dragging multiple files to skypad only opens the first one (reported by Darknesss )
#2281 skypad and other text views should find in case insensitive manner (reported by Kobi )
#2256 kernel crash (reported by Kobi )
#2284 folder creation bug in viewer (reported by Kobi )
#2285 dnd from find/open dialogue into fat partition folder (copy operation) should update folder to show the new file (reported by Kobi )
#2240 new viewer not refreshing (reported by Darknesss )
#2277 little bugs of "install skyos" (reported by Kobi )
#1733 Certain values in the ApplicationStruct causes crashing (reported by kukyona )
#1438 Broken Packages should be removed (reported by mattst88 )
#1023 after scrolling horizontaly, attempting to select text in a text area crashes app. (reported by computrius )
#2272 Finnish is written "Finish" in keyboard layout names (reported by thinkcat )
#2267 Cannot copy text from Hardware Report window to clipboard (reported by LarsG )
#2269 not translated messages (reported by Darknesss )
#2257 add a mouse preference to the system manager plugins (reported by Kobi )
#2263 Clicking and dragging file into folder should move file, not copy (reported by mattst88 )
#2260 Automatic Tests debugson (reported by Coldfirex )
#1847 StickyNotes visual corruption on screen when moving program (reported by Coldfirex )
#2259 Print Spooler opens minimized and is "blacked" out (reported by Coldfirex )
#2258 Height value in Designer (reported by trapdoor )
#2010 kernel crash + unable to boot skyos (reported by Kobi )
#1964 Debug crash while compiling Squid (reported by Coldfirex )
#1130 Lock ups when booting if debugging isn't enabled. (reported by adamk )
#1177 Gimp: Unable to to use keyboard within File: Open Dialog (reported by Coldfirex )
#1176 Gimp: Very hard to browse through directory structure when attempting to open a picture file (reported by Coldfirex )
#519 beta8.3-pre - GIMP - tips parsing error (reported by Another One )
#1179 Gimp: Help does not open (reported by Coldfirex )
#1178 Gimp: Unable to use keyboard shortucts to got Menus (File, Xtns, Help) (reported by Coldfirex )
#522 beta8.3-pre - GIMP - "Layers, Channels..." window covers main window at startup (reported by Another One )
#1016 Cannot create new account in GAIM (reported by strestout_bugs )
#956 Cannot connect to IRC with GAIM (reported by Another One )
#308 Weird GTK (?) remnant while using GAIM (reported by Thom Holwerda )
#671 GAIM has many GTK related erors upon startup (reported by hechacker1 )
#636 Cannot Tab different fields in Gaim (reported by crashx99 )
#601 Tab key in gaim "Add Account" screen doesn't work. (reported by adamk )
#600 Clicking the "close" button in gaim doesn't work. (reported by adamk )
#329 GAIM doesnt login (reported by patrickweber )
#303 Gaim shows MSN, doesn't support (reported by Nemo )
#1750 Recompile Gaim with SSL support (reported by Another One )
#1198 No confirmation to save open documents when choosing shutdown or logoff (reported by Coldfirex )
#1181 Request: Drag and Drop Functionality for Text files to AbiWord (reported by Coldfirex )
#834 Double clicking text in abiword doesn't work. (reported by adamk )
#462 Problems Saving Abiword Files (reported by reh4c )
#363 Abiword/Blender Screen Size (reported by strestout_bugs )
#624 Abiword doesn't render/refresh under VESA2.0 (reported by hechacker1 )
#619 Font Change In Abiword Unfocuses Window (reported by Nate )
#594 Abiword copy/cut/paste doesn't work. (reported by adamk )
#552 Task-switching (reported by kinghajj )
#252 Adding something like WGF_TEXTFIELD_DISABLED to the edit control (reported by mike )
#880 '..' folder shouldn't exist when using Icon View or Thumbs View. (reported by mattst88 )
#882 Changing items in list boxes should refresh previews (reported by mattst88 )
#960 1600 x 1200 still not an option (reported by Kelly )
#1020 Interface function request (reported by runevi )
#1070 artifacts on screen when resizing a window (shrink it to the left f. ex.) (reported by distantvoices )
#1325 SkyOS rebooted during bootup (reported by Coldfirex )
#1397 CategoryWidget category "Unsorted" should be displayed at the bottom. (reported by Another One )
#1465 Beta10dev1 - stopped booting (reported by Another One )
#1474 Only Single Clicking on Items will update the preview. (reported by shirlz )
#1764 mouse-window-selection (reported by apachler )
#2255 Request: GUI for Codecs and Image translators (availability, current state and configuring them) (reported by Kobi )
#2254 skyos hangs at end of configure (reported by Darknesss )
#2253 slow samba, slow disk access after install (reported by Darknesss )
#1723 Request: Ability to create new folder when saving a file (reported by Coldfirex )
#1766 Move GTK libraries to gtk.pkg (reported by mattst88 )
#2013 Unable to install 6669 - Freezes (reported by Decius )
#2116 DirectoryView sort bug (reported by jpd-software )
#2089 DirectoryView API (reported by rextency )
#2126 pow10l() function missing (reported by rextency )
#2129 Toolbar button causes focus lost (reported by rextency )
#2128 Window with ONTOP (reported by rextency )
#2144 confirmation message on DirectoryView class (reported by jpd-software )
#2145 confirmation message on DirectoryView class (reported by jpd-software )
#2213 Processor Exception (reported by trapdoor )

18th, sep 2007:
Various panel fixes
Various popup menu fixes
Various viewer fixes
Added support for global shortcuts with Shortcut::MakeGlobal method
Reimplemented screenshot support using print screen key
Added Desktop::CaptureImage support

14th, sep 2007:
Added support to remove entries from panel menu with right click

13th, sep 2007:
Finished panel weather plugin
Added mouse (click) through support to let parent windows handle mouse events
Fixed Window::ParentDraw
Replaced panel with C++ version

12th, sep 2007:
Added plugin support to Panel.
Added Programs/Menu support to Panel
Panel plugin area will size dynamically depending on plugin content size
Implemented Clock and Weather plugin. (can be enabled/disabled via PopupMenu)
Added support to open a popup menu from a popup menu with a right click
Added menu locking
Various fixes

6th, sep 2007:
Updated libsdl to convert VKEY ID to SDL MF2 Keyboard compatible scancode
Ported rdesktop (RDP Windows Terminal client)
Added rdesktop recipe

5th, sep 2007:
Fixed libpthread pthread_cond_wait and pthread_cond_signal race condition
Fixed kernel lock (deadlock) when interrupting a thread which got a lock already
Fixed kernel/gcc/libskylock when using recursive lock. (always grab lock automatically when creating a recursive lock with count <= 0)
Interrupt threads by setting the interrupt flag even if thread is in running state
Ported gnash-0.8.0
Added gnash-0.8.0 factory recipe
Added gnash-0.8.0 to primary software store
Added boost_1_34_0 to primary software store

29th, aug 2007:
Updated to gettext-0.16
Updated to autoconf-2.61a
Updated to automake-1.9b
Updated factory to automatically execute ./ if present (else fallback to autoreconf -vfi)
Added pthread_rwlock_* dummy functions. gettext-0.16 checks for weak referernce for pthread_cancel and assumes pthread_rwlock_* functions are then present too

28th, aug 2007:
Updated boost_1_34_0 recipe to build with threading support
Fixed memory leak in application heap when creating/destroying threads. (Use stack now)
Free file buffers on thread exit
Thread create/destroy doesn't leak memory anymore
Fixed memory leak in DCS_SendMessage
Fixed service manager memory leak

23th, aug 2007:
Implemented ScrollView Class
Updated TextView Class to use ScrollView Class
Added Window::LayoutChildren(bool bLayoutChildren) which can be used to disable the automatic layout system (needed by Windows which layout their children manually like TabView, SplitterView, ApplicationWindow, etc.)
Implemented ForeignWindow Class
Implemented ForeignWindowIterator Class
Implemented Window::SetMinimumSize
Implemented Window::GetMinimumSize
Implemented Window::GetSizeHint
Removed virtual from Window::GetPreferredSize

22th, aug 2007:
Implemented IdleHandler EventQueue Idle Handler support
Window Class is now derived from IdleHandler
Implemented WindowIterator Class
Added support to set images on Buttons (in addition to ImageButton Class)

21th, aug 2007:
Made DesktopCommunicationMessage, DesktopCommunicationInterface, DataExchangePort and DataCollection native. (doesn't need anymore)
DataCollection and DesktopCommunicationMessage use the Variant Object now.
Updated DataCollection to support additional data types (float, double, long long, Rect, Data, etc..)

20th, aug 2007:
Implemented Variant class
Ported libpurple

17th, aug 2007:
Fixed bug in ksock SIOCGIFCONF ioctl. (possible buffer overrun)

16th, aug 2007:
Implemented GraphicDevice Class
Implemented GraphicDeviceList Class
Implemented GraphicMode Class
Implemented SystemManager display plugin

11th, aug 2007:
Implemented ServiceManagerInterface Class
Implemented ServiceInterface Class
Implemented ServiceManager Class
Implemented 'service' command line utility to start/stop/list and get service status
Implemented KeyboardLayout Class
Implemented KeyboardLayoutList Class
Added LanguageList support to Language Class
Implemented SystemManager services plugin

10th, aug 2007:
Fixed integrated layout system bug where child->child windows got layouted twice
Implemented new SystemManager C++ Framework
Implemented SystemManager localization plugin

3rd , aug 2007:
Fixed bugs:
#2252 no icon when adding a panel shortcut to desktop (report by Darknesss )
#2251 profiler crash, perhaps due to vmwareservice (report by Darknesss )
#958 SkyOS no longer bootable after running debug mode (report by Kelly )
#1920 API: GI_ImageLoadIconFile (report by Lukaslinemayr )
#1962 System freeze after closing Task Manager with Software Store open (report by Coldfirex )
#1915 System Freeze: mmfault.c: Invalid kernel page accessed in CPL0 (report by Coldfirex )
#2150 sound on startup hiccups (report by Kobi )
#2250 Debug of Viewer with multiple Query tabs open (report by Coldfirex )
#2246 a generic database structure for the c++ api (report by Kobi )
#2244 panel memory usage during make (report by Darknesss )
#2242 crash on startup (report by jpd-software )
#2243 new viewer crash (report by Darknesss )
#1475 Query Window "Open" Button doesnt work for Query Results. (report by shirlz )
#1701 Query field text not able to be cut/copy/paste/select all (report by Coldfirex )
#1706 Request: Ability to specify default Open dialog preference to use Query or Browse (report by Coldfirex )
#513 Storage Viewer - Preview of GIF files problems. (report by Another One )
#2031 Find -> Installed Fonts and My MP3s not functional (report by Coldfirex )
#1189 File Properties: Folder size display incorrectly (report by Coldfirex )
#1317 Firefox: Add Bookmark window stretched horizonatally (report by Coldfirex )
#2237 SkyPad Open-File Dialog Browsing and Resizing (report by wberg )
#2202 Select and drag multiple items on desktop (report by Kelly )
#1473 Changing Background using a Folder. (report by shirlz )
#2133 ListView DnD (report by rextency )
#2025 Unable to drag to desktop for a shortcut (report by Coldfirex )
#1366 Limited options in right-click context menu in Viewer. (report by Kelly )
#1106 Find: Unable to "stop" search with Esc key (report by Coldfirex )
#576 Distroting Images with Thumbnail Preview (report by Nate )
#385 Thumbnail aspect ratio (report by btbeeston )
#44 Thumbnail View Weirdness (report by Kelly )
#508 Storage Viewer - Icon View acts very strange. (report by Another One )
#754 Storage Viewer tries to refresh the view real time (report by Another One )
#858 Z-Axis Mouse Wheel doesn't update preview in storage viewer (report by mwmitton )
#879 Filenames overlay when using Icon View. (report by mattst88 )
#1012 Viewer /boot folder flashes when searching via SkyOS menu (report by strestout_bugs )
#1042 The new favourites panel in Viewer requires providing new translatable strings (report by Another One )
#1110 Created logical partition shows up as primary (report by Darknesss )
#881 Right Click when using List View shows different popup menu (report by mattst88 )
#833 Specifying a directory in the storage viewer. (report by adamk )
#414 Error with switching images (report by patrickweber )
#1508 Dragging and Dropping Support (report by shirlz )
#821 used % for a partition in storageviewer (report by Darknesss )
#1712 Request: Clicking the 'Find Files' toolbar in Viewer a second time, or hitting ESC, closes the Query bar (report by Coldfirex )
#1715 Switching views in Viewer after a search loses your results (report by Coldfirex )
#1719 Renaming a file with a name already existing in same directory overwrites file (report by Coldfirex )
#1482 Hiding Entire Contents of Viewer Window (report by shirlz )
#1849 Storage Viewer: Folder does not fully delete if you are viewing it in another instance (report by Coldfirex )
#1880 New Window Function completely covers existing Viewer (report by Coldfirex )
#1908 low memory while compiling in dir that was open in viewer (report by Darknesss )
#1878 Debug crash in viewer.app_search_search_query after cancelling a search (report by Coldfirex )
#1428 Does not open Correct Directory After Query (report by shirlz )
#1713 Viewer - Unable to close Query field by clicking on close button (report by Coldfirex )
#2179 Not Possible to Close 'Find Files' search box in viewer (report by shirlz )
#2028 Corrupt Error message when copying desktop file to the desktop folder (report by Coldfirex )
#1973 Irritating copy issue with Storage Viewer and high dpi mice (report by JLF65 )
#1984 Renaming a folder/file in Storage Viewer scrolls window back to top (report by Coldfirex )
#2007 Viewer Debug while using 'Open With' right-click function (report by Coldfirex )
#2049 File size grew on its own after viewing file and having it selected in preview (report by Coldfirex )
#2041 Debug of Viewer when using the Open With Function (report by Coldfirex )
#2039 Closing Viewer while it is in process of deleting a folder cancels deletion process (report by Coldfirex )
#2091 Right-click on folder ... and selected Open in New Viewer does nothing (report by Coldfirex )
#2090 Viewer does not save settings immediately after setting (report by Coldfirex )
#2178 Viewer Crash - Recursive NULL Exception (report by Coldfirex )
#2233 segmentation fault on accessing checkbox with no string (report by Patrick Bichler )
#2172 Modal Dialog on ApplicationWindow bug (report by jpd-software )
#2232 abbility to get/set routing table (report by Darknesss )
#1874 Right-click options that need to be "dimmed" (report by Coldfirex )
#1795 GI_WidgetTextfieldScrollUp missing (report by robert )
#2223 multiline-tooltips (report by Patrick Bichler )
#1495 Crashes to black screen just before reaching login screen (report by Peter Belm )
#2224 request: network service protocols as addons (report by Kobi )
#2226 feature: port programming language Factor (report by Kobi )
#2225 feature: port programming language erlang (report by Kobi )
#1976 Install Freezes (report by james_eacret )
#2197 Hang on Boot with Intel i845G chipset (report by mattst88 )
#2219 SkyOS hangs on booting, 'Enabling Interrupts' (report by shirlz )
#2166 SkyPad openfile extra character in path (report by rextency )
#2199 PageFault in desktop.app_PreviewLoader (report by Coldfirex )
#2212 SkyPad hangs, killing it makes SkyOS hang (report by Jellybean )
#2208 skypad crashes, when browsing in dirs. (report by Kobi )
#472 beta8.3-pre Firefox rendering issues - backspace in url bar has huge delay (report by Another One )
#468 beta8.3-pre Firefox rendering issues - dummy window at first start. (report by Another One )
#2174 Firefox sometimes loses focus (report by cryogenix )
#2210 kernel debug console enhancement (report by Kobi )
#2215 known current version of kernel with api (report by jpd-software )
#2193 Wine recipe fails to build and install (report by Coldfirex )
#2204 SkyOS can't find VMware virtual SCSI HD (report by Jellybean )
#2206 Slow mouse cursor in VMware (report by Jellybean )
#2207 Scroll wheel scroll selection but view doesn't follow (report by Jellybean )
#2182 Finnish keyboard layout missing from Installer's choises (report by lietu )
#1318 MediaCenter: Crash debug when trying to play a certain video file (report by Coldfirex )
#1476 ISS crash when trying to play wmv file (report by Darknesss )
#1972 nanosleep doesn't sleep for the correct time (report by JLF65 )
#2142 tooltip drawing error (report by rextency )
#2164 Panel menu closes unexpectedly (report by rextency )
#2168 Icons for tabview (report by Patrick Bichler )
#2170 Testsuite -- Tabview (report by Patrick Bichler )
#2167 Tooltips for a listview entry (report by Patrick Bichler )
#2169 Images in tooltips (report by Patrick Bichler )
#2171 Toolbar draw border (report by rextency )
#2165 SkyPad Openfile drawing error (report by rextency )
#2147 new feature on FontSelectDialog class (report by jpd-software )
#2152 tabview drawing error (report by Darknesss )
#2156 Toolbar 24x24 (report by rextency )
#2157 MenuItem drawing issue (report by rextency )
#2160 bad date on sky manager / about (report by jpd-software )
#2159 missing file header on file GUI.h (report by jpd-software )
#2158 consider other memory allocators for speed increase (report by Kobi )
#2163 missing function on ListViewRow (report by jpd-software )
#2161 MessageBox call parameter (report by jpd-software )
#2153 private variable on MenuItem class (report by jpd-software )
#2155 MessageBox Return values (report by rextency )
#2154 TextView line wrap (report by rextency )
#2108 compile errors (report by Kobi )
#2141 ListView items lose selected status (report by rextency )
#2146 MessageBox Window (report by rextency )
#2134 MessageBox drawing issues (report by rextency )
#2139 checkbox (report by rextency )
#2140 Font class bug (report by jpd-software )
#2130 Get MAC Address (report by rextency )
#2102 Window resize bug (report by rextency )
#2135 Drawing error on resize (dragging top side) (report by Darknesss )
#2137 Radio Button should have Set/Get Value (report by rextency )
#2136 MessageBox should have default button (report by rextency )
#547 Interacion, Keyboard Navigation (report by i3x171um )
#565 Find's in Skypad "Find Previous" and Find Next" don't work (report by mattst88 )
#997 Finding text in SkyPad when horizontal scroll is moved (report by mattst88 )
#1941 Skypad: Find feature does not work for query more than once on same line (report by Coldfirex )
#1998 scroll bars not updating state on some find dialogues (report by Kobi )
#1164 SpyPad: Please add Undo and Select All to Edit Menu (report by Coldfirex )
#593 Edit menu in SkyPad doesn't work. (report by adamk )
#891 SkyPad has got a Find-Function - but not in the menu (report by Lukaslinemayr )
#2132 Missing function on Catalog class (report by jpd-software )
#2127 TextView SelectAll call missing in library (report by jpd-software )
#1429 Task Manager: Sort by CPU does not continually sort proceses (report by Coldfirex )
#1396 WidgetTextfield features needed (report by jpd-software )
#1024 text area should scroll when selecting text passed bottom or top of text area (report by computrius )
#2064 Upgrade the Mantis Bug Tracker to 1.0.7 (report by Another One )
#1484 SkyPad: default blank "(unknown)" tab should be closed when file is opened (report by jpozlovsky )
#1576 SkyPad - scroll wheel moves the caret, not the document. (report by Another One )
#1687 Open/Browse Dialog Window: Overlapping of filename and filetype without ability to resize columns (report by Coldfirex )
#1879 Opening a file in Skypad from find results in // within path (report by Coldfirex )
#2125 missing call api on (report by jpd-software )
#2121 CopyDialog bugs (report by jpd-software )
#2118 FileReference::SetTo() missing in linking (report by rextency )
#2107 Editable ListViewNodes (report by rextency )
#2117 error on help for format command (report by jpd-software )
#2119 New feature for Desktop class (report by jpd-software )
#2092 statistics database (report by Kobi )
#2012 scrolling in text views (report by Kobi )
#2113 save dialog usability (report by Kobi )
#2114 save dialog usability (report by Kobi )
#2115 save dialog usability (report by Kobi )
#2106 Viewer displays wrong file size (report by rextency )
#2100 living threads (report by rextency )
#2103 open file dialog (report by rextency )
#2109 VMware crash on 6737 (report by jengelh )
#2110 VMware crash on 6737 (report by jengelh )
#2111 Boot loops indefinitely in debug routine (report by jengelh )
#1995 feature: probe filesystems to determine type (report by Kobi )
#2105 Name Object Widget (report by jpd-software )
#2089 DirectoryView API (report by rextency )
#2101 ListView C++ scrolling (report by rextency )
#2080 Weather icon collides with Date (report by rextency )
#2098 GetTotalMemory() API return bad size memory (report by jpd-software )
#2097 Both retail and demo have "Welcome Screen" icon, retail should have "Install SkyOS" (report by Another One )
#2094 LiveCD - Need for login? (report by Coldfirex )

1st , aug 2007:
Fixed huge memory leak in panel when recalculating application state
Don't send application changed notification if popup window is destroyed
Don't send application changed notification if window title doesn't change
Don't send application changed notification if window flags doesn't change
Implemented FileHandlerSelectDialog and OpenWith... support to DirectoryView and QueryView
Reduced preview refresh time to 300 msecs. (greatly improves time until first items are displayed when switching from list to preview view)

30th, jul 2007:
Fixed possible crash in ImageLoaderPNG. (Could crash Viewer)
Fixed FileAttribute::GetAsString. (Removed trailing block character)
Don't show SizeNode for Directory entries in DirectoryView
Implemented DirectoryWalker Class
Implemented DirectoryWalkerThread Class

29th, jul 2007:
Released SkyOS - Build 6759 (Alpha)

26th, jul 2007:
Viewer convert the new C++ API
Implemented StyledView (no image and media support yet)
Various API and Viewer fixes

24th, jul 2007:
Implemented DirectoryView Class
Implemented DirectoryViewThread Class
Implemented DirectoryViewUtil Class
Implemented QueryView Class
Implemented QueryViewThread Class
Added AddRatio() method to LayoutView
Various API fixes

20th, jul 2007:
Added FileAttribute methods to FileReference Class
Updated FileAttribute Class
Updated CopyDialog and DeleteDialog Class
Implemented FilePropertiesDialog Class

19th, jul 2007:
Changed ThreadLocalData implementation. Data is now accessible directly from user mode using a reserved segment register
Huge performance increase by using new ThreadLocalData

18th, jul 2007:
Implemented FileView Class
Implemented FileViewLoader to asynchronouly load directory content
Implemented EventThread. (Creates a new thread with an EventQueue and MessageQueue)
Fixed Locker and ScopeLocker Class

17th, jul 2007:
Changed the alpha blending algorithm
Added freetype-2.3.5 recipe
Updated freetype from 2.1.10 to 2.3.5
Fixed possible crash in PreviewMedia::Close

16th, jul 2007:
Fixed Image::Image(Image *pImage) method
Build page tables for 8MB on boot to reserve enough space for kernel modules
Correctly unload modules when using module pre-load. Makes it possible to use diffent boot phases.
Added support to boot from USB devices. (GRUB entry 'module /system/drivers/ must be added manually')
Updated preview loaders to only load known files

15th, jul 2007:
Fixed keyboard mappings limit in installer
Added support to pre-load kernel modules
Always preload kernel.sys and kernel modules. (required to boot on system with i815 graphic card)
Added TEXT_MULTILINE flag to be used with DrawText
Added Font::GetMultilineStringBounds
Added Tooltip multiline support

6th , jul 2007:
Fixed critical bug where SkyOS could hang with "Enabling interrupts"
Fixed critical bug where SkyOS could run extremly slow because of unexpected interrupts

5th , jul 2007:
Implemented ImageLoader using PluginManager Class
Implemented ImageTranslator Class
Implemented ImageTranslatorBMP Class as plugin
Implemented ImageTranslatorGIF Class as plugin
Implemented ImageTranslatorJPG Class as plugin
Implemented ImageTranslatorPNG Class as plugin
Implemented ImageTranslatorICO Class as plugin

4th , jul 2007:
Implemented PluginManager class
Implemented Plugin class
Fixed various bugs in FileDialog
Ported Firefox to new C++ API
Added Window::SetClientRect(const Point& pTopLeft, const Point& pSize)
Added Window::SetLayerBackgroundColor(Color nColor)
Added Region Class
Added Painer::FillPolygon
Added Painter::Scroll
Added Window::Scroll
Changed the way Font references are handled
Implemented PainterImage::DrawImage method
Moved DrawGlyph from PainterImage and PainterScreen to Painter
Moved DrawImageTile from PainterImage and PainterScreen to Painter

25th, jun 2007:
Correctly release button when disabling it
Implemented system wide profiler
ListView speedup because of using seperate list for selected items
Fixed annoying ListView bug which always scrolled to top when new items are inserted

21th, jun 2007:
Added finish keyboard layout

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6753
21th, jun 2007:
Implemented fchdir syscall (fixed perl installation)
Fixed lock_user to fail on getting not owning semaphores
Fixed pthread_cond_destroy. Correctly destroy/null semaphore
Implemented new kernel linker script which should fix the "GRUB: Selected item doesn't fit into memory" bug

12th, jun 2007:
Added ffmpeg, boost_1_34_0 and gnash-0.8.0 factory recipes
Implemented StorageDevice, StorageDeviceList, DataExchangePort and PainterAGG classes
Updated ffmpeg to current svn version
ffmpeg is now built with factory recipe
Added cdfs readlink support
Added branchfs readlink support
Changed ISO build script to produce rock-ridge ISO with deep directories and long filenames
Added POSIX fts functions
Added sysexits.h
Added ALLPERMS definition
Added as86-0.16.17 recipe and software store package
Added dev86-0.16.17 recipe and software store package
Added kBuild-894 software store package

29th, may 2007:
Updated C++ runtime libraries to be thread safe. Fixes crashes when throwing exceptions inside threads

23th, may 2007:
New methods for various classes
SkyPad rewritten to C++ API
New Icon System using SystemIcon class (inluding more than 600 new icons from 16x16 up to 128x128)
Implemented DebugWindow class with various DebugSinks and DebugProviders
Implemented FindBar class and support for Find in TextView

17th, may 2007:
All ListViewNode derived ListViewNodes are now optionally editable using an embedded TextView

15th, may 2007:
Removed Window::Destroy. Windows must be destroyed using destructor/delete now
Added ListView::GetRowCount and ListViewRow::GetRowCount
Various updates to ApplicationWindow and Dialog
Implemented save mode for FileDialog

09th, may 2007:
Implemented FontSelectDialog

07th, may 2007:
Implemented GroupView class
Implemented RadioButton class

06th, may 2007:
Implemented localization classes
Added more examples to testsuite

26th, apr 2007:
Added Brush and Border classes
Implemented Brush, BrushSolid, BrushImage, BrushImages, BrushImageScale
Implemented Border, BorderSolid, BorderImages
Implemented GetApplicationPath and GetApplicationDirectory method to Process and Application class

25th, apr 2007:
ImageCacheReaper uses ImageLock now (racecondition when releaseing not used cached images)
Correctly free ImageInstances on ProcessUndo if new process couldn't be loaded
Mark images as failed if they couldn't be loaded (racecondition)

23th, apr 2007:
Added select support to /dev/random
Added transmission-0.6 and transmission-0.80 package

22th, apr 2007:
Released alpha build 6725

18th, apr 2007:
Implemented TabView class
Implemented Splitter class
Updated various ATA/SATA PCI controller drivers
Added support for 45 more ATA/SATA chipsets
Added support for modal PopupMenus

17th, apr 2007:
Implemented Shortcut Class
Fixed auto message queue quit on last window destroy
Destroy assoicated tooltip window on window destoy
Fixed giwm crash when resizing window with already destroyed parent
Reimplemented listview shift-multiselect

13th, apr 2007:
Added scandir/alphasort
Fixed ping. Didn't correctly timeout when pinging non-existant hosts
Added ghttpd factory script
Rebuilt ghttpd for ELF
Fixed web server service. Didn't show running/stopped state correctly

11th, mar 2007:
Window Class is now responsible for drawing widgets background using specified background style.
PARENT_DRAW background style can be used to draw transparent widgets

7th , mar 2007:
Added tabulator support to painter device. Correctly positions to tabluator for DrawText, GetStringWidth, GetStringBounds and FitChars
Added selection support to TextView

6th , mar 2007:
Added TextView password mode support
Added DocumentParser Class
Added DocumentParser_SyntaxC Class
Document Class can now parse documents using DocumentParser classes
Each ListViewRow can now how a different height
Added Painter::DrawTextAttribute method to specify the appearance of each single character when drawing a string

5th , mar 2007:
Implemented Mime Class
Implemented InfoPanel Class
Implemented System Class
Implemented TaskManager using new API

28th, feb 2007:
Implemented new Desktop Application using new API
Changed SkyGI cyclic timer from 50ms to 1ms
Implemented Desktop Icon Selection Animation
Added multiple icon selection support to Desktop
Added DnD support to Desktop
Implemented Cursor Class
Implemented CopyDialog Class
Implemented DeleteDialog Class
Implemented Dialog Class
Implemented Clipboard Class
Implemented ToolBarSeperator Class
Implemented Registry Class
Implemented Image::ApplyTransparency
Implemented Process::Execute

22th, feb 2007:
Implemented Thread Class
Changed ThreadResume and ThreadSuspend to use signals instead of direct thread state manipulation

21th, feb 2007:
Implemented ProgressBar Class
Implemented QuickFilter Class
Implemented ToolBar Class

20th, feb 2007:
Implemented Clipboard Class
Implemented DataCollection Class using libdcs
Implemented Directory Class
Implemented FileReference Class
Implemented DirectoryView Class
Implemented Process Class
Implemented ProcessList Class
Implemented Signal/Slot support. Updated various Classes to emit signals

19th, feb 2007:
Implemented LayoutView Class
Implemented ListView Class
Implemented ListViewColumn, ListViewHeader, ListViewRow Class
Implemented ListViewDataNode Class
Implemented ListViewStringNode Class
Implemented ListViewSizeNode Class
Implemented ListViewFileNode Class
Implemented ListViewValueNode Class

18th, feb 2007:
Implemented Menu Class
Implemented MenuBar Class
Implemented MenuItem Class
Implemented PopupMenu Class
Implemented MenuWindow Class

17th, feb 2007:
Implemented View Class
Implemented TitleWindow Class
Implemented MessageBox Class

16th, feb 2007:
Implemented Desktop Class
Implemented StatusBar Class
Implemented CheckBox Class

15th, feb 2007:
Implemented Themes Class
Implemented ApplicationWindow Class
Implemented WindUI Theme
Implemented Image Class
Implemented ImageButton Class
Implemented InputEvent Class

12th, feb 2007:
Implemented Application Class
Implemented TextView Class
Implemented Document Class (TextView Document/Editor backend)
Implemented ScrollBar Class
Implemented Button Class
Implemented StringView Class

10th, feb 2007:
Implemented Font Class
Implemented FontCache Class
Implemented FontPhysical Class

7th, feb 2007:
Implemented new layout system which will automatically move/resize windows depending on parent window and specified flags
Implemented Window Class
Implemented Painter Class
Implemented PainterScreen Class
Implemented PainterImage Class
Implemented Message Class
Implemented MessageQueue Class

4th, feb 2007:
Implemented Object Class
Implemented Rect Class
Implemented Point Class
Implemented String Class

23th, jan 2007:
include stddef.h in setjmp.h to make various configure scripts happy
Moved lstat definition from stdio.h to sys/stat.h to make Wine compile

22th, jan 2007:
Added wine-0.9.29 recipe

18th, jan 2007:
Switch to a new zero kernel page when trying to access memory range 0 - 4MB. (VM86). This allows task to make virtual memory starting at zero.

17th, jan 2007:
Added partial siginfo_t and sigcontext support for signal handlers
Implemented sigaltstack support
Implemented alternative signal handler stack support
Makes use of suggestion in mmap when mapping non MAP_FIXED

16th, jan 2007:
Fixed copy error in writev
Added kernel debugger support to fifofs
Fixed mmap/remap bug. Correctly set size of mapped file/image

15th, jan 2007:
Added msghdr.control support for AF_UNIX sockets to install file descriptors in remote processes
Added ccache-2.4 package and recipe
Updated mmap to remap page protection flags

14th, jan 2007:
Fixed spawnvp, added _P_WAIT support, correctly pass arguments
Implemented LDT support including functions to modifiy local descriptor table
Implemented socketpair support
Implemented AF_UNIX sockets
Fixed socket shutdown

11th, jan 2007:
pthread debug output can be enabled with environment variable PTHREAD_DEBUG
Fixed race condition in pthread_cond_wait, pthread_cond_timedwait, pthread_cond_signal and pthread_cond_broadcast
Implemented missing sigwait function
Flush stdin,stdout and stderr on pthread_exit

10th, jan 2007:
Implemented sigpending

09th, jan 2007:
Added ACPI Power Off (Sleep state S5) support

08th, jan 2007:
Implemented ACPI driver
Implemented ACPI Power and Sleep Button support (will shutdown system when pressed)
Implemented Power Monitor Service (reacts on power button and sleep button events)

21th, dec 2006:
Toolbar can now be added either at top or bottom of window
Implemented new image viewer with support for scaled images, next image, prev image, print

20th, dec 2006:
Show "not supported" message right inside query result window when running from LiveCD
Fixed possible endless loop when tile blitting scrollbar indicator

19th, dec 2006:
Removed panel entries for software store links
Desktop respects textoutlining configuration when showing system mode string
Added platform-forms.css to firefox to defined css for form elements. (html form elements border is now thinner)
Correctly close window if received TCP segment has window closed
Immediately open window on zero window update and immediately trigger resent of queued TCP packets
Don't send TCP packets bigger than MSS, send multiple packets instead of fragemented IP packets

18th, dec 2006:
Don't show LiveCD info application in panel
Tips and LiveCD info application use LAYOUT_HINT_CENTER_ON_RESOLUTION_CHANGE now
Added column command to wgstyle syntax to dynamically define left margin
Updated LiveCD info application text to show icons
Limited softwarestore to connect to demo softwarestore on LiveCD demo only

16th, dec 2006:
Added gradient colors wallpaper set
Use green gradient color as default wallpaper
Disabled desktop icon text outlining on default
Implemented new scrollbar theme, no hover/clicked/disabled state yet (graphics done by alex)

15th, dec 2006:
Fixed ping crash when not specifing a destination
Fixed weather service spelling
Removed test user from LiveCD system
Moved SDL examples panel link from sdl.pkg to devstd.pkg
Moved PrintSpooler panel link from base.pkg to printspooler.pkg
Added "Buy SkyOS" panel link when running in LiveCD Demo mode
Fixed firefox loosing focus problem

14th, dec 2006:
Updated install scripts to build LiveCD and RetailCD version
Implemented BranchFS rename support (rename from right to left tree, rename inside left tree, copy on write)
Added firefox_profile.pkg with a predefined firefox profile
BranchFS makes all files writeable by default
Firefox and File and Folder sharing now working on LiveCD
Automatically query DHCP for not yet configured network devices

13th, dec 2006:
Changed BranchFS to use runtime persistant vnode numbers.
Fixed branchfs readdir to return branchfs vnode number instead of sub filesystems number
VFS now normalizes (resolves symlinks) absolute file paths and passes the absolute path to filesystem functions open, create, createdir, unlink

12th, dec 2006:
Splitted setup application into two apps, and
Modified setup application to run in windowed mode, started from a running system
Implemented copy on write support for BranchFS
Added SystemModeIsBranched(), SystemModeIsVolatile(), SystemModeIsLiveCD() functions
Don't index mountpoints which start with '.' like /.branch_left and /.branch_right
Don't show "filesystem must be indexed" when running LiveCD
Tips application will show LiveCD specific informationd and tips when running from LiveCD

11th, dec 2006:
BranchFS in a working state now. symlinks, attributes, cow and rename still missing
Show 'Volatile System' on desktop when booted in volatile/livecd mode
Show information on shutdown dialog that data will be lost when booted in volatile/livecd mode
Added Volatile/LiveCD kernel support routines which automatically creates a ramdisk, formats it and configures BranchFS
Implemented new ramdisk driver

09th, dec 2006:
Added ruby-1.8.5.pkg, rubysdl-1.2.0.pkg, SDL_gfx-2.0.13.pkg, SGE030809.pkg and recipes to default distribution (ported by steved3298)

04th, dec 2006:
Implemented Registrar service and libregistrar
Implemented system manager Filetype configuration plugin
Updated libmime to use libregistrar
Began proof-of-concept implementation of branchfs filesystem

27th, nov 2006:
Added missing prototypes for kill, gethostname, random, srandom, INADDR_NONE, ioctl
Added recipe/package for intltool-0.33, expat-2.0.0 and XML-Parser-2.34

23th, nov 2006:
Added devicefs select_register and select_unregister supported
Added /dev/window device which can be used with select to wait for window message for current thread
Add /dev/window as input source for GTK/glib main loop event sources

21th, nov 2006:
Added _SC_PHYS_PAGES to sysconf
Updated glib to glib-2.12.4 (updated factory recipe)
Updated cairo to cairo-1.2.0 (updated factory recipe)
Updated pango to pango-1.14.8 (updated factory recipe)

20th, nov 2006:
Fixed return values from open/creatdir/opendir if function fails. Added testsuite for this case. Fixed CVS and autoconf errors
Implemented SpellChecker service

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6669
17th, nov 2006:
Fixed developer studio, allow adding files to empty projects
Fixed software store when using software store link from panel menu and software store was in "show installed software" state
Use mmap to manage heap for FPC
Added lcms-1.16 and aspeel-0.60.4 to default distrubtion.
Added en_US dictionary to default distribution
Fixed memchr/memcmp symbol type and size. Required for FPC/Pixel

16th, nov 2006:
Fixed GDB and updated to 6.5
Always create USB CDROM device node, regardless of media state. Requery disk capacity on mount

15th, nov 2006:
Fixed uhci short packet status stage. Fixed occasional packet transfer error

14th, nov 2006:
Fixed wrong timeout in UsbSetInterface
Fixed crash when calling GI_WidgetButtonSetDIB with NULL as hDIB
Removed wrong debug message from uhci root hub thread
Notification panel changes: Use prev,close,next buttons, react on double click, autoshow last message
No confirm required when manually starting a service
Fixed FPC, changed build to ELF32, fixed wrong stat structure
Fixed USB Printer class driver crash. Always create URBs, even if UsbSetInterface fails.
Fixed occasional crash while trying to poweroff/reboot

13th, nov 2006:
Fixed SMM/SMI/EHCI lockup when handoff bios control
Fixed WidgetListbox column resize mode to not being able to move column too far to the left
Fixed WidgetListbox to append "..." on text columns when text doesn't fit
Fixed WidgetListbox clipping when text doesn't fit into column
Added sdl.m4 to sdl package
Ported agg-2.5 (Antigrain Geometry library)
Fixed client area window height

09th, nov 2006:
Fixed dynamic module loading. sometimes failed to load module after multiple loads/unloads
Remove usb mass storage device nodes on device disconnect
Fixed USB mass storage logical unit detection. Detect first logical unit only
Enable PCI IO access for EHCI
Setup / release step uses WidgetStyle to display release notes

08th, nov 2006:
Clear INTRQ when ATA DMA operation finishs. Fixes extremly slow boot on Amd64 + nForce3 + SATA drive because ATA IRQ was always high
Fixed listbox bug where VKEY_CURDOWN didn't select item if just one was present
VKEY_CURDOWN jumps from quick-search field to listbox in Quick Menu
Changed Safe mode boot options to : /debug /usb_disable /ata_legacy_only /ata_dma_disable

7th, nov 2006:
Implemented USB 2.0 support
Implemented EHCI (USB 2.0 Host controller interface driver) (async transfers only)
Implemented short packet detection for EHCI
Added support to give control of USB 1.1/1.0 devices attached on EHCI to companion controllers

6th, nov 2006:
Added improved package selection for setup
Implemented EHCI detection, Virtual Root hub and Port status support
Integrated subnecto-2.3
Added espgs-8.15.3 to default distribution. Fixes "unknown format text/plain" and "unknown format application/postscript" when printing
Added hash-bang #! support to libsky exec functions
Fixed DDK gcc specs file and update DDK documentation. (-ltcpip was missing to build VIA Rhine driver)
Fixed links crash
Merged skypad updates implemented by Lukas. (e.g. Print this tab, close on middle click, ...)
Fixed possible crash when loading kernel debug image while booting
Integrated subnecto-2.3
Fixed setup which built wrong package paths
Don't enable USB PCI Memory IO Space

2nd , nov 2006:
Claim standard PCI Bridges

31th, oct 2006:
Added datacollection and desktop communication services to the kernel. This makes powerful communication between the kernel and applications/services possible.
(For instance: react on device attachement, react on network interface change events, ...)
Fixed possible crash when loading kernel debug image while booting

30th, oct 2006:
Added espgs-8.15.3 to default distribution. Fixes "unknown format text/plain" and "unknown format application/postscript" when printing
Added hash-bang #! support to libsky exec functions
Fixed DDK gcc specs file and update DDK documentation. (-ltcpip was missing to build VIA Rhine driver)
Fixed links crash
Merged skypad updates implemented by Lukas. (e.g. Print this tab, close on middle click, ...)

25th, oct 2006:
Fixed PrintSpooler Printer status while job is in progress
Fixed SkyFS CheckInode. Don't check blockrun for symbolic links with short name. (Notified haiku devs about this)
Fixed skyfs write_stat bug which could lead to "Could not find value in index "last_modified" messages. (Notified haiku devs about this)

24th, oct 2006:
Replaced UHCI Roothub timer with thread
Requeue interrupt URB for Hub driver
Disable Hub driver on interrupt URB error
Fixed Hub driver locking
Fixed USB Hub Endpoint detection
Above changes enables usage of: UHCI Port -> Combound device (cd/dvd recorder, flash card, hub->) -> Combound device (keyboard, hub->) -> Card reader
Recompiled libsky with getprotobynumber_r support. Fixed mozilla suite loading bug occured in alpha3

23th, oct 2006:
Added vncviewer (by Lukas) to default distribution
Added subnecto (by Lukas) to default distribution
Added people (by Lukas) to default distribution
Implemented CD/DVD ISO ImageWriter application
Removed kernel #! (hashbang) support

19th, oct 2006:
Added support for USB CD/DVD devices
Added raw packet support to ATA/ATAPI and USB CD/DVD Storage driver
Don't deny opening a device if no or invalid (blank,empty) medium is present.
Ported cdrtools-2.01
Factory now uses global proxy settings and optional proxy settings from settings.ini

18th, oct 2006:
Fixed "thread stack gap" bug
Fixed libskylock lib semaphore, didn't create a counting semaphore
Removed timeout while waiting for ATA DMA transfer to finish
Fixed ATA timeout message
Added 'findnode' command line utility to get file path associated with node number

17th, oct 2006:
Removed cache debug messages
Fixed the "Could not find value in index 'last_modified'" bug

16th, oct 2006:
Fixed semaphore/lock bug where semaphore was released on task destroy
Fixed cache flush on device unmount

13th, oct 2006: (alpha)
Implemented new block cached, utilizing readv and writew, using fine grained locking
Update disk interface endblock on medium change

12th, oct 2006:
Implemented ATA PCI chipset initialization for various chipsets

11th, oct 2006:
Implemented new ATA/PATA/SATA driver. Huge performance increase by using DMA (higher transfer rate, lower CPU usage).
Added SATA device support and PCI ATA Controller chipset initialization
ATA driver supports now unlimited controllers and drives
Performance tests:
New ATA Driver, UDMA5
4096 100MB 13.8 sec ~7.2MB/sec
32768 100MB 2.6 sec ~38.5MB/sec

New ATA Driver, PIO4
4096 100MB 48.0 sec ~2.1MB/sec
32768 100MB 28.3 sec ~3.5MB/sec

New ATA Driver, PIO
4096 100MB 48.0 sec ~2.1MB/sec
32768 100MB 28.3 sec ~3.5MB/sec

Old ATA Driver, PIO4 (Only PIO supported)
4096 100MB 37.3 sec ~2.6MB/sec
32768 100MB 37.2 sec ~2.6MB/sec

9th, oct 2006:
Changed libskyLock to use user mode atomic counting. Greatly reduces syscall call amounts

5th, oct 2006:
Fixed critial resource manager bug. Cache flush task could hang in cyclic loop using 100% CPU time which
slowed down the system noticable, especially while compiling

4th, oct 2006:
Added Python-2.4.3 to base distribution
Implemented PrintSpooler

3rd, oct 2006:
Changed mbstate_t typedef to define
Added support to factory to generate patches from recipe (useful while porting)
Ported openexr-1.4 (high dynamic-range, HDR image library)
Fixed another SkyFS allocation group bug
Enabled printing service by default

1st, oct 2006:
Removed global cache lock and replaced it with per device locks

29th, sep 2006:
Fixed tcp bug where more data than send window size were sent

28th, sep 2006:
Finished USB Printer class driver
Enabled 64byte packet size for UHCI

26th, sep 2006:
Updated printer class driver to use asynchron USB communication
Fixed select to set filedescriptors to ready for devices not supporting select
Added USB Printer support to printer configuration plugin
Added patches to factory recipes for CUPS and Gutenprint

25th, sep 2006:
Finished printer configuration dialog
Fixed bug in socket() which could leave a file descriptor set when trying to use an unknown protocol
Added 'Print' command to viewer to immediately print documents to the default printer

21th, sep 2006:
Fixed samba client utilities where large file offset was set in SMB block because of undefined long long support
Added #! binary handler to start bash scripts directly

20th, sep 2006:
Zero select fds when select returns with 0 (timedout)
Fixed sys/time.h header file
Don't bind local IP address to on implicit/connect bind
Implemented printing service to enable/disable printing support
Created a package and factory recipe for ESP Ghostscript

19th, sep 2006:
Created a package and factory recipe for CUPS 1.2.1
Created a package and factory recipe for gutenprint-5.0.0
Implemented USB Printer Class driver
Fixed USB Mass storage write function, auto-sense on error.
Implemented libsky lockf function
Implemented libsky readdir_r function

13th, sep 2006:
Fixed USB Mass storage driver block read data corruption
Major UHCI rewrite. Every interrupt/bulk/control transaction is now put into a seperate queue head which link only the transfer descriptors
required for this transaction. This way one interrupt transaction can stall/nak without affecting other transactions at all.
Additionally, the frame list has been changed to support interrupt intervals.
Fixed kdbg to update command structure on re-add of a command
Added kdbg command to generate a debug report with important system dumps, useful for debug logs in bug reports

12th, sep 2006:
Fixed USB initial endpoint size which could make transactions fail with babble and stalled set
Fixed kernel timeout handler which could destroy kernel timers on user task termination
Implemented USB HID Mouse driver
Update connect/disconnect to correctly show connected devices in system manager / hardware
Added changeable font support to WidgetButton

11th, sep 2006:
Implemented USB Mass storage (CBI) driver

09th, sep 2006:
Implemented Control, Bulk, Interrupt transfer support into USB Bus Manager and UHCI driver

07th, sep 2006:
Implemented USB Hub driver
Implemented virtual UHCI Root hub driver

06th, sep 2006:
Implemented USB Bus manager
Implemented USB Functions, Pipe and transfer support
Implemented basic UHCI USB driver

05th, sep 2006:
Fixed DnD cursor
Login screen displays build number
Updated installer to check for OS and Build Version
Added "Darkness's Software Store (" to panel (Settings->Software Stores) menu to quickly access it
Added "Game collection Store (" to panel (Settings->Software Stores) menu to quickly access it
Correctly set sockaddr_in family when doing implicit bind
Fixed tcp sequence wrap when handling acknowledge packets
Fixed Viewer to not loose selected item on directory refresh

04th, sep 2006:
Fixed timeout return value for DataExchangePorts
Signal threads and process when changing query content. Greatly improves content search resposiveness
Rebuilt libsdl. Required for Quake III
Fixed Quake I build

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6179
31th, aug 2006:
Added widgetgecko build to build script
Changed semaphore type : be to always set SEMAPHORE_INTERRUPT_ALLOWED
GI_MessageQuitPost can now be called with NULL as destionation window to send to message to current thread
Updated mozilla suite to use new MessageInputSources
Added function to change cookie for a MessageInputSource
Print default values for mouseparam utility
Implemented 'stoptime' utility to measure process execution time
Fixed Quake I build
Added dlopen support to libSDL
Added OpenGL support to libSDL
Ported Quake III

30th, aug 2006:
Increased default mouse speed
Implemented 'mouseparam' utility to change mouse sample rate, resolution and scaling
Fixed possible crash after using 65535 different user semaphores
Compiled libbind with thread support

29th, aug 2006:
Fixed imagecache imagereaper thread when unloading images which failed to load
Implemented imagecache. Greatly reduces time required for ./configure and make processes
Ported mono-, libgdiplus- and created factory scripts for them
Updated mono/skygi to support desktop composing
Added support to disable automatic composing layer update on redraw events

22th, aug 2006:
Fixed UDP connect/send. (correctly set peer address on udp connect)
Ported bind-9.3.2 and merged libbind.a into (finally fixes all gethostbyname, getaddrinfo, res_init, .... problems)

21th, aug 2006:
Added tm_gmtoff to struct tm
Added _POSIX_PATH_MAX and friends
Added struct sigcontext
Started factory compatible report of mono-

18th, aug 2006:
Implemented tcsendbreak, socketpair
Changed defines for AF_*, SOCK_*

17th, aug 2006:
Added SO_ERROR support
Added connect timeout timer when using non-blocking connects
Added error code handling when calling connect multiple times while in non-blocking mode
Updated mozilla (firefox, thunderbird, nvu) to use non-blocking connects (huge performance increase)
Added cmsghdr definition and SCM_RIGHTS
Added howmany macro

16th, aug 2006:
Added utimes function
Added in_systm.h, ip.h, in_addr_t
Added struct ucred, SO_PEERCRED support, IPPORT_XXXX defines, IN_LOOPBACKNET, msghdr
Implemented sendmsg support to ksock/tcp/udp/ip layer

14th, aug 2006:
Added non-blocking socket connect support
Implemented socket monitor
Added AF_UNSPEC support to getaddrinfo

10th, aug 2006:
Implemented seekdir/telldir into libsky, vfs and skyfs
Fixed TCP bug. send() could lock a tcb which then can't be accessed by netqueue leading to a few seconds communication timeout. (stalled uploads)

09th, aug 2006:
Updated specs file to support build of kernel modules
Fix kernel header files to correctly build kernel modules using new specs file
Added viarhine network device driver to DDK examples
Added additional DDK documentation

08th, aug 2006:
Implemented remote interface support
Implemented halt/shutdown command to kdbg
Implemented WidgetGecko
Updated build script to copy mozilla/gecko shared objects to /usr/lib/gecko (included in pacakge widgetgecko.pkg)

07th, aug 2006:
Added support for multiple input sources when waiting for a message. (dep, idle, ...)
Implemented GeckoContainer test application for embedded gecko

3rd , aug 2006:
Added terminal clipboard paste support
Increased software store package limit

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6132
26th, jul 2006:
Added subnecto service
System must now be rebooted after installation

25th, jul 2006:
Fixed critical semaphore bug. Operation was not restarted when a signal was delivered. (Fixed Indexfeeder crash while doing a query and probably a few others)
Fixed compose layer resize bug. (Crash)
Fixed terminal rendering when composing is enabled
Viewer shows messagebox when trying to launch not valid link
Renamed "link" to "shortcut" in viewer

21th, jul 2006:
Fixed opengl linkage for opengl demos, blender3D, foobillard, screensaver and tasklog
Updated about/credits page
Removed /usr/include/skyos from GCC include files search path
Removed redundant pthread definitions from sys/types.h

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6118
20th, jul 2006:
Fixed undefined reference to __gxx_personality_sj0 in
Fixed SystemCopyFile function. Didn't create file it didn't exist
Fixed Developer Studio - Crash when double clicking on parent nodes
Fixed Developer Studio - Service plugin template
Fixed Developer Studio - SDL example
Fixed Developer Studio - OpenGL example
Fixed Developer Studio - Kernel module template
Added FASM package

19th, jul 2006:
Correctly deinstance kernel modules when loading fails
GIWM Composer could crash when resizing window layer
Fixed copyright message
Fixed loading of software store resource dialog
Fixed wrong free order in ffmpeg pluging
Fixed crash when clearing clipboard data on logout
GRUB installation failed because of pipe fail. (wrong return code check)
Updated perl recipe to automatically link /usr/bin/perl to /usr/local/bin/perl
Renamed to
Renamed to
Renamed SDL_Image.h to SDL_image.h

SkyOS 5.0 Beta - Build 6111 alpha
18th, jul 2006:
Added gesture shape visualizer composing plugin
Rebuilt all factory packages using GCC 4.1.1/ELF

12th, jul 2006:
Fixed pthread_cond_timedwait
Fixed wgbrowse/snapin loader. (Checked for .DLL extension)

11th,jul 2006:
Fixed firefox, thunderbird, nvu to build as ELF
Added "BeOS people convert" indexfeeder plugin (converts BeOS people file attributes to SkyOS People file attributes on the fly)
Added "People handler" to WidgetCategoryView
Added People category to query results view
Don't index files located in /boot/temp or /tmp
Added missing siglongjmp

10th,jul 2006:
Added environment support to factory recipes
Factory automatically logs output into logs directory
Added libgpg-error-1.3 recipe
Added libgcrypt-1.2.2 recipe
Added struct msghdr definition

9th, jul 2006:
Added FilesystemCopy functions which are responsible for file copy operations including callbacks and attribute support
Various libc file buffering/flushing fixes

8th, jul 2006:
Automatically flush stdin/stdout in getchar/getchar_unlocked function

6th, jul 2006:
Fixed math.h to correctly switch between IEEE and POSIX error handling
Various stdh fixes

3rd, jul 2006:
Updated to samba-3.0.23rc3
Fixed libc exit function for thread exit
Fixed critical libskyLock bug. Could cause malloc/free/realloc memory corruption and various crashes (ISS, ...)
Added missing unistd.h prototypes

28th, jun 2006:
Added GCC 4.1.1 stack smashing protection compatible routines to libsky

27th, jun 2006:
Implemented complete new libc and new set of standard C header files
Removed all previous required PE binary format hacks
Fixed various package sources to build with new libc

26th, jun 2006:
Fixed wrong memory map filesize entry for forked processes
Updated GCC 3.4.0 to GCC 4.1.1
Updated samba-3.0.10 to samba-3.0.22
Added missing function prototype to samba sources
Added user level debugging support to kernel debugger (disassembly user space, break, single step)
Updated libraries/applications to be GCC 4.1.1 compatible

16th, jun 2006:
Changed unsigned char* to char* in standard include files

07th, jun 2006:
Added stack smashing protector to GCC. Will automatically detect stack buffer overflows
Added heap protection. When enabled, all areas allocated with malloc will be checked for buffer overflows

28th, may 2006:
Changed the exception/interrupt/syscall/signal kernel stack layout so that all are using the same layout

24th, may 2006:
Correctly set errno when seek/lseek failes. This fixes occasional bash/builtin-read problems

23th, may 2006:
Fixed drifting difference between various timing functions
Implemented mprotect
Fixed demand loader for memory mapped files
Fixed get semaphore value function
All testsuite tests working again

22th, may 2006:
ATA/ATAPI sector limit overrun fixed. Should fix Bochs and various CDROM boot problems
ATA/ATAPI slave reset sequence fixed. Should fix Bochs and various CDROM boot problems
Fixed lookup path for library loading
Correctly unload non-loadable images (missing symbols, map collision, wrong headers, ...)
Check for .so extension for file preview plugins
Fixed WidgetFavoriteNavigation

19th, may 2006:
Updated translation compiler to generate valid ELF references
Fixed SDL/ELF build

16th, may 2006:
Restructured ELF loader internals
Updated mozilla cross build script to build ELF binaries

15th, may 2006:
Fixed 64 bit support for vfprintf and vfscanf

11th, may 2006:
Moved standard SkyOS libraries from /boot/system/lib to /usr/lib
Fixed GCC cross/native specs file

10th, may 2006:
Added SkyOS/ELF shared library support to libtool-1.5.22
Added support for GCCs -pthread switch to automatically link to
Updated gcc/binutils package to not include and because of wrong file references to the cross/host system
Added pkg-config recipe
Changed ELF loader to not stop loading a binary when a shared library was not found, but stop when a symbols can't be resolved
Updated perl factory recipe for ELF build
Added GCC's syslimits.h header file
Moved GCC/Binutils from /boot/programs/gcc to /usr
Moved standard header files and libraries from /boot/programs/sdk/include to /usr/include

9th , may 2006:
Implemented new crt0.o, crti.o and crtn.o
Added support for .init and .fini sections
Added runtime startup code to execute .init section and global constructors right before entering main
Added ELF run path support
Added runtime exit code to execute .fini section and global destructors right after leaving main
Updated SDK to contain new ELF startup modules and include files in default location

8th , may 2006:
ELF loader uses two hash tables to distinguish between exported and debug symbols

4th, may 2006:
Ported FPC to ELF
Fixed ip checksum when tcpip module is compiled as ELF

3rd , may 2006:
Implemented graphical interface designer. Used to replace old PE resource dialogs
libstdc++ and libsupc++ now available as shared libraries
Moved SDK header files and libraries from /boot/programs/sdk/... to /usr/include and /usr/lib
Create new native i586-pc-skyos GCC and Binutils
Modified native specs file for ELF targets
-fpic is now default for cross and native compiler
Implemented ELF loader interface for Exception report stack backtrace
Removed PE resources from,,,

2nd , may 2006:
Added support for ELF kernel modules
Modified kernel modules and drivers to be ELF compatible and recompiled them as ELF

1st , may 2006:
Added ELF32 binary loader
Added shared libaries support to ELF32 binary loader
Added symbol support to ELF32 binary loader
Rewrote kernel/libraries makefiles to produce ELF binaries
Changed kernel binary from PE to ELF
Added new variable arguments parsing definitions
Added support for virtual kernel ELF image
Added ELF Debug Symbol support
Ported native libraries and essential applications to ELF

27th, apr 2006:
Added argz and envz libsky support

26th, apr 2006:
Ported following GTK dependencies:
cairo-1.0.2 (factory recipe, shared lib)
fontconfig-2.3.93 (factory recipe, shared lib)
gettext-0.14.5 (factory recipe)
pango-1.10.4 (factory recipe, shared lib)
libtool-1.5.22 (factory recipe, shared lib)
gtk-doc-1.6 (factory recipe)
libxslt-1.1.15 (factory recipe, shared lib)
docbook-xml-4.1.2 (factory recipe)
docbook-xsl-1.62.0 (factory recipe)
glib-2.8.6 (factory recipe, shared lib)
autoconf-2.59c (factory recipe)
automake-1.9.6 (factory recipe)
libxml2-2.6.23 (factory recipe, shared lib)
perl-5.8.8(factory recipe, shared lib)
m4-1.4.4 (factory recipe)

Huge SkyFS speedup by removing semaphore table
Updated factory script for cairo-1.0.2 (shared lib)
Updated factory script for libtool-1.5.22 (shared lib)
Updated factory script for autconf-2.59c (shared lib)
Updated factory script for automake-1.9.6 (shared lib)
Updated factory script for fontconf-2.3.93 (shared lib)
Updated factory script for libxslt-1.1.15 (shared lib)

25th, apr 2006:
Fixed vnode create/lookup race condition in VFS
Fixed critical race condition in VFS. Release on vnode could crash
Fixed possible SkyFS crash in get_parent_vnode
Fixed possible SkyFS crash when renaming files
VnodeNew must immediately read vnode properties and can't defer it
Fixed bug when creating a file inside a just created directory failed sometimes

24th, apr 2006:
Fixed unlink when trying to delete ""
Fixed symlink when trying to link to/from ""
Added /boot/system/dll as library directory to GCC. (-print-search-dirs)
Fixed pei386 inital stack creation when single argument size is greater than 4096
Removed --whole-archive from GCC because this also exported symbols from statically linked libraries
Added proxy support to factory
Added factory support to check if a pacakge is installed already
Added autoreconf support to factory
Ported libxslt-1.1.15
Ported libxml2-2.6.23
Added xmlcatalog utility
Restructured build system. Makes use of native built libraries now

20th, apr 2006:
Ported autoconf-2.59c
Fixed bug in vsprintf, dtoa, gctv, ...
Fixed failed numberic basic Perl test
Added strtoull to libsky and stdlib.h. Fixes an abort bug in findutil

19th, apr 2006:
SkyOS native GCC/LD doesn't add .app prefix to executables anymore
Added various style and appearance change functions to different widgets
Updated Developer Studio and Designer
Added GI_WindowLayoutSetHints and GI_WindowLayoutGetHints to not have to use a LayoutWidget for simple layouting
Added SkyFS/chmod support
Factory supports now .tar.gz, .tgz, .tar.bz2 and .zip as download and source package format
Fixed various posix include files
Added dummy getrusage function
Added Bash #! (hash-bang) script support
Ported glib-2.8.6 (including recipe)
Ported tiff-3.7.4 (including recipe)
Ported atk-1.10.3 (including recipe)
Ported pango-1.10.4 (including recipe)
Ported cairo-1.0.2 (including recipe)
Ported m4-1.4.4 (including recipe)
Ported autoconf-2.59 (including recipe)
Ported automake-1.9.6 (including recipe)
Updated perl-5.8.8 recipe to automatically download source

12th, apr 2006:
WidgetTreeView supports now columns
Each column can be of the type: Text, Bitmap, Edit field, Dropdown field or user specific
Added liblist.dll for easy list manipulation
Added support to defer window destruction. This makes it possible to destroy a window while executing a window specific message handler

11th, apr 2006:
Implemented new WidgetTreeView
Updated System Manager / Devices plugin to use new TreeView

10th, apr 2006:
Updated applications and components to swap buffers:
SkySweeper, TicTacToe, Bochs, Links, FontViewer, SkyMonitor, Magnif, Listbox / IconView, Mozilla
Added FlushRects method to Mozilla
Fixed GI_CopyScreenRect
Added GIWMComposeEffect: Window Fade In
Added Desktop composing configuration dialog to system manager / graphic plugin with ability to adjust fading paramter

6th , apr 2006:
Fixed VCI to swap buffers when rendering

5th , apr 2006:
Fixed possible crash when destroying a WidgetStyle
Added basic 'SkyOS Tips' application
Fixed BMP loader. Use GI_DIBCreate instead of manual DIB creation
Fixed WindUI window shaping. Removed unneeded code
Fixed WidgetFrame layouting when using WF_NO_FRAME
Fixed GIWM maximum layer size clipping
Applications can now remember last used window transparency
Rewrote physical window rectangle list handling
Increased window dimension change speed

4th , apr 2006:
Added GC_Swap when hovering over title window icons
Added lock and window check when trying to access foreign window data
Fixed window expose when making a toplevel window visible which has child windows
Removed WindUI shadow drawing. Will be handled by GIWM Composer in future
Update areas which are in the window visiable rect list and in the layer visiable rect list only
Fixed WidgetStatic to redraw window instead of direct drawing
Fixed WidgetText cursor redraw. (Force buffer swap)

3rd , apr 2006:
Added global window transparency support
Updated MesaGL to swap GC context
Updated SDL to swap GC context
Fixed WidgetListbox list view redraw handling
Added GIWM support for window bitmaps. Window shape can now be defined by using a global window bitmap or direct alpha drawing
Added global key accelerators (CTRL+ALT+'+' and CTRL+ALT+'-') to increase/decrease window transparency level

29th, mar 2006:
GIWM internal changed. Every top-level window has an associated layer where all drawing function will draw to
Window content is now buffered in system memory
Applications can get the content of other windows now. Application Manager makes use of this to show window preview when pressing ALT+TAB
Added GIWM Composer, responsible for composing the desktop
GIWM Composer supports plugin, making it possible to add user defined composing effects
Window Copy routine uses GIWM composer now, dramatical speed increase when moving windows in VESA mode, no flickering anymore
Exposed areas will be redrawn by GIWM composer. Immediate redraw of exposed areas, no flickering
Implemented two different clippers, top-level layer clipper and top-level child clipper
MSG_GUI_REDRAW will not be sent to widgets when they get exposed, instead GIWM Composer will draw the window content
Window updates are now complete flicker free and much faster

28th, mar 2006:
Fixed algorithm to compute position and size for WidgetPropertySheets
Added missing WidgetStyle and WidgetLayout prototypes
Added support for weight dependend layout spacer

27th, mar 2006:
Implemented FavoritesNavigation Widget
Fixed Mime_GetIconForType to returned correct folder icons

SkyOS Beta 10 - Build 5550
23th, mar 2006:
WidgetText margins are now customizable
Added supported for "leading" icon for single line WidgetText
Added QuickFilter (Spotlight like) search control
Added QuickFilter support to panel
Added QuickFilter support to Taskmanager
Added QuickFilter support to Viewer

22th, mar 2006:
Added WidgetBrowse helper methods
Skypad, Destkop, MediaCenter tells Browse Dialog to automatically start a query for their file category
Added support for "two color" listbox view rows
Added two color mode for taskmanagers listbox
Added factory .make and .distmake rules
Viewer is using WidgetToolbar now
Added WidgetToolbar initial spacing

21th, mar 2006:
Fixed GDB. Internal error when loading shared library with no .data and/or .bss section
Added total progress bar to software store installer
Changed VCI scrolling
Added new locking style to VCI
Fixed url normalization for mkdir
Fixed toolbar button style background drawing
Added GI_TooltipGetDefaultDelay
Added Archives category to categories.xml including .zip, .rar, .bz2, .gz, .tgz, .tar and application/zip, application/x-7z-compressed, application/x-rar-compressed, application/x-bzip2, application/x-gzip, application/x-gtar, application/x-tar
Added initial spacing to WidgetToolbar
Factory builds .tar.gz software store packages now

20th, mar 2006:
Implemented new libsky locking semaphore
Fixed vnode usage count in symlink function
Fixed possible buffer overflow in WidgetButton

16th, mar 2006:
Forked process will now use a seperate memory lock. (Shared it with parent processes previously)
Fixed vnode reference count in readlink
Fixed critical locking problem in libsky

15th, mar 2006:
New application window layout routine. Moved client window postition computation from skygi into frame widget
Support for 16,32 and 48 toolbar icons
Toolbar widget uses layout widget now. Possible to add every control to a toolbar
Supported to dynamically add/remove toolbars
Alpha blend icon and show border on toolbar icon hover
Added toolbar example to devstd
Stop FilesystemConstructFullName when file is deeper than 250 directories

14th, mar 2006:
Added lock around malloc/free/...
Fixed /mtrr_disable boot parameter
Fixed filebuffering. stdin/stdout handles are line buffered if tty, else fully buffered (buffer space is equal blocksize ). stderr is not buffered
Fixed memory leak in getpwent
Fixed memory leak in _readline
Added UserDatabaseClose

13th, mar 2006:
Implemented libarchive library. (Abstract archive format handling)
Implemented tar archive plugin.
Changed SkyOS Software Store package format from .ZIP to tar.gz
Installer/Software store uses libarchive now. (Are now archive format independed)
Added progress bar to installer
Enabled Mesa MMX/SSE support

10th, mar 2006:
Added ffmpeg pkg-config files
Added ffmpeg include files to default include directory
Ported VLC 0.8.4. Added factory recipe
Updated factory to remember package status
Fixed pthread_cond_init
Added VKEY_PAUSE support to terminal

9th , mar 2006:
Changed GCC (cross and native) specs file. -shared produces now a DLL without the need for a DllMain symbol. All functions will be exported by default
Dll building documentation updated:
Fixed factory patch support
Added new kernel debugger commands: signal, breakset, breakclear
Factory builds now software store packages for each recipe
Ported perl-5.8.8 and added factory script
Added in6.h
Fixed vasprintf
Implemented popen/pclose

8th , mar 2006:
Implemented new FPU save/restore method.
Added CPU specific FPU save/restore implementations to CPU interface
Implemented support for SSE/SSE2/MMX/FXSR
Implemented new CPU detection code
Fixed signal handling code. Restart signal handler if a signal was handled. If not restarted, GCC panics when waiting for a child process (ld, as, ...) and retreives a SIGCHLD.
Recompiled ffmpeg with MMX/SSE support
Fixed GCC bug. Didn't respect variable alignment when variable is in .rdata section (

7th , mar 2006:
Added patch support to factory
Added message support to factory
Implemented "system" libsky function
Send exception signal to process if handled, if not, show usual "task crashed" window
Fixed process exit codes when terminated by a signal

6th , mar 2006:
Fixed file handling in asprintf
Command line utility query doesn't need mountpoint anymore. (Will query all SkyFS volumes)
Added OnShow, OnHide and OnClick interface functions for property sheet widget
Fixed keyboard mapping for VKEY_F11, VKEY_F12 and VKEY_PAUSE
Pause key pauses scrolling in VCI now

3rd , mar 2006:
Added writev/readv support
Added function to CategoryWidget to allow creation of custom entries without using the sCategory structure
Fixed race condition when handling mouse pointer while switching graphic driver/resolution
Fixed inetd and telnetd
Fixed PTY driver return type when no master/slave is available
Implemented clone support for MEM_PRIVATE and MEM_SHARED regions

29th, feb 2006:
Fixed bug in LibIni_ParseFile. Didn't open file when no stdhandles are used
Added console login application

28th, feb 2006:
Implemented user access fault handler. No memory check is performed until a user<-->kernel memory transfer actually makes a page fault which then let the initial function fail with an error code.
Replaced MemUserCopyToCheck and MemUserCopyFromCheck with use MemUserCopyTo/From.
Removed MemUserAreaValid checks. Not required anymore

27th, feb 2006:
Implemented kernel GDB server
Fixed critical bug in i386pe loader. DLLs which get loaded to different addresses in different process memory space failed to correctly import DLL functions
Don't used fixed FPS/frametime to compute frame presentation time and delay

26th, feb 2006:
Fixed locking bug in subfs_SkyFS_get_parent
Increased number of maximal arguments to 8192
Released SkyOS Beta10 snapshot 2

24th, feb 2006:
Updated ISS_PlayFile to new API
Implemented supported for startup/shutdown sound. (themeable)
Added new System Manager - Audio test sound
Fixed memlock in sbrk
Added ISS_PlayBackSetLoop and flags to ISS_PlayFile

23th, feb 2006:
Added reference counting to SkyGI windows to allow destroying the window from within its own message handler
Made libgif a shared library
Moved libgif and libpng header files into correct directory
Factory now automatically extracts sources (for the very first time only) in /boot/programs/factory/sources when building a recipe

22th, feb 2006:
Fixed critical bug in skyfs when allocating blocks in last allocation groups. (Installer failed to create directories/nodes). (Patch submitted to haiku/openbeos mailing list)

21th, feb 2006:
Changed build system to not remove debugging symbols in release build
Reenabled MSG_WINDOW_DESTROY message
Fixed WidgetDynamicBmp destroy function
Fixed WidgetListbox destroy function

20th, feb 2006:
Added support for owned windows. Used by messageboxes, file select dialog,.... to make sure dialog is always on top of application
Implemented sigsetjmp/siglongjmp
Fixed GC_DrawRectFill
Fixed wgstyle transparent bitmap drawing
Fixed possible SkyFS deadlock error
Implemented "dirty workaround" for allocation group bug in SkyFS
Added libiksemel, libjpeg, fonconfig, libreadline, mono and libgdiplus factory recipes

17th, feb 2006:
Updated all build configurations to use libfreetype.dll instead of ft2-1-10.dll
Fixed libskygi screen<-->absolute pos<-->window pos conversion
Factoy is now able to display available recipes and build/source status
Fixed Terminal scrolling/redraw issues

15th, feb 2006:
Implemented basic Managed.Windows.Forms SkyGI driver. Added native structure/function marshaling
Added support to link/unlink and reparent SkyGI windows (e.g. relink into other windows, relink to desktop, ...)

14th, feb 2006:
Added libpthread testcases to testsuite:
mutex1, mutex1e, mutex1n, mutex1r, mutex2, mutex3, mutex4, mutex5, mutex6, mutex6e, mutex6n, mutex6r
mutex7, mutex7n, mutex7r, mutex7e, semaphore1, semaphore2
Fixed signal handling. Don't restart syscall when no signal was handled
Added support to initialize a lock with a value
Improved pthread_cond_wait_timeout function

13th, feb 2006:
Fixed possible crash when destroying a thread while creating another thread in the same process
Fixed internal thread entry function. malloc may have to access errno while the thread local reentrance structure is not allocated.
Ported mono io-layer IPC semaphores to SkyOS semaphore API
Implemented support for public semaphores.
Fixed semaphore undo when killing a thread waiting for a semaphore

12th, feb 2006:
Implemented factory. A tool used to build ported software
Ported libgdiplus. Removed X11 dependencies
Ported cairo
Fixed bug in kernel symlink function. Did create a absolute link path always

11th, feb 2006:
Implemented libsky basename, dirname and rand_r functions
Compile freetype with -shared instead of a .DEF file
Renamed freetype dll from ft2-1-10 to libfreetype.dll
Fixed freetype-config and freetype.pc
Implemented 'factory'. Build system used mostly for porting software

10th, feb 2006:
Ported Mono 1.1.13 to SkyOS. Porting log available here:
Fixed possible crash in MemAreaFreeAreaPageTableEntry when realsing memory area used for a memory mapped file
Fixed MemTaskAccessUser. (Kernel debugger can disassemble user space code again)
Fixed recvfrom. Don't write to from parameter if NULL
Fixed gethostbyname. Always initialize hostent->h_alias to NULL

9th , feb 2006:
Fixed getdtablesize
Added /dev/random driver
Fixed write syscall. Write with buffer address @ NULL and size == 0 must succeed and not return -EFAULT (POSIX)

8th , feb 2006:
If first loaded DLL is relocatable and no user memory region was mapped, MemUserMapFindFree return zero.
Changed MemUserMapFindFree to return offset instead of memory map structure
Implemented dummy mscoree.dll

7th , feb 2006:
Complete redesign of SkyOS kernel semaphores/critical sections. Using less memory now, support unlock from threads not holding a lock
Fixed libpthread/kernel semaphores return values
Added 12 pthread mutex testcases

6th , feb 2006:
Signal handling and mmap support should now be highly POSIX compliant.
Implemented pthread_cleanup_push and pthread_cleanup_pop
Changed pthread to use handles for thread instead of pids
Fixed open() syscall error code when trying to open file in a non existing directory. (tar complained about this with: Cannot open: Not a directory)
Fixed sys_createdir and mkdir. Functions didn't set errno (related to tar problem)
Fixed pthread_exit. Don't free handle until final pthread_join was done
Fixed pthread library. A native SkyOS thread automatically becomes a pthread when calling pthread_self

5th , feb 2006:
Implemented new malloc for libsky
Changed malloc to use mmap for large blocks instead of just increasing the default heap
Implemented new and faster libskylock for malloc
Fixed mmap returned memory start offset when memory regions have been merged
Fixed fork memory region cloning for MAP_ANONYMOUS | MAP_PRIVAT memory regions
Fixed mmap MAP_FIXED mapping. Only map at specified address when MAP_FIXED and start offset is specified

4th , feb 2006:
Fixed race condition in sigsuspend. (sigsuspend is an atomar operation now)

3rd , feb 2006:
Fixed signal handler stack linking. Nested called signal handler crashed the application. Signal handlers can be nested now.
Changed signal handler stack layout.
Added nested signal handlers testcase
Fixed possible crash when returning from signal handler to interrupt handler

2nd , feb 2006:
Removed various PCI Space and Virtual Memory mapping functions and replaced them by one single function using MemAreas
Implemented MAP_ANONYMOUS support
Fixed mmap. Always map size of file or specified length. (use greater one)
Changed mmap header files so that ported GNU software will automatically use mmap
Implemented getdtablesize
Implemented sleep
Added six different mmap tests and sigchld test to testsuite

30th, jan 2006:
Implemented memory tracker into kernel (used user mode memory debugger as template)
Fixed possible huge memory leak when destroying user address space (up to 4MB of memory could have been lost)
Fixed memory leak when releasing address space (not all page tables have been released)
Fixed memory leak when destroying forked task (not all semaphore structures have been freed)
Fixed memory leak when destroying task. (thread handle was not removed from resource manager hash table)
Fixed memory leak when releasing stack structure on ExecuteNewProcess and ExecuteReplaceProcess
Fixed memory leak when releasing devices. (Resource manager node was not freed)
Fixed possible memory corruption when closing devices

27th, jan 2006:
Implemented mmap and munmap support (Support for MAP_PRIVATE and MAP_SHARED)
Changed default page table flags for kernel mapped pages
Implemented munmap write support (Physical file gets written with modified pages when mapped as MAP_SHARED)
Implemented msync support

26th, jan 2006:
Added kernel debugger command to display user memory regions
Implemented mmap support (memory map files as PRIVATE and SHARED)
Implemented munmap support
Rewrote the way how process memory gets freed

25th, jan 2006:
Added missing poll prototype
Fixed VM86 low memory addressing. Could cause crashed while calling VESA BIOS
Fixed page zero kernel protection
Fixed hang in pthread_cond_timedwait
Added missing libpthread exports
Ported pkg-config
Added freetype.pc, glib-2.0.pc and gthread-2.0.pc
Fixed possible crash in gawk when populating environment array
Ported m4
Added missing files to bison package

24th, jan 2006:
Fixed thread creation with TASK_CREATE_FLAG_SUSPENDED. (Thread didn't start suspended)
Performance increase by not aquireing DemandLock while relocating an i386pe image.
Added support to implicity set page flag right before page gets commited
Fixed possible crash when two threads try to load the same DLL at the same time
Fixed possible crash when quering for desktop resolution while changing graphic driver and/or resolution.

19th, jan 2006:
Implemented intergrated malloc debugger.
Fixed memory leak in desktop (GI_TextHandleAlloc)
Fixed memory leak in WindowDestroy (Window interface has not been released)
Added Widget interface functions for WidgetCheck, WidgetScrollbar and WidgetTextfield

18th, jan 2006:
Began Media Station implementation
Implemented WidgetView
Fixed critical ISS bug when playing a video with a embedded audio with required resampling (video playback could stall)
bitmap mime index feeder plugin creats now thumbnails of the bitmap and stores this thumbnail as an attribute of the bitmap file itself (.Thumbnail)
Fixed Buffer/DIB grpahic context alpha drawing

15th, jan 2006:
Implemented first version of libpwprot and password protection service.

11th, jan 2006:
Reimplemented disassembly support
Added disassembly support to kernel debugger. Can now disassemble the kernel and running applications/libraries
Updated vmware tools service to version 0.03
Fixed wrong disk size display in viewer
Implemented 'runas' command line utility
Fixed user column in taskmanager

10th, jan 2006:
Removed proxy configuration from softwarestore. Uses the global proxy settings now
Added GI_Dialog functions for quick dialog window creation
In addition to the keyword attribute each file has now a description attribute which descibes what the file is for. For instance: purpose for a dll, what does the application, ....
This description attribut gets SQL indexed automatically, so you can search for it using a query. Additonally, the description is editable in the file properties dialog
When pressing PRINT_SCREEN and saving a current screenshot, "screenshot" will be automatically written into the keyword attribute of the bitmap file.

9th , jan 2006:
Added libplugin and libsoftware to build system
Implemented libhttp. Easy to use library which can be used to download http documents. Supports proxy servers
Added 'Proxy' configuration plugin to network configuration. You can now configure a system wide used proxy server
Added notification interfaces "Notify.Network.Change.Connection.Proxy" and "Notify.Network.Change.Connection.Interface". Using this, applications get notified whenever network or proxy settings have been changed by the user.
Added interface coding guidelines to SDK documentation
Added public interfaces list to SDK documentation
Added notification interface usage how-to to SDK documentation

6th , jan 2006:
Changed weather service to support multiple clients with different cities
Added weather support to panel
Added Asynchonous desktop communication service listener for easy reaction on system events (for instance: Service.Weather.Change.*, or Service.Power.PowerDown.*)
Added task lock to sysintfs task files
Fixed memory leak in DCS_FreeMessage

3rd , jan 2006:
Added service plugin interface to retrieve service specific icon
Fixed PNG loader for interlaced pngs
Fixed PNG loader for alpha level pngs
Merge libweather service, library and application.

1st , jan 2006:
Implemented vmware tool support for host<->guest clipboard (code used from vorte[x])
Implemented vmware tools service. Used to enable/disable vmware tools support
Merged Darkness libtimer library and made minor changes to it
Changed libdcs function prototypes 'unsigned char' to 'char'
Added service interface so that individual modules can deny the load request. (for instance, vmware tools service will not load when vmware is not running)

28th, dec 2005:
Fixed register stack layout for timer irq
Implemented pthread_detach
Implemented pthread_join
Implemented pthread_create detached state
Fixed ThreadCreate. Save return pid in local variable instead of using thread stucture which may have been freed already

22th, dec 2005:
Added support for LD_LIBRARY_PATH when executing applications and explicit DLL loading

21th, dec 2005:
Fixed GCC installation prefix. Sometimes gcc was not able to load the specs file and used only the internal one. (Which could cause problems when building shared dlls)
Implemented runtime pseudo relocation to workaround missing PE data import/export capability. (Required for auto-data-import of complex variables)
Updated crt0_pe.o, crt1_dll.o and crt1_dll_noentry.o. Added crt1_pe.o and crt_common.o
Optimized DLL linking. Don't try to find the DLL for each import entry, it's enough to find it for each import block per DLL
Added MemUserMapClone to easier clone user memory maps when forking
Fixed memory map cloning, uiVirtualImageBase and file offset were not cloned correctly (no stack backtrace in forked applications)
Fixed critical error when forking. Read-only pages which were accessed while relocating or runtime linking a non-prebased dynamic link library were not copied. (Which resulted in unrelocated DLL's for forked applications)

20th, dec 2005:
Added symbolic link support to SkyFS (required for perl tests).
(hard)link syscall now returns ENOSYS instead of 0.
Added support to disable name<-->vnode cache for individual vnodes (required for /pty/tty)
Huge fixes to posix pgid and session id handling.
Implemented /dev/tty device (symlinks to /pty/tty which hard links to /pty/slave/)

19th, dec 2005:
Reactivated MTRR support for vesa, radeon, nvidia, ati mach, i855 and i815 graphic driver
Benchmarks Quake I (timedemo1 )
VESA 31fps
Radeon(SW) 31fps
Radeon(SW+MTRR) 31fps

16th, dec 2005:
Added better CPU/Architecture abstraction
Added X86Generic CPU specific driver

14th, dec 2005:
Implemented generic widget parent background draw
Implemented parent background draw for WidgetButton
Implemented parent background draw for WidgetRadio
Implemented parent background draw for WidgetStatic
Implemented new software store
Updated package install.sif format
Updated server side software store package file
Support for web links in wgstyle
WidgetRadioGroup disables now all RadioButtons before enabling the selected one
WidgetCategory can sort by headers now
Implemented libsoftware for software management, package handling and SIF parsing
Fixed path normalize function to recursively upstep root directory on .. instead of error
(e.g: /../../../../../../.. will now return / instead of -ENOENT)

30th, nov 2005:
Fixed possible crash while retreiving window icons
Added .VOB as mediaplayer mimetype
Added "SkyOS Service Plugin" template to developer studio projects
Added "SkyOS DLL" template to developer studio projects
Added tag replacement for developer studio templates
Added service configuration plugin for ISS to enable/disable specific iss plugins
Fixed tooltip for listbox items
Added Enabled and Description export functions to ISS input and visualization plugins

29th, nov 2005:
New common dialog : Select Network Interface
Changed wait on busy page interruptable waitqueue to uninterruptable
Added function to set cursor position in textfield widgets (including autoscroll)
Added scrollbars to testsuite output window
Added liblinux (emulates a few linux specific functions) and libpthread the build system
Fixed pthread_cond_wait
Fixed critical i386pe relocation bug when size of relocation blocks was exactly 0xFFC bytes long

28th, nov 2005:
Added scandir and alphasort to libsky
Implemented web server service
IndexFeeder uses now three hash tables to not index files multiple times or index already deleted files
Huge indexfeeder performance increase because of hash tables
Ported "which" command line utility

SkyOS Beta 9
24th, nov 2005:
Added lroundf to libsky.dll
Fixed sdl-config
Fixed typos
Included Pixel in beta9

21th, nov 2005:
Added per-user autostart folder
Fixed various executable mimetypes

17th, nov 2005:
Fixed TCP CB<-->Socket link. Remove link now when doing a close and not when actual connection was shutdown
Fixed libiss playback bug when playing a video which has a framerate base of <1.0
Fixed mediacenter status display when no soundcard is installed

16th, nov 2005:
Complete change of core input handling in SkyGI (mouse and keyboard)
Moved driver independend logic from mouse/touch input drivers into mouse input handling from SkyGI
Mouse input handling cleanup
Added new lock when changing graphic modes while mouse is moved
Don't disable PCI memory and I/O configuration space when initializing radeon driver

15th, nov 2005:
Fixed desktop plugin in system manager
Fixed listbox sorting for mouse gesture plugin

12th, nov 2005:
Fixed TCP acknowledge of incoming data
Fixed version number on bootscreen and login
Fixed netmonitor network interface selection dialog
Removed syswatch
Fixed GIMP compilation

11th, nov 2005:
Fixed possible SkyFS crash while creating a new inode which was just deleted while another thread already tries to open it already
Changed SkyFS->Vnode interface. Fixed VnodeNew notification function
Fixed chkskyfs which could not allocate memory when checking a filesystem >40GB
Fixed possible crash in chkskyfs when trying to repair the filesystem
Fixed possible filesystem crash in chkskyfs. Didn't account SkyOS specific bootloader blocks
Fixed ThreadGetApplicationDirectory and ThreadGetApplicationPath which made Thunderbird not able to restart itself while starting it the first time

10th, nov 2005:
Fixed RTL8139 possible receive overflow. Could dramatically slow down transfer speed from x MBs/sec to ~20KB/sec
Fixed RTL8139 receive offset datatype overflow
Removed unneeded debug message from thunderbird nsprpub
Fixed TCP old/duplicate package acknowledge. Could stall tcp communication
Fixed skyfs filesystem check memory allocation

9th , nov 2005:
Fixed race condition between graphic driver change and mouse cursor drawing

8th , nov 2005:
Fixed RTL8139 open/close function. Didn't free resources which could result in a transmitter lockup
Fixed RTL8139 OWN flag handling. Didn't always clear OWN flag when writing packet transmit status register. Could result in huge delays or transmitter lockups
Added inb,inw,inl,outb,outw,oul kernel debugger commands
Added rtl data kernel debugger command

4th , nov 2005:
Fixed crash in ATI Mach64 driver when changing resolution for the 2nd time
Added device id 0x4153 to ATI radeon driver

2nd , nov 2005:
Huge changes to ATAPI driver.
Implemented better sense/error key checking for ATAPI driver. Should fix various boot problems
Fixed ATAPI timeout handling
Fixed PCI device scanning. Fixes startup hangs where no graphical screen gets displayed
Removed UART Chip detection code which could drastically slow down the entire serial communication
Implemented textmode console debug outputs until graphical screen gets initialized
Added ~70 port 80 debug points for the system initialization process

1st , nov 2005:
Changed software package format. Removed [PANELMENUFILE] section. Remove programs/ suffix for panel entries
Panel uses now desktop links for panel entries instead of ini files.
Changed software store to create desktop links instead of ini files.
Implemented functions to libdesktop to dynamically create panel menu and destop entires
31th, oct 2005:
Fixed fatfs write function when writting zero bytes
Added select.h

30th, oct 2005:
Moved getaddrinfo, freeaddrinfo, gethostbyname, getprotobyname from libnet to libsky
Fixed SDL 3rd mouse button and mouse wheel support
Implemented missing libm functions ldexp, frexp and gai_strerror
Heavy changes to SkyGI Mouse subsystem
Implemented SDL hardware cursor support and custom mouse images
Added missing exports to freetype
Added support for user customizable cursors
Wrote new scripts for easier building of firefox, thunderbird and nvu

SkyOS 5.0-beta (8.6-alpha2 / Update package #3 via software store)
25th, oct 2005:
Fixed GTK memory leak
Fixed ISS video playback when no soundcard is installed

SkyOS 5.0-beta (8.6-alpha2 / Update package #2 via software store)
25th, oct 2005:
Fixed libuser security bugs
New About System Manager plugin which displays copyrights, contributors and licenses in a scrolling styled widget
Renamed old about plugin to software
Implemented TCP MSG_PEEK support
Increased TCP default receive window size
Fixed memory leak when using GC_Blit with the stretch flag set

SkyOS 5.0-beta (8.6-alpha2)
20th, oct 2005:
Fixed inverted blocking flag for pty driver
Fixed tcp_accept. Cloned socket with fd == 0 is valid
Fixed regression: Global C++ Constructors in DLLs were not executed anymore (Detected by automatictest:
Abort connection when remote host restarts and replies with a RST packet from a previously established connection
Abort connection when TCP retransmission timedout
Fixed PTY return value for non supported IOCTLs
Fixed TCP close function. Don't wait until all data are sent when we received a RST packet from the peer

19th, oct 2005:
Fixed TCP states timeout handling
Automatically add nif_ip == target_ip loopback route when loopback device gets started after nif was started
Don't use nifs ip when replying to received TCP packets. Always use IP which was set in received tcp packet
Replaced state dependend waitqueues with one single waitqueue
Fixed TCP reset packet sequence/acknowlegde numbering
Implemented various new kernel debugger commands to debug open files, sockets, tcp control blocks, ...

18th, oct 2005:
Fixed TCP Established -> CLOSE_WAIT transition
Fixed TCP Established -> FINWAIT1 transition
Fixed FINWAIT1 -> FINWAIT2 transition
Fixed FINWAIT1 -> CLOSING transition
Fixed FINWAIT2 -> TIME_WAIT transition
Fixed CLOSEING -> TIME_WAIT transition
Fixed CLOSE_WAIT -> LAST_ACK transition
Fixed tcp control reference count
Fixed SEQ/ACK numbers when sending FIN packets

14th, oct 2005:
GI_Initialize() must now be called manually from applications using SkyGI. (greatly speedsup non GUI applications launch time)
Fixed fpc.pp executable search function. (Committed to fpc svn)

13th, oct 2005:
Ported fpc wrapper application
Implemented initial pascal support into Developer Studio (including syntax highlighting)

12th, oct 2005:
Ported freepascal compiler and basic units like dos, sysutils, cthreads, dl, ...
Added kernel functions to manage multiple heap areas

06th, oct 2005:
Using seperate threads for indexfeeder search requests
Reimplemented performance viewer
Added vnode parameter to indexfeeder search callback function
Added 64bit datacollection and DCS functions
Implemented libhashtable (reusable easy to use hash table implementation)
Added a hashtable to CategoryWidget to not insert duplicate found results

05th, oct 2005:
Updated indexfeeder to support multiple word queries. For instance "configure file sharing" will now display as find result (Searches in keywords)
Added user editable keywords textfield to file properties. Indexfeeder will search the keywords attribute of each file when a query is done
Added support for "non-indexable" files (for instance: registry.rsm)
Added atoll function to libsky

04th, oct 2005:
Added packed binary object support. Can be used to pack dynamic data (dibs, ...) into a binary format.
Added support for file specified icon references as attributes
Updated panel to display application icon inside the application button
Updated appman to display application icons
Implemented window icon support into GIWM
Implemented seticon utility to set icon for files
Fixed locking between index feeder run and index feeder search
Don't abort manual indexfeed if a file is not readable

29th, sep 2005:
Changed 'typedef unsigned long long off_t;' to 'typedef long long off_t;'
Updated mediacenter status box
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GC_FontSetHandle' to 'GC_FontSet'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_TextHeightGet' to 'GI_TextHeight'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_TextLengthGet' to 'GI_TextLength'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_TextLengthMaxGet' to 'GI_TextLengthMax'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_GetCharPositionDummy' to 'GI_GetCharPosition'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_TextHeightMultilineDummy' to 'GI_TextHeightMultiline'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_FontCreateByName' to 'GI_FontCreate'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_FontInfoDummy' to 'GI_FontInfo'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'GI_FontGetMetricsDummy' to 'GI_FontGetMetrics'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'wgCombo_GetListBox' to 'GI_WidgetComboGetListbox'
Renamed temporary beta8.6 SkyGI API function name from 'wgCombo_GetTextField' to 'GI_WidgetComboGetTextfield'

28th, sep 2005:
Replaced /boot/system/install/themes with the common plugin folder /boot/system/plugins/themes
Added new images for checkbox when in disabled state
Fixed enabling/disabled widget browse 'Open' button
Fixed widget browse open folder function
Added missing libm functions
Added missing function prototypes

27th, sep 2005:
Modified initial scheduler parameter: Base quantum: 20000, scheduling period 1000HZ.
Scheduling parameters are adjustable via system manager Tweak plugin on the fly.
ISS Audio visualization engine is now synched correctly
Added new spectral analyzer visualization
Fixed ISS visualization buffer generation
Added ISS PCM/Frequency conversion functions

26th, sep 2005:
Added dump of user call stack on kernel exception

23th, sep 2005:
Audio/Video is now synced correctly with a latency of 300usecs at maximum
ISS Flusher thread runs now at realtime priority which makes it possible to feed the Audio DACs with a latency of 250usecs between the interrupt generation and feeding new data
Updated ISS Time Synchronization
Updated libiss to use seperate planes for Y/U/V
Updated libiss internal playback structure for less memory usage

22th, sep 2005:
Updated libiss to use a sperate thread for video output
Updated libiss to use a timing emitter (stream or system)
Updated ffmpeg to newest version
Updated ffmpeg build process to generate a DLL with -shared
Lowered A/V stream packets from 64/512 to 16/32
Set ISS Flusher task to realtime priority
Added shared memory support with MemoryAreaAlloc, MemoryAreaMap and MemoryAreaFree (not mmap compatible)
Implemented FilesystemIsExecutable function into libsky (used by mozilla)

19th, sep 2005:
Added new PCI device ID's to Intel EtherExpress Pro100 driver
Added delay function to vt82xx driver

14th, sep 2005:
Fixed bugs / feature requests:

13th, sep 2005:
Implemented mouse gesture support
Implemented mouse gesture configuration plugin
Implemented mouse gesture service and service plugin
Implemented new syscall tracer using DataExchangePorts
Fixed rename function
Fixed crash in textfield widget when deleting selected text with a keypress while left mouse button is still pressed and mouse gets moved

SkyOS 5.0-beta (8.6 - alpha1)
09th, sep 2005:
Fixed thread interruption when thread is in either waitqueue, critical section or semaphore state
Fixed gettimeofday function
Fixed possible mmlock deadlock when debuggin a crashed application with GDB

06th, sep 2005:
mimtype attribute is now automatically part of the index on new SkyFS volumes
MediaCenter will automatically display *audio* and *video* mime files in the open dialog
Added menu to browse dialog to query for mimetypes. (e.g. audio, video, multimedia, applications, ...)
Query engine is now really easy to use. Every application which supports queries (viewer, open dialog, ...) has now a small button to the right of the query text box
which opens a common query operation dialog when pressed. This query operationg dialog makes it possible to:
construct a query, save/load queries or search by filetypes (audio, multimedia, video, applications, ...)
Queries constructed in any query dialog (e.g. viewer, open dialog, ...) are immediatelly accessible from all other query dialogs
The IndexFeeder is now enabled by default

2nd, sep 2005:
Dramatically improved sound latency by adjusting BaseQuantum from 20000 to 3000
Dramatically improved system response time by setting the schedule rate from 100HZ to 1KHZ (1000 task switches per second are performed now)
Added ISS Functions to query buffer usage and time
Removed all references to 'timerticks' variable from kernel and drivers
Schedule rate is now user adjustable by using the Tweak plugin. (Default task switch time: 1ms)
Fixed ES1371 driver
Fixed various QuakeI/QuakeII bugs and added sound support

1st, sep 2005:
Fixed the way key accelerators are working
Added CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB key accelerator for property widget to switch between tabs
Added a OpenGL DevStd example project
Updated SDL DevStd exmaple project
Fixed DevStd pipe read. (could block when compiling)
Updated devstd autocomplete feature
Implemented a kernel level debugger. Pressing CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE or a system panic will open a kernel window and
bring you into the kernel debugger.
Implemented kernel level debugger command to view kernel debug log file (There is no need for a serial cable anymore if
one wants to view the debug log)
Implemented various kernel level debugger commands

31th, aug 2005:
Added "autocomplete" feature to DevStd. CTRL+SPACE will open a listbox right below the input cursor displaying all
possible function-names and defines
Added "insert fragment" feature into DevStd. CTRL+ALT+SPACE will open a listbox with possible fragments. If for instance
"Window function" is selected, DevStd will insert a complete window function skeleton at the current cursor position
Fixed popup menu width computation. Didn't honor accelerated description width
Added function to modfiy single lines in a text control
Added Undo/Redo support to modify single line function
Fixed memory manager page fault locking when thread gets terminated

30th, aug 2005:
Fixed WidgetProperty sheet hide/show function
Added close tab support to SkyPad
Added menu accelerator descriptions to SkyPad
Fixed font drawing for menu accelerator descriptions

29th, aug 2005:
Added function to remove single sheets from a property widget
Updated DevStd to support multiple opened documents with tabs
Implemented "IntelliSense like" parser and backend
Implemented missing getaddrinfo libc function
Fixed initial/default return type in getsockopt

26th, aug 2005:
Implemented new locking for memory managers
Implemented Demand loader lock
Implemented Virtual memory lock
Implemented MemUser lock which is shared between threads
Removed global memory fault lock. replaced it with fine grained looking between MemUser, Virtual and Demand lock
Free User memory regions when unmapping entire region

25th, aug 2005:
Fixed memory leak when releasing READONLY user space mapping and binary image loader accessed this READONLY pages to perform relocation and importing/exporting.
Fixed memory leak when releasing thread stack
Immediately free thread stack when thread terminates
Fixed memory leak when releasing task structure.
Implemented new task accounting method
Print warnings when there are still mapped/commited pages when a task has been destroyed
Began DDK source code documentation
Updated SDK documentation.

23th, aug 2005:
Fixed memory startup routine to correctly set reserved physical memory regions as unusable
Implemented libplugin library. This library makes it very easy to use application depended plugins (
Implemented new SkyOS TestSuite Application (
Developers can add their own test cases by writting simple plugins

21th, aug 2005:
Updated API documentation (
Implemented new widget: WidgetGraph (
Don't lock/unlock semaphores when current task is not valid
Show warning message when trying to kill a system thread or service
Added PCI dump while booting

20th, aug 2005:
Ported libxml2 and replaced libxml with it
Fixed automatic query link creation

18th, aug 2005:
Updated GTK/Firefox to new font API
Increased ATAPI/CDROM timeout while reading data

17th, aug 2005:
Queries can now be saved on the desktop as links
Start menu->Find submenu displayes all saved queries to quickly run them

15th, aug 2005:
Queries and indexed file content search are now 'realtime'. Files are searched while user is typing the query/search string
File content search supports wildcard searches now
Keyword file attribute gets indexed into file content index database. Useful to search for things like "Configure network" which will
then show the system manager as a search result.

12th, aug 2005:
Implemented unicode/utf8 support into terminal
Using Dejavu fonts as default fonts now
Added system font type: Fixed (customizeable through system manager)

10th, aug 2005:
Implemented new Font system
Implemented new Font API. Change all libraries and apps to use new API

SkyOS 5.0-beta (8.5)
05th, aug 2005:
Ported Nvu
Fixed Pentium+ Level2 cache initialization
Fixed PCI Memory space caching
Fixed Viewer default query type

04th, aug 2005:
Implemented libdesktop. (Desktop support routines)
Implemented DnD support for desktop. Files/Folders can now be dragged onto the desktop which automatically makes a link to it
Implemented new link system
Implemented intelligent file start function which automatically starts registerd application for each file type and passed the file as a parameter to it
Implemented command link 'start' utility. E.g: 'start /boot', 'start mydocument.txt', 'start mymp3.mp3'
Fixed potential buffer overflow in GI_DIBDuplicate
Updated desktop icon properties dialog
Implemented automatic link overlay rendering when requesting an icon for a file which actually is a link

03rd, aug 2005:
Fixed unitialized variables and shadowed variables
Added parameter count and size check to binary manager
Added a few new testsuite cases
Fixed accessing memory at page boundary in user stack build routine
Fixed inital stack size. Stack size is now desired stack size + needed size for arguments and environment
Fixed critical demand page IO bug
Fixed critical threading system bug. (it was possible that a thread was still running when the process has been killed already)
Fixed critical semaphore bug. (it was possible that a process could not terminate because a thread hang while trying to acquire a user semaphore)

02nd, aug 2005:
Fixed locking in image manager, image cache and demand loading
Added graphical frontend for testsuite
Fixed API prototypes for ProgressWidget
Fixed CategoryWidget category.xml loading
Fixed BrowseWidget

29th, jul 2005:
Ported gawk
Ported openssl-0.9.8 (binary, include files, static library)
Fixed VCI rendering
Fixed standard include header files
Added ftime and times functions to libsky
Added dlopen, dlclose, dlsym and dlerror to libsky

27th, jul 2005:
Implemented scrolling support for terminal. Adjustable buffer pages
Make scrollbar more responsive by reacting on double click events

25th, jul 2005: (alpha1)
Fixed window size computation in windui theme. most windows were 2px to small
Fixed crash in rtl8139 driver which occured when IRQ was in use already
Added new ids for ATA and ATAPI device check
Fixed mediacenter auto video window creation. Was too large, so mediacenter always had to scale the video
Fixed menu auto-open on mouse move

23th,jul 2005:
Fixed Mediacenter playlist not saved
Fixed Mediacenter add to playlist crashes
Fixed ISS semaphore deadlock
Fixed Viewer doesn't show context menu for items

22th,jul 2005:
Fixed gcc specs file
Removed package skymatch (no source available)
Fixed OnPopup interface function for listbox (list style)

21th,jul 2005:
Added documentation prototypes for libnet, libindexfeeder, libmime, libskygi_browse, libskygi_category and libskygi_style
Ported patch
Ported cvs
Fixed return value for fdd read/write functions
Changed DmDeviceRead and DmDeviceWrite kernel/driver function. Updated to this function in all device drivers

20th,jul 2005:
Ported info-zip
Ported info-unzip
Ported unrar
Updated tar
Implemented fseeko and ftello functions into libsky
Added mbstowcs,_mbstowcs_r,wcstombs,_wcstombs_r,btowc,wctob,mbrlen,mbrtowc,_mbrtowc_r ,mbsinit,mbsrtowcs,wcrtomb, _wcrtomb_r,wcsrtombs,_wcsrtombs_r,wcscat,wcschr,wcscmp,wcscoll,wcscpy,wcscspn,wcslcat,wcslcpy,wcslen,wcsncat, wcsncmp,wcsncpy,wcsnlen,wcspbrk,wcsrchr,wcsspn,wcsstr,wcswidth,wcwidth,wmemchr,wmemcmp,wmemcpy,wmemmove,wmemset,iswalpha,iswalnum,iswblank,iswcntrl,iswctype,iswdigit,iswgraph,iswlower,iswprint,iswpunct,iswspace,iswupper,iswxdigit,towctrans,towupper,towlower,wctrans,wctype,mempcpy,memccpy,strdup,strlcat,strlcpy,strndup,strnlen to libsky
Added prototypes to documentation for: libskygi, libsky, libdcs, libuser, libservice, libiss, libini, librsm
Added missing prototypes (around 300) for: libskygi, libsky, libdcs, libuser, libservice, libiss, libini, librsm
Cleaned up skygi.h and gc.h
Library documentation for standard SkyOS libraries is now built into one API Documentation

18th,jul 2005:
Fixed german keymap for paragraph character
Added new keymap flag handling to keyboard event handler
Added new flags column to keymap structure. Update all keymaps
Implemented bootloader installation setup into SkyOS Setup
Fixed libc temp directory handling
Implemented grub/skyos installation scripts
Fixed sys_statfs url handling
Fixed image reference count/file open handling for binary images and dlls

14th,jul 2005:
Ported df utility
Ported mktemp utility
Rewrote GRUB/SkyFS loader
Implemented bootloader step for setup application
Implemented grub installation script for setup application
Implemented unlink into rootfs to change /tmp symlink when installing SkyOS
statfs syscall is using SkyOS specific GetVolumeInformation now

13th,jul 2005:
Implemented new tanslation system
Implemented translations for desktop, panel, skygi, setup and login
Fixed SkyFS journaling bug
Implemented chkskyfs utility
Fixed devicefs lseek return value
Fixed devicefs read return value
Ported grub shell to SkyOS

24th,jun 2005:
User page tables entires from 0x0C000000 - 0xB0000000 were not initialized correctly (could crash apps when allocating more than 160MB of memory)
Display sempahore name in taskmanager when task is in 'Waiting on semaphore' state

23th,jun 2005:
Added scrollbar to CategoryWidget
Display number of children in CategoryWidget header item
Fixed memory leaks in ISSPlayBack
Added possibility to add/remove columns from task manager

22th,jun 2005:
Fixed return value in open syscall when specifing O_EXCL and O_CREAT and file exists already
Fixed O_DIRECTORY flag. Not required for opening directories, only for creation
Fixed return value in sys_exec. Return EISDIR when trying to execute a directory
CategoryWidget displays file references in marked color
Ported coreutils hostname

21th,jun 2005:
Add automatic query decoding to indexfeeder API
Added help for the new file browse dialog
Added escape accelerator to help widget
Automatically bind VKEY_F1 to MSG_REQUEST_APPLICATION_HELP when calling GI_ShowHelpIcon
Added initial support for implicit offscreen rendering and desktop composing
Added AutoTab support to textfield widget
Added index feeder database configuration plugin to system manager
Added possibility to compile/link applications and libraries with dmalloc support

20th,jun 2005:
Changed build instructions, build files for unix applications to not attach .app to the executable filename. This is
required by many configure scripts to work correctly.
Implemented undo support into text widget
Fixed various text widget bugs

17th,jun 2005:
Fixed getcwd buffer check
Fixed F_DUPFD vfs ioctl. Didn't honor the base filedesc argument.
Fixed execvp function to always look in current directory

16th,jun 2005:
Ported missing egrep and fgrep
All files on fatfs and skyfs are now posix-executable by default
Implemented coreimage name replacement. Required for bash-tests
Implemented binary image cache and delayed unloading. Huge performance increase for
shell scrips like configure and make
Fixed GCC builtin specs and loadable specs file
Replaced C++ style comments with C style comments in standard header files
Changed return value of chdir to ENOTDIR when trying to change to a directory which actually is a file
Removed Device layer from VFS and implemented it into a new subfilesystem called DeviceFS
Fixed EBADF return value in various functions

15th,jun 2005:
Added database configuration plugin to System Manager
Added new node listener event: LISTEN_EVENT_FILE_CHANGING
Added file size and content size limit to index feeder
Added transaction based operations for SQL database. (encapsulated in a begin;commit; block)
Added configurable timeout for index feeder client

14th,jun 2005:
Fixed SkyFS Deadlocks
Implemented WidgetBrowse
Implemented new Open/Save dialog and wrapper for old dialog
Implemented possibility to abort/stop running indexfeeder queries
Fixed SkyGI Window destroy function call order
Fixed GCC specs file

08th,jun 2005:
Added support to remove file and file contents from database on file deletion event
Added vnode column to indexed file list table
Don't start file and folder sharing when no network interface is started or configured

07th,jun 2005:
Fixed various race conditions and possible deadlocks in SkyFS
Added indexing helper function to libmime to help indexing files and string content
Implemented new filesystem testsuite functions

02nd,jun 2005:
Fixed memory leak in fatfs readdir function
Fixed deadlock in SkyFS when simultanously create files, unlink files and read directory content in same directory from three different tasks
Fixed SkyFS fsync

01st,jun 2005:
Added multiple volume support to IndexFeeder
Implemented audio/video and bitmap plugin
Implemented text/plain IndexFeeder plugin
Implemented CategoryWidget.
Implemented SQL based content index support into IndexFeeder
Implemented libindexfeeder to talk to IndexFeeder
Implemented CategoryWidget into Viewer

25th,may 2005:
Added user handled popup menus. (makes it possible to insert widgets as popup menu elements)
Implemented find->type query into start menu
Implemented various startup parameters for viewer
Added GI_WindowSetResizePoints to specify which borders can be dragged to resize the window

24th,may 2005:
Fixed crash in system manager when opening it in single mode
Don't draw title bar icons when specified function is disabled. (min,max,close,help)
Added example projects to developer studio / new project wizard and to panel menu
Updated devstd new project wizard.

23th,may 2005:
Moved mime and filetype handling from libskygi into libmime.
Added mimetype icon cache
Various build fixes

17th,may 2005:
Major SkyGI API Change. Function names are consistent now.

10th,may 2005:
Implemented libmime. Responsible for mimetype guessing and auto attribute generation
Implemented Index feeder
Implemented media and image index feeder plugin
Added GI_GetWindowValue
Implemented ServiceManager Index feeder configuration plugin
Implemented "create-query-by-clicking" into viewer

04th,may 2005:
Load ahead support for demand loader
Fixed default return value in SkyGI message dispatch handler
MemoryContext wasn't removed completly when undoing and task creation
Huge application startup time improvement because of the demand loader,
specially for big applications like firefox and gtk based ones.
Huge memory requirement reduction because of demand loader.

03rd,may 2005:
Fixed CR2 register saving on task switch
Added support to mark memory pages as busy when demand loading is in progress
Added demand loading support into PE binary format handler
Added demand loading support into page fault handler
Removed interrupt lock when page fault handler executes
Modified resource manager to use ReadWrite semaphores instead of exclusive semaphores
Preload .idata, .edata and .reloc sections to avoid deadlock when linking image
Added performance and tasklog-suite measurement points for various page fault reasons

02nd,may 2005:
Fixed right/left cursor in textfield widget
Implemented text outlining and multi color text drawing support into GC
Desktop can use text outlining now
Implemented configuration widget for textoutlining into system manager
Fixed mediacenter to automatically start playback of next song when one ends
Implemented ISS_PlayBackGetStopReason into ISS
Fixed global clipping/blit dimension bug

28th,apr 2005:
Fixed critical scheduler bug. Performance improve, specially when running at high system load
Scheduler uses "fair" O(1) quantum scheduling policy with static and dynamic priority and incorporating
interactive v. worker thread load as well as user interactivity.
Fixed mediacenter/ISS Visualization window
Fixed ISS client/server communication and playing ping/pong with semaphores
Performance improvements for DataExchangePorts

27th,apr 2005:
Fixed mediacenter resize problems
Added new video/visualization semaphore
Added DataCollection to mediacenter to serialize settings

26th,apr 2005:
Implemented ISS Visualization framework
Implemented example ISS Visualization plugin
Ported various OSS Visualization plugins
Updated mediacenter to allow user selection of visualization plugin
Added drag&drop support to mediacenter

25th,apr 2005:
Added 'Device report' to Device Manager
Don't register UART IRQ/Ports if not used
Fixed resource manager registerd ports freeing
Implemented drag&drop support into viewer to allow file copying by d&d operations
Implemented drag&drop support into devstd project view
Implemented drag&drop support into wgfilevw
Added drag&drop window interface functions

22th,apr 2005:
Implemented widget/window interfaces
Implemented automatic message->interface mapping
Updated Developer Studio to support 'Exclude file from build'
Updated Developer Studio help
Updated wgText to support word highlighting when double clicking on it
Implemented drag and drop support into viewer
Implemented 'deny drop' icon and handling

20th,apr 2005:
Implemented Drag&Drop support into GIWM and SkyGI.
Implemented default-drag&drop, deny-drag&drop and custom-drag&drop cursor images
Updated wgText to support text dropping (mimetype: text/*)
Updated skypad to support file dropping (mimetype: file/*)
Fixed filled polygon rendering
Fixed mozilla Proxy support
Fixed mozilla nspr gethostname return value
Fixed nsLookAndFeel
Implemented WF_NO_ACTIVATION to not send window activation/deactivation events
Fixed firefox background tiled image blitting
Implemented process local/private DataExchangePorts
Changed xpcom/nspr to use private DataExchangePorts (finally Thunderbird and Firefox can be started at the same time)

15th,apr 2005:
Removed Service Manager debug messages
Fixed removing selected text in textfield widgets

14th,apr 2005:
Fixed taskmanager. Didn't remove all deleted processes from the task list
Fixed firefox blitting.
Implemented firefox clipboard support
Fixed firefox keycode handling when CTRL/ALT is pressed
Fixed firefox popup windows
Fixed libskygi MSG_WINDOW_MOVED implicit message handler

13th,apr 2005:
Fixed firefox bitmap blitting
Fixed/Re-enabled firefox tiled bitmap blitting

12th,apr 2005:
Fixed Font handling. Font families and styles function passing is now easier.
Fixed Firefox font height rendering bugs.
Fixed firefox bugs:

11th,apr 2005:
Fixed pty-fs file mode settings
Fixed notification panel icon. Doesn't blink when no detail data available
Testsuite logs output messages to test.log now

8th,apr 2005:
Fixed alpha blended transparent level blitting when source data has pixel alpha value
7th,apr 2005:
Implemented wgStyle
Implemented wgHelp
Implemented new application help system
Implemented alpha blended "pulsing" panel notification icon when detailed data is available
Notification panel is now using wgStyle to display detailed notification event data
Added basic SkyOS help content
Added basic SkyOS System Manager help content
Wrote Widget Style Help document
Fixed SDL Bugs
Fixed Blender non-working keys
Began graphical keyboard layout designer
Changed internal kernel notifications to use wgStyle syntax
Fixed Links Webbrowser rendering bugs

SkyOS 5.0-beta8.4
25th,mar 2005:
Updated Task Log Suite.
Fixed Abiword / DLL linkage
Fixed Blender3D/SDL Linkage
Fixed Bochs inital application path
Fixed RTL8139 PCI register access order

22th,mar 2005:
Fixed TCP mss. (rfc879)

21th,mar 2005:
Fixed SDL Input grabbing
Updated Task Log Suite

20th,mar 2005:
Fixed vt82xx sound latency
Added new PCI vendor/device IDs to Realtek 8139 driver
Fixed TCP/IP IP fragment reassembling

18th,mar 2005:
Ported Free Command and Conquer
Fixed SDL mouse handling
Implemented SDL ISS module
Fixed ISS DirectSound queue handling

17th,mar 2005:
Added SDK example appliation for SDL applications. (makefile and Developer Studio project)
Developer Studio uses XML for project files now.
Ported LBreakout2. [url][/url]
Ported SDL_Mixer library
Ported SDL_net library
Ported SDL_Image library
Fixed GIWM Mouse capturing

16th,mar 2005:
Ported SDL 1.2
Ported SDL test applications

15th,mar 2005:
Fixed i386pe loader file reference counting
Fixed registry serialization vfs_open check function
Fixed C++ stdc++ library
Added C/C++ compile test to automatic testsuite
Implemented command line clear application

12th,mar 2005:
Fixed OpenGL Frontbuffer access
Fixed Blender3D OpenGL Depth buffer
Fixed Bochs window height
Fixed i386pe loader file reference counting

11th,mar 2005:
Implemented build number system

9th, mar 2005:
Implemented WorkLoad application
Fixed filebuffering.

8th, mar 2005:
Implemented autotmatic listbox sorting for string, integer and user defined columns.
Fixed software store proxy configuration data saving.
Implemented ascending/descinding sorting
Fixed UCP.
Fixed Quake II Multiplayer mode.

7th, mar 2005:
Implemented service system.
Implemented VNC service
Implemented Telnet service
Implemented File and Folder sharing service
Implemented Notification Panel Service
Implemented Screensaver framework service
Implemented Debug Provider service
Implemented ISS Service
Implemented Application manager service
Fixed Desktop communication services and Data Collections

6th, mar 2005:
Fixed ATI Radeon GI3D framebuffer offset.
Implemented hardware drawn cursor for ATI driver.
Implemented software cursor fallback for graphic hardware not supporing cursors.
Fixed hardware accelerater and software fallback synchronization and engine lock.

5th, mar 2005:
New ATI Radeon driver finished. Better panel, dvi, crt support. 2D acceleration.
Hardware cursor, mutliport support.
Moved software mouse drawing code into software fallback graphic driver.
Implemented mouse interface for graphic drivers.
Moved cursor drawing from interrupt context into SkyGI thread.
Implemented syste manager / graphics configuration plugin for ATI Radeon driver

3rd, mar 2005:
Huge ATA performance increase
Fixed critical deadlock in skyfs_create/Inode::Create and skyfs_rename
Fixed repair console option when Installing SkyOS.

2nd, mar 2005:
Implemented "align symbols" for desktop. (snap to grid)
Right clicking on a start menu entry will open a popup menu where user
can select "show on desktop" to show this panel entry on the desktop as an icon
Added GI3D Fullscreen support for Quake II

1st, mar 2005:
Implemented GI3D Fullscreen support.
Implemented Quake I GI3D (optional doublebuffered) fullscreen support.
Recompiled OpenGL with MMX/SSE/3DNOW support.
Moved GI3D code into seperate library (libgi3d.dll)

28th, feb 2005:
Implemented screensaver configuration plugin for System Manager.
Added configuration interfaces for screensavers.
Ported OpenGL Flurry screensaver.
Implemented screensaver preview functionality into System Manager.
Began implementation of GI3D. Will be used for OpenGL to directly draw into graphic memory in the first version.
Updated Mesa3D to use GI3D

27th, feb 2005:
Implemented screensaver framework.
Implemented extendable screensaver plugin framework (/system/plugins/screensaver)
Implemented screensaver application
Implemented "black screen" screensaver plugin
Implemented OpenGL Morph3D screensaver
Moved viewer filepreview plugins to /system/plugins/filepreview

26th, feb 2005:
Fixed TCP window management
Fixed TCP "receiver-Side Silly Window Avoidance algorithm"
Fixed TCP fragment management
Fixed TCP Acknowledge algorithm

25th, feb 2005:
Added "normal " find method to viewer to find files on not indexed filesystems
Added option to show/hide info panel in Viewer.
Major internal changes to viewer.
Fixed PNG and BMP loaders
Don't redraw listbox when trying to scroll up/down when the cursor is at the beginning/end already.
Added more menu widget functions.

24th, feb 2005:
Added "Indexing" plugin to system mamanger. Allows it to add/remove attributes to the index of a filesystem.
Query loading/saving fixed.
Fixed critical ATA Harddisk device driver bug. It was possible that the first/second drive on one controller was changed while a write command was still in progress. This crashed VMWare 5.0-beta and may lead to corrupt installations when running native.

23th, feb 2005:
Fixed viewer live query mode. (live queries can be enabled via options).
Implemented full index handling. You can add/delete and list indexed attributes now.
All indexed attributes can be queried now.
Menu widget can display "checked" menu items now.
Updated viewer query panel layout.

22th, feb 2005:
Implemented query support into viewer. (CTRL+F slides in the query panel).
Implemented get_parent_vnode into vfs, skyfs and libsky.

21th, feb 2005:
Added SELECTFILE_OPEN_FOLDER to allow folder selection when opening files.
Fixed mediacenter bug. It was not possible to play file again when mediacenter was launched from within viewer with a file as argument.
Added ability to add entire folders to MediaCenter playlist.
Added ability to create, load and save playlists in MediaCenter (using a DataCollection)
Added optional "ScheduleToBestTask" setting. Can be enabled in system manager tweak plugin.
Added support for minimum and maximum window size
Added query support to SkyFS
Added query command line utility. ( )
For instance:
" /boot (((name=="*.app") && (size > 100000)) || (name=="*.pkg"))"

17th, feb 2005:
Implemented user-type rendering type for listbox cells. Used to display a "progress bar" for the used harddisk space in viewer.
Re-implemented horizontal scrollbar drawing code into WindUI
Re-implemented horizontal scrollbar handling code into SkyGI
Re-implemented horizontal scrollbar handling code into textfield widget
Fixed bugs:

16th, feb 2005:
Added various shortcut to standard dialogs like messageboxes, file select, ... so that the dialogs can be confirmed/cancelled with keys. (escape, enter, (y)es, (n)o, ...)
Implemented DataCollection into viewer, skypad and taskmanager.
Taskmanager and Viewer are using DataCollection to store the layout and width of the file/taskview when they are adjusted by the user.

15th, feb 2005:
Fixed many bugs.
Fixed telnetd service plugin in system manager
Implemented DataCollection. This Datacollection can be used from every application to save and load application settings. Settings can be user or system specific. Very easy to use.
Implemented dumpdc application to dump content of datacollections.

14th, feb 2005:
Fixed DNS resolving for CNAME entries.
Fixed possible crash when copying/cutting text in a textwidget when no selection was made.

13th, feb 2005:
Fixed viarhine and rtl8139 ethernet frame padding.
Fixed SkyFS file access attributes in subfs stat function.
signal inheritance for exec processes
Fixed keyboard/vkey mapping for VKEY_KEYPAD_DIVIDE
Fixed TCP race condition when using loopback device and listen tcp gets terminated before accepted tcp can establish the connection.

11th, feb 2005:
Changed the way how ThreadYield is working. Immediately remove remaining quantum and move thread to expired queue when a yield is requested.
Fixed race condition when deleteing tcp sockets.
Only reset signals which have a signal handler when doing exec.
Don't return error when no arguments are passed to exec functions.
Removed sharing tab from network configuration plugin.
Added services tab to network configuration plugin which can be used to start/stop/configure network
services like File and Folder sharing, FTP, VNC and Telnet.
Fixed libiss and ISS thread priorites and sleep time amount

10th, feb 2005:
#000684, Another One
Implemented reference counting for usermode semaphores which are shared between forked processes.
Fixed alarm syscall when unregistering alarm
Automatically open /dev/null and map to stdin,stdout,stderr for new process spawned from the kernel.
Fixed sys_select return value when timing out
Changed file and folder sharing dialog layout
Fixed GDB. Didn't work in beta8.3
Fixed debug extension register offset calculation.
SAMBA 3.0.10 fully working and running at full speed finally.

9th, feb 2005:
Fixed truncate.
Fixed alarm syscall.
Take blocked signals into account when checking for pending signals
Fixed VCI select function return type. (was unsigned instead of signed)
Fixed select system function return value when it gets interrupted
Fixed TCP usend/urecv locking
Acknowledge packet if we get data within the last packet of the
three-way-handshake already.
Updated TCP locking.

8th, feb 2005:
Updated SAMBA configuration plugin
Added ability to create "non-login" user accounts
Added ability to show/hide user icon at the login screen for specified users
Implemented TCP backlog list.
Fixed TCP locking.
Updated TCP routing. Send packet over same route where packet was received from.
Implemented TCP timeout timers for various control states.

7th, feb 2005:
Fixed TCP listen/select function
Automatically map user "root" to "admin"
Fixed libsky getpwnam, getpwuid and getlogin
Fixed rootfs default file access permission
Implemented posix network interface query functions

5th, feb 2005:
Fixed UDP autobind
Fixed sys_select socket reference counting

4th, feb 2005:
Ported Samba 3.0.10
Implemented file locking (flock and fcntl)
Added file lock test to testsuite
Implemented samba configuration tab into system manager/network plugin.

3rd, feb 2005:
#000675, distantvoices
#000676, distantvoices
#000677, patrickweber
Added service pack version string to login screen.
Software store is now able to update registry keys.
Implemented to manually update registry keys from the terminal
Inherit priority on task creation
Set ISS to high audio priority.
Set ISS playback thread to high audio priority.
Fixed GCC dynamic link libraries and library files lookup path[/url]

SkyOS 5.0-beta8.3
27th, jan 2005:
Implemented implicit and explicit "duplicate file/folder" into viewer. Duplicates a file to "Copy of ", when source and destination is the same.
Added GI_CenterWindow, GI_MaximizeWindow, GI_SetWindowSizeAndPos, GI_SetWidgetSize, GI_SetWidgetPos and GI_SetWidgetSizeAndPos to libskygi. F
ixed window resize message logic.
Added MSG_WINDOW_SIZE which is sent to a window before it is resized, so that the window has a change to check if the new dimension is valid or alter it.
Added color support to terminal/bash.

SkyOS 8.3-alpha2 scheduled for Saturday, 29th jan 2005.
Beta8.3 "feature add" and "bugfix phase" finished.

26th, jan 2005:
Fixed critical syscall/signal handling bug. Register corruption was possible
Rebuilt fontviewer, imgviewer, skysweeper
Included preliminary SkyGI documentation (html format) in SDK package.
Fixed firefox/thunderbird ThreadWait for child processes/threads.
#000530, i3x171um
#000545, i3x171um
#000549, centimetre
#000548, centimetre
#000550, centimetre
#000476, Another One

25th, jan 2005:
Implemented find as you type into text widget
Ported tar and gzip.
#000546, i3x171um
#000502, Another One
#000488, Another One

21th, jan 2005:
Fixed waitpid/kill race condition
Updated bochs to 2.1.1. (FreeDOS and DLXLinux included)
Fixed possible crash in textfield widget when adding NULL string from clipboard

20th, jan 2005:
Graphic context (GC) is now member of the window structure. No manual GC creation
required anymore.
Fixed rename bug when renameing filenames with just different case.
Implemented GI_ForeignDraw to draw content from one window into another or into a buffer GC.

19th, jan 2005:
Ported flex-2.5.4, bison-2.0 and expand utiltiy
Fixed viewer file creation mode flags.
Added fileview widget to Developer studio.
Fixed SkyFS/BFS unlink function.
Fixed debug thread parent process/child link.

18th, jan 2005:
Implemented new fifo filesystem. (faster and posix compatible)
Fixed fatfs / truncate / vnode write function.
Reimplemented environment variable handling. Fully posix compatible.
Fixed setmode and pathconf functions.
Fixed vfs close bug.
Top level directories /fifo, /systeminterface, /dev, /bin, /usr, /etc, /pty are now not visible in the viewer until 'Show all files' is selected from the action panel.
Fixed exec, execv, execvp function.
./configure;make now fully supported. tar-1.15.1 was compiled right inside SkyOS with just a single ./configure;make. Most OSS should now be compilable this way.

17th, jan 2005:
Create layout widget inside status bar as default.
Added line/column view to SkyPad and Developer Studio.

16th, jan 2005:
#000501, Another one
#000480, Another one
#000485, Another one
#000469, reh4c
#000497, Another one
#000463, Another one
#000473, Another one

15th, jan 2005:
Major changes to the entire process creation/destroying code.
Removed not longer used task state TASK_DEAD
Fixed waitpid handling for forked, executed and threaded processes.
Fixed automatic syscall restarting when interrupted by a signal.
Major speed impovement when destroying threads.
Fixed race condition in image manager.
#000526, Another one
#000525, Another one
#000523, Another one
#000503, Another one
#000323, patrickweber
#000326, andrew youll
#000340, centimetre
Updated automatic test suite.
Beta8.3 test installations started...

13th, jan 2005:
Changed the way how processes are terminated.
Implemented reaper thread which takes care of freeing the task structure for threads and applications started with ExecuteProcess and TASK_CREATE_FLAG_WANT_EXIT_CODE not set.
Fixed memory waste in process creation/destroy functions.
Fixed waitpid syscall.
Fixed ino_t in struct dirent to 64 bit. Recompiled all applications.
Fixed task linkage between parent/child, this/process, this/child, this/thread and child/process.

12th, jan 2005:
Fixed trap/exception signal handling. (interrupt lock)
Ported sed-4.1 and grep-2.5.
Automatically symlink /bin,/usr,/etc to /boot/programs/unix/bin

11th, jan 2005:
Implemented symbolic link support into VFS and libsky. (needed by various ./configure scripts)
Implemented symlink support into rootfs.
Ported coreutils symbol link tools.
Removed tools.pkg and bash.pkg. Replaced by unix.pkg
Ported make 3.80
Fixed waitpid(-1) syscall
#000511, centimetre

10th, jan 2005:
Fixed critical memory regions merging bug
#000370, proph3t
#000164, Kelly
#000489, Another one
#000491, Another one
#000493, Another one
#000494, Another one
#000495, Another one
#000496, Another one
#000500, Another one
#000419, Another one
#000486, Another one
#000448, Another one
#000449, Another one
#000450, Another one
#000483, Another one
#000484, Another one
#000475, Another one
#000441, Another one
#000507, Another one
#000456, patrickweber
#000423, strestout_bugs
#000434, strestout_bugs
#000425, strestout_bugs
#000427, strestout_bugs
#000422, strestout_bugs
#000432, strestout_bugs

9th , jan 2005:
Fixed bootscreen.
Implemented OS version check when installing packages via Software store
Updated bash to version 3.0

8th , jan 2005:
8.3-alpha release (beta8.3 test release)
Fixed seek on devices. (Prevented DiskManager from working)
Fixed waitqueue bug. (Installation sometimes stopped on random packages. This bug was in since beta2)
Fixed firefox installation description
Fixed thunderbird installation description
Fixed english keyboard layout
Fixed polish keyboard layout
Fixed various typos

6th , jan 2005:
Implemented automatically LRU vnode cache removing
Implemented subfs GetVolumeInformation function
Updated viewer to display volume information
Fixed race conditions in vnode caching layer
Implemented complete new ISO9660 filesystem with joilet and rock-ridge extension

3rd , jan 2005:
Fixed major vfs locking problems with simultanous create/unlink in same directory.
Fixed vnode name caching.

22th, dec 2004:
Updated firefox to version 1.0
Fixed waitpid syscall
Ported Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0
Fixed mozilla key handling

16th, dec 2004:
Fixed possible crash in ISS DataExchangePorts.
Used only one ISS connection when playing multiple streams from the same application
Implemented GI_InvertRect drawing function
Fixed firefox cursor blinking
#000379, btbeeston

15th, dec 2004:
Implemented a complete new set of Font functions to create and manage fonts and to get a list of installed font families and styles
Updated Firefox font selection and font height compute algorithm

14th, dec 2004:
Reimplemented redraw rect function. Much faster now
Changed clipping internals

13th, dec 2004:
Added random/srandom libsky function.
ISS plugins updated to newer versions.
Fixed ISS stream seeking

12th, dec 2004:
Fixed ISS crash when playing non supported audio/video stream
Fixed ISS audio resampling bug

11th, dec 2004:
Fixed firefox drawing bug. (clipping)
Fixed firefox page scrolling.
Fixed SkyGI scrolling function

10th, dec 2004:
Fixed critical bug in MemVirtualMemoryUnmapTask.
Insert 16KB unmapped space between user thread stacks to capture stack overflow.
Fixed user thread initial stack creation when no parameters specified.
Added memory mapping test to testsuite.
Implemented hardware breakpoint and watchpoint support for debugging.
Fixed signal SA_RESTART handling
Correctly save/restore registers when doing syscalls. (required by firefox)

9th, dec 2004:
Made Semaphores and DataExchangePorts task local, they were just thread local
Removed thread_global_data member variable from task structure.
Fixed WaitQueue timeout handling
Fixed Semaphore timeout handling
Fixed FireFox netscape public runtime conditional semaphores
Added semaphore timeout test to testsuite

8th, dev 2004:
Fixed select infinite timeout handling.
Fixed libsky memory manager locking.
Implemented debug server. When an application crashes a window pops up asking the user whether he want to debug the application. When pressing on 'Never' this message will not be displayed anymore.

7th, dec 2004:
Fixed last remaining major firefox bug.
Fixed thread destruction.
Implemented WaitForMultipleObjects.
Using this function you can wait for one or more multiple objects like
- Files
- Sockets
- Devices
- Window messages
- DataExchagePort message
- Shared memory events

This makes waiting for objects in a heavy multitasked operating system like SkyOS much easier than in every unix/linux system.

6th, dec 2004:
Added support for GDB attaching to already running processes.
Added command to GDB to auto load debug symbols of all loaded DLLs.

5th, dec 2004:
Changed to way how ATA/ATAPI devices are initialized. This may speedup the boottime by more than 10 seconds on specical configurations. (For instance: AMD 2.4GHZ, 1HDD, 1CDROM. Beta 8.2: 16secs, Beta 8.3: 5secs)
#000179, skorpion153

4th, dec 2004:
Fixed VESA driver line stride. Should fix vmware under linux and Voodoo grapic drawing bug.
Implemented ATA LBA48 support. (Harddisks > 128GB should work now)

2nd, dec 2004:
Implemented Intel i810 graphic device driver. Support for LCD/TFT/CRT
Implemented loadable GRUB module support. (Required to pre-load i810 graphic device driver)

1st, dec 2004:
Implemented Intel EthernetExpress (eepro100) network device driver.

30th, nov 2004:
Fixed VESA mode information retreiving function. Didn't detect all available modes.
Implemented Intel i830/850 graphic device driver. (hardware accelerated). Supports CRT, TFT, LCD using VGA or DVI. All resolutions

29th, nov 2004:
#000299, Nemo
#000195, Wouter Roelofs
#000139, Quok

26th, nov 2004:
FileDialog (Open/Save) can show files in list, icon and thumbnail mode now.
Thumbnail generation code is now part of libSkyGI. If you have a listbox with filenames in it, just switch it to icon view and call GI_ThumbLoader. This function will generate and display a thumbnail for each entry in the listbox.
#000404, Another one
#000405, Another one
#000406, Another one
#000409, Another one
#000410, Another one
#000393, xboxrulz
#000360, strestout_bugs

25th, nov 2004:
Fixed wrong scancode->vkey conversion routine.
Fixed VCI terminal/bash window resize
Fixed firefox window resizing.
#000397, Another one
#000395, Another one
#000354, strestout_bugs
#000356, strestout_bugs
#000188, Wouter Roelofs
#000242, centimetre
#000401, distantvoices

24th, nov 2004:
Implemented screenshot support. When pressing "Print screen" key, a "save as" dialog opens automatically. Screenshot is saved as PNG then.
#000387, reh4c
#000306, Nemo
#000178, Kelly

23th, nov 2004:
Improved VirtualConsoleInterface performance. Repeated characters like backspace are displayed immeditelly now.
Implemented "walking through menus" without the need to press the mousebutton.
#000348, computrius
#000349, computrius
#000176, centimetre
#000122, centimetre
#000148, crashx99
#000236, Kelly
#000238, Kelly
#000228, Wouter Roelofs
#000231, Wouter Roelofs
#000193, Wouter Roelofs

22th, nov 2004:
Implemented GI_IterAndGetWindowInfo function.
Panel button sort order is by window creation time now.
#000344, computrius
#000347, computrius
#000383, vchira
Fixed VCI/terminal/bash tab support.

17th, nov 2004:
Fixed kernel modules debug stack backtrace.

16th, nov 2004:
Improved interrupt handler / rescheduling.
Fixed possible problem with nested task flag.
Fixed bug when unmounting filesystem while files are still in use.
Close directory handle in viewer when canceling file copy or delete

15th, nov 2004:
Fixed file client change notification.
Fixed fifo pipe termination.
Fixed close_on_exec.
Fixed GIMP plugin communication.
Added right click and context menu support for context menu
Implemented context menu into panel to kill non-responsive tasks
Implemented cursor hotspot
Implemented vertical splitter resize cursor.
#000045, vchira
#000049, centimetre
#000390, centimetre
#000325, Peter
#000335, patrickweber
#000341, Nemo
#000231, Wouter Roelofs
#000361, strestout_bugs
#000357, strestout_bugs

11th, nov 2004:
Fixed task termination waitqueue wakup. (never reschedule in this case)
Scheduler fixes. Implemented different "sleeping reasons"
Huge scheduler improvement ==> huge speed improvement
Fixed F_GETFD function in fcntl
Fixed bash IO redirection

10th, nov 2004:
Fixed physical window size
Fixed draw rectangle width and height values
Fixed GTK applications drawing bugs
Implemented new scheduler policy.
Using Yield/Wait/Timer/GoodTime/Worse/Better values to compute thread "goodness" depening on semaphore/waitqueue/message and input actions.

7th , nov 2004:
Implemented implicit DLL relocation in case of intersection
Fixed thread spawn semaphore counting
Fixed image reference counting

5th , nov 2004:
Fixed DLL loading

3rd , nov 2004:
Fixed semaphore release in "SkyOS" class semaphores.
Fixed semaphore release in "Read/Write" class semaphores.
Fixed semaphore release in "Critical" class semaphore
Fixed semaphore release in "BeOS" class semaphores.
Fixed race condition and possible crash in tcp module

Added WGF_ALIGN_BASELINE to font alignments

2nd , nov 2004:
Filedescriptor table is now shared between threads.

26th, oct 2004:
Removed resource managers name length limit

25th, oct 2004:
Implemented BeOS like semphores in order to make porting apps easier.
Call DllMain of DLL's which are loaded implicity when loading a DLL explicity
Ported GDB (native, cross and remote)
Added ptrace kernel module.
Fixed taskmanager critical section error
Added critical section check functions
#000181, skorpion153
#000255, reh4c
#000362, strestout
#000380, btbeeston
Initial radio button/group support. Implemented by Chris
Moved splitter window drawing code into theme DLL. Implemented by Chris
Updated dll and application startup code. (crt0_xx.o)

23th, oct 2004:
Fixed very critical bug in vfs_seek_internal. Could crash SkyOS while starting and on each file access.

20th, oct 2004:
Implemented TASK_CREATE_FLAG_REPLACE_CORE for ExecuteProcess
exec(...) syscall replaces core image now. doesn't fork and ExecuteProcess anymore

13th, oct 2004:
Implemented TLS into C Library to make it fully threadsafe
Clone TLS region on fork
Updated C++ runtime to call global constructors/destructors in DLL's
Changed DLL and Image startup code (crt0_pe.o, crt0_dll.o and crt1_dll.o)
Fixed multiple atexit and destructor calls with multiple threads.
Porting a new major application to SkyOS...

13th, oct 2004:
Fixed standard include header files:
inttypes.h, stdint.h, arpa/inet.h, sys/types.h
Fixed ino_t typedef. (changed to 64bit)

12th, oct 2004:
HUGE SkyGI performance increase.
Implemented ReadWriteSemaphore locking method into SkyGI, boost applications under low system load by factor 2 and under heavy system load by factor 15.
SkyGI much more resposive under heavy system load.
Multiple applications and threads can use SkyGI drawing function at the same time now. No more GUI synchronisation required

Implemented ThreadResume function to immediatly wake up a sleeping thread.

11th, oct 2004:
Implemented SkyGI function pipelining.
Drawing commands are buffered in user mode up to specified amount. On various actions this buffer is drawn by SkyGI at once.

SkyOS 5.0-beta8.2
4th, oct 2004:
Fixed english keyboard layout
Implemented TCP select register/unregister
Implemented new DNS resolver. (may fix Thom's and others network bugs)
Fixed SkyFS journaling code. Files may get lost on reboot
#000342, computris
#000312,, Thom Holwerda
#000289,, patrickweber
#000282,, centimetre

5th, oct 2004:
Installable packages can depend on a version number of the Software store now.
Added tooltips to listbox items
Softwarestore shows package description/information about each available package when moving mouse over package name in the listbox.

6th, oct 2004:
Splitted SkyFS/BFS driver into two seperate drivers (skyfs.dld and bfs.dld)
Implemented bootloader section into SkyFS driver and changed magic ids.
Note: SkyFS IS NOT BFS compatible anymore!
Updated GRUB to make it possible to install GRUB into SkyFS partitions
SkyFS-GRUB can now be installed into MBR as well as into a SkyFS partition

7th , oct 2004:
Disable deadkey support if keymap doesn't define DeadKey section.
Fixed SkyFS/GRUB bugs
#000341, Nemo
#000162, Peter
#000302, Nemo
#000292, Nemo
#000342, Nemo
Fixed maximized window dimension

8th , oct 2004
Fixed audio continous playing when closing media center bug.
Fixed taskmanager initial position
Fixed widget text cursor position compution for password mode
Fixed widget text cursor position when using TABS
#000168, MBitter
#000167, centimetre
#000174, centimetre
#000345, computrius
Fixed bug where not all threads of a process were destroyed
Added debug boot information to BugReporter

SkyOS 5.0-beta8.1
2nd,oct 2004:
Hardware not detected right after installing. (Systemmanager shows empty listboxes)
#000319, reh4c
#000324, DaveHope
Fixed login screen version number
Fixed french keyboard layout

SkyOS 5.0-beta7
Fixed login app bug.
Fixed ISS Play interface bug

30th,sep 2004:
Implemented video system into ISS.
Implemented new video player
Implemented audio/video preview plugin into viewer
Renamed ISS to Intergrated streaming system
#000307, Thom Holwerda
#000304, Nemo
#000313, centimetre
#000315, computris
#000314, centimetre
#000298, Nemo
Fixed task deletion bug.
Fixed memory leaks in task create/delete functions.

17th,sep 2004:
Fixed unlink. (Allow file deletion while it is open)
Added Developer Studio template and html help for Kernel modules/drivers project.
Implemented kernel memory debugger. (keep track of allocated/free memory and print summary on task deletion)
Implemented reliable and secure backtrace/callstack function into kernel.
Fixed memory leak in sys_semaphore. (User allocated semaphores have not been freed. Size: 8KB)
Fixed memory leak in FreeTaskMem. Destroy page directories after page tables are destroyed.
Fixed memory leak in FreeTaskMem. Free file descriptor table.
Fixed memory leak in FreeTaskMem. Free global task data.
Fixed memory leak in FreeTaskMem. Free security context
Fixed memory leak in FreeTaskMem. Free page directory

16th,sep 2004:
Fixed bugs:
#000067, hotzenplotz
#000066, hotzenplotz
Implemented html based help for Developer Studio.
Implemented html based help for Viewer.

15th,sep 2004:
Updated Developer Studio. Parses XML files for default configuration for various project types.
Added exmaple sources and drafts for various projects.
When creating a new project (console, GUI, device driver), sample source is generated automatically.
With the developer studio it is now possible to create C/C++ console and GUI applications as well as
SkyOS modules and device drivers.
Updated help system. Implemented SkyHelpSDK to add a help browser very easily to applications.

14th,sep 2004:
Updated Developer Studio. It is possible to create/compile C/C++ projects again.
Fixed listbox autoredraw
Implemented new FAT filesystem driver

13th,sep 2004:
Implemented SO_BINDTODEVICE socket ioctl.
Change textfield background color when widget is in read-only mode.
Implemented new DHCP Client.
Updated setup/system manager to use new DHCP Client
Fixed UDP Autobind handling
Added shutdown, reboot, sync, logoff, ping command line tools
Updated system manager network interface configuration tab
Fixed bugs:
#000300, Nemo/aphistic

9th, sep 2004:
Fixed bugs:
#000267, mike
#000275, Kelly
#000258, centimetre
#000215, leonifan
#000214, leonifan
#000291, Nemo
a href="">#000284, Lakedaemon
#000285, Nemo
#000287, patrickweber
#000171, centimetre
#000259, centimetre
Fixed statfs system function

7th, sep 2004:
GCC 3.4.0(native) C/C++ fully working on SkyOS.
Standard C++ library and STL available and fully working.
SkyPad automatically uses syntax highlighing depending on file extension.
Added file notifier services to FAT
Changed listener notifier resource manager nodes from 32 to 64bit vnode keys.
Fixed crash in GI_window_unlink function.

3rd, sep 2004:
Fixed fat filesystem O_TRUNC.
Changed GCC compiler settings (specs file)
Fixed libsky fork/exec exit status

2nd, sep 2004:
Fixed execvp function.
Built GCC 3.4.0 cygwin->skyos crosscompiler
Built GCC 3.4.0 skyos native compiler
Built native Binutils 2.15
GCC 3.4.0 and binutils working in SkyOS now. (spec files are not configured yet)

31th,aug 2004:
Fixed close return codes
Fixed sys_read/sys_write return codes
Changed st_ino in stat structure to 64bit
Fixed recv return code when remote host did a graceful close.
Fixed bash strncmp parameter missing

30th,aug 2004:
Began new doxygen documentation for LibSkyGI and LibSky.
Implemented three different malloc strategies:
1. Normal malloc
2. Debug malloc (will print corrupted allocate memory blocks and catch double frees)
3. Extensive malloc debugger (EMD). Programs the MMU to immediatly catch pointer access to allocated or already freed memory. Warning! With this malloc strategie an application like GAIM may use up to 2GB of memory, though it will catch any possible memory fault.
EMD (Extensive malloc debugger) found memory bug in login application. (Using freed memory)
EMD (Extensive malloc debugger) found memory bug in panel application. (Accessing unitialized memory)
EMD (Extensive malloc debugger) found memory bug in bash application. (Using already freed memory)

27th,aug 2004:
Ported STLPort
Ported Python 2.3.4

26th,aug 2004:
Updated System Notification API for applications
Updated internal build script
VNC sends a notification when client connects

25th,aug 2004 :
Implemented new SkyGI Timer functions
Implemented single shot timer
Updated to Mesa6.1, rewrote SkyOS Driver and parts of GLUT
Ported foobillard.
Updated distribution release system and scripts

24th,aug 2004:
Fixed bug with a FREEFORM_DRAG_WINDOW where could open menus with doubleclick only. (SkyTris)
Fixed MouseCapture Bug where focus wasn't set to client area anymore. (SkyTris)
Fixed Viewer MIME-Type detection and file-specific icon display
Fixed fileicon detection bug
Fixed bugs #280, #277, #272, #271, #270, #268, #266
Implemented global Widget Property system. (ListBox, PanelInfo, Button)
Listbox widget updated. Supports different column-types like Text, Bitmap, Widget,...
You can now use individual cell renderers for listbox columns. (for instance: text, bitmaps, ...)
Height of listbox rows is configurable through property system now.
Updated viewer file property information
Changed Taskman/Viewer to use new Listbox widget
Fixed GI_widget_get_edit bug
Fixed FAT Filesystem module unload bug
Updated to new GTK/SkyOS theme
Improved BugReport
Fixed ALT-TAB Window Manager
Fixed SkyGI Focus handling when closing windows
Implemented more LayoutNode alignments
Fixed ~ key for english and german keymapping
Fixed english/german keyboard mapping.
Added deadkey support for charachters like â,ê,è,É,..

09th,aug 2004:
Fixed GTK/destroyed windows bug.
Fixed critical I/O limit check bug.
Don't do case sensitiv section/key compare for LibIni.
Fixed possible NULL pointer access in SkyGI focus handling.
Fixed possible LibISS crash.
Implemented rename syscall and SkyFS rename function.

05th,aug 2004:
Implemented layout views.
(Automatically sizes and positions child windows depending on various flags)
Fixed textfield scrollbar resizing

04th,aug 2004:
Bugfixed gcc/binutils
GCC and binutils working again.
Created installable sdk package with include files (through softwarestore installable)
Fixed syntax highlighting in SkyPad

03th,aug 2004:
Updated links2 browser.
Updated SkyKruzer (still buggy).
Removed get_opt* and get_env* functions from libsky.dll
Recompiled GCC and binutils

30th,july 2004:
#000239, Kelly
#000145, Kelly
Added listbox functions to query next/prev item and item data.
Added GI_FileSelect function.
Implemented playlist support for audioplayer.
Fixed vmm image mapping error when forking.

29th,july 2004:
Implemented tweak plugin.
With this plugin you can adjust/configure kernel internal settings.
Fell free to experiment with it by for instance adjusting scheduler policies, timeouts, and many more.
If you discover a system setting value which works better for you, let me know.
This is a beta program membership internal tool only!

Fixed VIA Rhine II driver
Changed scheduling algorithm and "good time" handling.

28th,july 2004:
Own desktop background image for each user.
Create/Remove own desktop icons for each user.
Create/Remove Desktop icons for ALL users.
Start script when adding new user
Implemented shell application to send messages into the notification window

Fixed bugs:
#000153, centimetre
#000157, centimetre
#000025, centimetre
#000023, Peter
#000015, centimetre
#000062, centimetre

26th,july 2004:
#000230, Wouter Roelofs
#000183, Wouter Roelofs
#000223, leonifan
#000027, Kelly
#000222, reh4c
Updated software store. Use different icons for new / already installed packages.
Implemented VIA Rhine II network device driver
Fixed keyboard mapping

25th,july 2004:
#000143, Kelly
Fixed network settings serialization

22th,july 2004:
#000217, leonifan
#000203, centimetre
Fixed GTK resize bug.

21th,july 2004:
Fixed initial focus setting.
Implemented Realtek 8129/8139 network device driver
Fixed race condition with access to already freed memory in tcp select routine.
Rewrote TCP receive window handling
#000223, skorpion153
#000211, leonifan
#000212, leonifan

20th,july 2004:
Keep track of installed software and version.
Show current installed software version and newest
available version in Software store.
#000184, Wouter Roelofs
#000185, Wouter Roelofs
#000161, Peter

19th,july 2004:

Implemented SkyOS software store
Fixed TCP non-blocking connect return code
Fixed TCP initial local port number

15th,july 2004:
Ported wget
Ported telnet client
Ported telnet server
Fixed socket/file select function
Fixed critical potential deadlock in waitqueue handling
Ported libcurl

14th,july 2004:
Recoded TCP state machine.
Fixed network packet allocation/deallocation
Fixed TCP close handling.
Fixed TCP select register and unregister
Fixed TCP listen/accept control block generation
FTP working again. (8MB/sec download)

13th,july 2004:
Fixed TCP out-of-order packet handling
Fixed TCP duplicate ack / duplicate data handling.
Fixed network stack base priority
Fixed network<-->vfs interface
Fixed socket close and autoclose

12th,july 2004:
Fixed network configuration plugin.
Serialize network configuration to file.
Automatically load last set network configuration.
Fixed TCP retransmit queue. (remove retransmit items when tcp stream got RST)

8th, july 2004:
Implemented global (system wide) keyboard accelerators.
CTRL+ESC opens start menu.
Implemented keyboard navigation for popup menus.
Fixed focus order for login screen.

7th, july 2004:
Implemented keyboard focus navigation. (TAB, SHIFT+TAB)
Implemented missing focus colors/bitmaps for listbox and button
Fixed mount system call return values.
Fixed bugs:
#000134, centimetre
#000135, centimetre
#000138, Quok
#000140, centimetre
#000141, centimetre
#000109, centimetre
#000136, Quok
#000156, centimetre
#000149, Peter
#000150, centimetre[color=red][/color]

SkyOS 5.0-beta6

SkyOS 5.0-beta2

Changelog since beta6:
5th, july 2004:
Implemented registered username and serial number query when installing.
Implemented command line tools: mount, unmount, format
Implemented SkyOS Support center. (HTML4, CSS, GTKHTML based help browser. No text yet. :) )

4th, july 2004:
Fixed security file access checks for chdir, opendir.

3rd ,july 2004:
Fixed "Hang when formatting SkyFS partition while installing" bug.

30th,june 2004:
Implemented MapVirtualKey function.
Updated GDK key handling.
Fixed GTK keyboard handling and application crash.
GTK applications get close message when pressing close icon in window tab now.

29th,june 2004:
Made signal handling POSIX compatible.
Implemented new POSIX-compatible PTY driver. Removed PTY code from fifo.
Added more POSIX functions. (user ids, groupd ids, ...)
Implemented JOB CONTROL and process groups
Listbox entries can be sorted by each column now. (support for different algorithmen)
Fixed bugs:
Fixed setup (release and license notes)
Added "update task" for taskmanager.
Implemented advanced task concept.
SkyOS finally supports task creating like the windows and unix way. This means you can fork/exec or direct create new tasks/threads.
Add mouse support for Quake I
Add mouse support for Quake II

26th,june 2004:
Ported more coreutils.
Fixed various kernel functions which were not POSIX compatible.
BASH is fully functional now.

23th,june 2004:
Fifo can be used as PTY now.
Implemented termcap compatible escape sequences and ioctls into fifo and vci.
Updated vci to support escape sequences.
Implemented full "command line editing" in vci for bash.
Fixed dead task handling and waitpid

22th,june 2004:
Fixed pipe reference handling.
Implemented "unix like" execv, execl,... functions.
home environment variable for current user.
Fixed bash.
Improved task create/delete speed.
Added more exec-flags.

21th,june 2004:
Initial bash and coreutils port.
Fixed struct stat members alignment.
Added escape sequences to terminal
Implemented fork syscall
Make waitpid POSIX compatible
Implemented TASK_TERMINATED task state.
Don't free task_struct on process terminated. (gets freed by waitpid)
Fixed file access/create/modified times.
Fixed utime function.
Implemented write_stat vfs/vsi interface function.
Implemented write_stat for fat and skyfs
Ported following bash/coreutils tools:
basename, cat, comm, cp, csplit, dd, df, du, ls, md5, nl,
od, printenv, printf, pwd, rm, rmdir, seq, sha1sum, shred,
sleep, sort, split, stat, sum, tac, tail, tee, test, touch, tr,
true, tsort, unexpand, uniq, unlink, wc, yes

17th,june 2004:
Fixed very critical SkyFS bug. (implemented clone-blocks)

16th,june 2004:
Updated SkyPad. (tabbed editor)
Updated textfield widget. (new features)
SkyPad syntax highlighting for:
C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, Ruby, Phyton, VB

15th,june 2004:
Implemented viewer - Change user rights plugin
Change file rights for entire directories at once.

14th,june 2004:
Ported dotGNU (ilasm, ilalink, ilrun, cscc, cscc-cs)
Fixed visible tab-width in textfield control

13th,june 2004:
Fixed unicode resource file parsing.
Added 3 more modifiers to keymap file.
Added "select font..." button to SkyOS installation step - Language.

9th, june 2004:
Implemented new WindUI scrollbar

8th, june 2004:
Changed security rights identifier from 64 to 32bit.
Updated user management plugin.

7th, june 2004:
Fixed ISS DirectSound
Implemented new WindUI button design
Implemented new WindUI combobox design
Implemented new WindUI frame window design
Implemented new WindUI textfield design
Implemented new WindUI checkbox design
Improved OpenTTD blitting performance
Added keyboard support to OpenTTD
Fixed possible crash in VIA82XX driver
Improved listbox keynavigation.

Fixed bugs:

Changelog archive
4th, Jun 2004 - 5th, feb 2001