SkyOS Beta 6796 Available for download

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Tue, 2007-10-09 18:07.

SkyOS Beta 6796 is now available to download directly from the Beta Center.

This build features a complete new multimedia framework (the ISS), automatic file type sniffing, a new Media Center, new Panel, updated Viewer, new Application Manager and various other applications using the new C++ API. Furthermore:
28 additional API Classes, new and updated libraries, customizable WindUI theme, 220+ fixed bugs including critical boot bug fixes.


In other news, for anyone interested in discussing or contributing to the various designs of the SkyOS GUI make sure to visit the "SkyOS GUI Re-Design Wiki".

Take a look at a video showing the viewer in action.



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There is something that makes me curious about the borders in that first screenshot. There is the datacollection editor to edit the windUI settings, but in the screenshot, only the mediaplayer has the transparent borders.

If you can globally edit the WindUI settings with that datacollection editor, how come the other windows do not have the same border effects?

re: borders

I believe transparency is configured for active windows.

not really, but currently

not really, but currently the new theme is applied to applications started after changing the theme only. This way you don't render your system unusable if you completely messed up your theme.


this is the first of mine to use this system and I think it will be used as wall as possible!