A volatile system in seconds

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Mon, 2006-12-11 13:41.

As you may or may not know, SkyOS lets you choose from following options when booting:

  • SkyOS
  • SkyOS Debug
  • SkyOS Safe mode

As of now, a new option is available:

  • SkyOS Volatile

When selecting this boot mode, the system partition will be set to read-only and automatically gets branched using a SkyFS ramdisk as writeable.
Once booted, you can fully modify the system and use it as usually. For instance, you can install software, compile your applications, etc.

But once you reboot, ALL modification will be lost. The real filesystem will not get touched at all, so booting SkyOS in "Volatile" mode makes it possible to try everything you want, be it as dangerous as imaginable.
You could even do a "rm -R /" without affecting your installation.

Furthermore, this Volatile mode is also used when booting the LiveCD.


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USB Drive

How about writing to a USB thumb drive, rather than RAM. Does that work yet? :)

of course, it doesn't matter

of course, it doesn't matter where the differences are written to.

Rock on. ;)

Rock on. ;)