Fresh ports: apache, subversion, ...

Submitted by Peter Speybrouck on Fri, 2006-03-03 01:48.

What I have been doing the past few days
Since there is a lot of new stuff in the latest snapshot 2 for beta10 I just had to investigate this.
About a year ago I first tried to port apache, but this was unsuccessfull due to missing shared memory support. The mono port however brought shared memory to SkyOS!

So I tried again, and with success. With only a few minor modifications, I was able to port the following applications or libraries to SkyOS:

  • apr 1.2.2
  • apr-util 1.2.2 (with expat)
  • apache 2.2.0
  • berkeley db 4.4.20
  • subversion 1.3.0

I was not able to run apache on snapshot 2 due to some missing functions, but Robert has already implemented these and are due for the next snapshot.
I also still have to fix a minor issue with svnserve to run a svn server without apache. Edit: This appeared to be very easy to fix, new screenshot added.
Also todo is compile a lot of modules!
Next on the list to port is PHP :)

I will soon post another story with how I managed to port these applications.




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Congrats !

Here come the indirect benefits of the mono port (and the better POSIX compliance) !

Apache...another great software for the Skyos platform..



Yay! Nice work! ^-^ We [the current and future users of SkyOS] really appreciate it.

(I registered on the spot to say that!)