Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Mon, 2007-05-07 08:09.

Major progress has been made for the SkyOS LiveCD. With the BranchFS technology which makes the LiveCD a full read/write system there is now an easy way to explore SkyOS without installing it immediately. From within the LiveCD you can simply click on the "Install SkyOS" desktop icon which will install SkyOS to your harddisk.

This LiveCD, which actually containes the entire SkyOS distribution, and is the primary way to install SkyOS, will be available for the next beta.



New C++ API
There is now a new complete C++ API for SkyOS which replaces the old C API. The C++ API consists of more than 150 classes, including:

  • Thread, Process and Process Information
  • Filesystem including File Management, Queries, Attributes, etc.
  • DataCollections, Mime handling, Registry, etc.
  • Hardware abstraction classes like NetworkInterface, etc.
  • Full GUI classes like ApplicationWindows, Button, TextView, QueryResultViews, etc.
  • Full Border/Brush support to customize every GUI Widget
  • Many integrated functions which work out of the box like Syntax Highlight, integrated Spell Checking, full internationalization and localization using XML
  • Full implicit layout system and custom layouting using LayoutNodes
  • Gesture support
  • Testsuite with examples included
  • and many more

The API itself uses a Message and Signal/Slot concept to make easy and fast GUI development possible. From ground up it was designed to be modern, consistent, easy to use, and a pleasure to work with, thanks to the experience made with the old API in the last six years.

For additional information and a list of available classes refer to SkyGI C++ API Documentation.

Hardware support
ACPI support has been added as well as support for 45 more ATA/SATA chipsets.

Many kernel updates like LDT support (required by Wine), updated signal handling, pthread support, and overall additional POSIX compatibility enhancements.
New services to handle ACPI requests like Power-Off-Button.

Around 250 reported bugs have been fixed for the upcoming beta.

The full changelog is available here.


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by the way, there is an

by the way, there is an error in the html of this article:

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in opera you can see the error.

Either robert already fixed

Either robert already fixed it or there is really no error in the source. Is there still a problem?

Yeah ,just fixed it

Yeah ,just fixed it

Can't Wait

I can't wait to try this LiveCD out. I'm going to force everybody I know to at least try SkyOS with this. Heck, I'll even boot it up at school instead of their slow Windows installs. :D

Looks great guys.

Looks great guys. Just hope you allow the beta testers to test it soon!


wow, the gui looks beautiful!
I know you worked alot to get all these classes done.
Take a vacation, you more than earned it :)