Updates (Java, Wine, ACPI, etc...)

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Mon, 2007-01-15 21:22.

Kaffe, GNU classpath, Wine, ACPI, LiveCD, etc.

Recently Darkness started porting Kaffe to SkyOS. I am proud to announce that Kaffe using GNU classpath (without AWT) is now working fine on SkyOS.

In other news, Wine is working on SkyOS. Although there is no wine graphic driver yet you can already start windows console applications directly from within SkyOS. (Once a Wine/SkyGI backend is available Wine should run on SkyOS as good as it does on Linux, and will be available via Software Store)

In order to archive these two major ports a few important POSIX "functions" have been added, including:
- AF_UNIX domain sockets
- socketpair function
- LDT (local descriptor table) support and functions to modify it
- Various pthread bugfixes and improvements
- Various mmap updates
- Various signal handling bugfixing, including new functions like sigwait and sigpending

Lukas Linemayr's BitTorrent client is about to be released and Patrick Bichler's Scribis ICQ Client makes great progress.

On the driver side there is now an ACPI driver including support for ACPI power/sleep buttons. (A SkyOS service, the PowerMonitor, will react on power events with configurable actions like shutdown, reboot, etc.

And finally, the SkyOS LiveCD is shaping together and should soon be available.

Just take a look at the Changelog for all updates.


Klehtf uJGNjBV




Now, they are reaching milestones two at a time...

I'm speechless.

Congrats and thanks for the good and hark work.


Next stop - OpenOffice.org!

Awesome! Great updates!

Awesome! Great updates!

And then...

...the world!
Great Job guys! Now if only I had mad programming skills. Or at least a SkyOS install that doesn't die after changing my video settings.