SkyOS Mail

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Tue, 2008-06-10 18:59.

We are proud to announce that the next version of SkyOS will ship with a new Mail client.

In contrast to the already available Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client the new Mail application completely integrates with SkyOS. For instance, all mails are stored as separate files with various attributes attach to it. So you can easily and quickly find every mail using the SkyOS Viewer and its query system.

Furthermore, by using the Desktop Communication Interface you can easily hook your applications to events sent by SkyOS Mail when an email arrives (a Panel plugin notifies you with a little icon whenever mails arrive).
Other applications can also use SkyOS Mail Services like sending mails from foreign applications, etc.


IDE has been updated too, showing a SkyOS Mail Layout in this screenshot:

Screenshot of SkyOS viewer showing a directory of the mailbox storage:







In the changelog I see a POP3 class but you are having multiple folders in your screenshot. Is IMAP also supported and does it work with security settings?

For example GMail IMAP access requires secure (SSL) connections.

Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to this mail client. Thunderbird is huge and for quickly checking some mail, this looks great.

If you enable the panel mail plugin, it notifies you of events from SkyOS Mail. Does it also notify you when you close the Mail application? Would be nice if it can "sort of" run in the background :)


It looks very nice Robert.

Is that the gui builder of the new IDE on the second screenshot?

yes. All Mail dialogs are

yes. All Mail dialogs are built with the layout editor.