Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Fri, 2007-06-29 15:44.

New Profiler
SkyOS has got a new system profiler.

The profiler itself consists of a very small kernel part which samples all running processes every 100 microseconds and collects around 200 different system measure points. (though the sample rate is configurable).

A server application (The ProfilerServer) collects all these sample data and builds a call graph, visualizing it in an application, the Profiler.
The call graph itself contains all functions down from _main to the deepest kernel function.

- Profiles the entire system, not just single applications
- User and kernel call graph
- No recompilation of application required to profile them
- Almost no overhead
- Graphical call graphic visualizer
- System visualization, displays around 200 events like task switch, semaphore access, syscalls, interrupts, exceptions, user events, etc. in a customizable time line
- Can collect up to 400.000 samples per second



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