SkyOS development is currently halted

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Fri, 2009-01-30 20:41.

The speed at which new hardware and technology gets developed has increased dramatically in the last few years. Trying to catch up with development of frameworks, drivers, applications, test, etc. got way more complicated than years ago. At that time, you developed a standard IDE driver and SkyOS would boot on 99% of all computers. There was only one way interrupts got routed, devices could be accessed, etc. More important, there was just a single CPU, no hyperthreading, mulitcores, multi cpus, etc. (at least not for computers the usual home user owned). A GUI was easy, in contrast to today, where you must have a 3D accelerated GUI. If you don’t have one your OS is said to be old, out of date. You must have WIFI, USB, Bluetooth, etc.

Catching up with the development for all this is just not possible anymore, at least, not for one person or at least, not for me.
Currently, SkyOS development is on halt, and I’m trying to find a way to get out of this unpromising situation. At this moment I only see four resorts:

- Open source SkyOS
- Make SkyOS available for free
- Specialize on a yet to define niche
- Stop SkyOS development

Eventually, I have to admit that I underestimated the speed at which new technolgy develops and establishes. And, a while ago I was able to spend hours a day developing for SkyOS, for years. Recently, as my first baby was born this of course changed which made the entire developing situation even worse. Again I underestimated a few, personal, real life factors and their impact on developing.
I’m sorry if I dissapointed you, but I guess you favor me being honest about the current situation.

Anyway, I will do my best to find the best possible solution for SkyOS and its future.

News update (6th, apr 2009):
For the last weeks and as it looks like quite a few more weeks I'm in contact with a lot of people talking about their
ideas to continue SkyOS development. Unfortunately many people completely underestimate the amount of work required to manage a development team for SkyOS, either an open or closed source version, or completely lack vision and or motivation and or seriousness. Anyway, I'm still reading through my inbox hoping to get in contact with people with real motives and knowledge being able to bring SkyOS to the next level.

Come on...

still waiting for an update. Why do you kill your baby? It is extremely sad.

Please setup an open source project at least and let it live... again.

stop windows

alternative os??




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To the theme

Wow, fast-moving progress in IT, in software especially. Well-written article


Why we can't download it for testing?

Seçme Oyunlar. Kaliteli Oyunlar. Küçük Oyunlar. Küçüklere göre oyunlar.

solo para pruebas

solo para pruebas




yeah i think this is Dead now

When the new system will start

When the new system will start i hop to see it soon

just an idea

depending on the codebase of skyos - which i have no idea about - maybe it's relatively manageable to write a subsystem for using -bsd drivers/kernel modules

No Comment Appriciated

Since i've been making some statements on the forum like some possible future's & later the possible dead of this OS, someone took action against me

A Forum Admin or maybe Robert himself - choose to delete all my posts & delete my forum account, however forgot my forum threat & my account on this website

It's lame of them , but if you will fall to such lame behaviours atleast do them well , delete every bit of me on both the forum & the website & ban my email adress too, maybe ban my ip range since i'm not static & you don't care.

Or do noting at all , i wont be joining this DEAD project again or buy any of Roberts iPhone/iPod/iPad Appications/Games

not downloadable

why cant i get it? when i click "get skyOS" it is not avaliable...
for 4 days now!


this SO is GooD!


i wont get it

What about if?

What about if you released the Operating System under a CDDL License agreement it is the same license as Sun Microsystems Solaris Operating system is released under and it is a very good license agreement to work with.

Comment download

I want totry new os because I boring windows


Comment for download sky os

I cam try new os

comment + download

the OS is incredible and very well graphically but problem he is paid (windows also but he is distributed with 45 % of computer in the world) have you download and very can compatible.

it would have to be open source and non-paid that you ask for the code of some software to include and your OS will be above windows meadows of Linux and of MAC.

ET a quand le telechergement.

Admin: please leave out the spam


es muy chulo y util

Don't Bad Mouth Mac

Mac is an Operating System that thrashes all Operating systems no-one could ever beat such a reliable Operating System it gives you so much.

Where to download

Please some one to say where I can Download SkyOS please please
Give me a Link.

So we can't even buy a copy?

As I said can't we buy a copy of SkyOS anymore I would like a copy of SkyOS for my computers at home but now I see that, that is not possible.

If anyone has info on where to buy a licensed copy please reply to this thread.

Two months have past by...

Are there any news regarding the future of SkyOS?



Last thing I heard was that there was no real progress due to an extra family situation.
Although we all would like to see an update, I am pretty sure that Robert will announce it here if there is something to announce.

I wouldn't write my own kernel from scratch

Using an existing Unix kernel like Linux or BSD would solve most driver issues you mention. You don't need to open source the rest of the OS.

You don't need to reuse any other software outside the kernel and device driver rings. Ignore all the existing daemons, services, scripts, subsystems, applications, etc. You could also use other open kernels like ReactOS (C) or Haiku (C++).

I don't see why would someone write his own kernel from scratch for a desktop OS since it wouldn't change the user experience at all outside driver support. Everything else I can understand as I hate every OS in existence.



At least make driver development kit

Congratulation for all of the work done on SkyOS. I Know how huge is the work done and the time invested in it. I greatly appreciate! I wish you good time with your baby and I greatly think you dont have as many time you used to had from now. The way ShyOs will continue is your. I will not tell you to open source it or not.

There's just one thing, I hope is that you make available a Driver developpement Kit. This will at least enable all people wishing to continue using it to not be catch in a hole where nothing could happend.

My 0.02 cent.

In the hope to be listened. Have good time with your baby.

there is a ddk for quite a

there is a ddk for quite a while, didn't help much...

how can i get a hold of you?

i have some important things to talk to you about how can i get a hold of you?

Think. Imagine. Develop.

Serfing on the Web, I see an attack on user linuxers Windows & Mac.
The essence is not compatible with Windows or POSIX, and the establishment of a platform that uses a Silverlight Application
This is real. Using the SkyOS Core + Silverlight, we get a convenient, fast, beautiful (see Silverlight 3) and a universal operating system, applications that work the same on Windows and Mac.
Despite the fact that Silverlight is created for the Web. It can solve any problem. This functionality is expanded using plug-in libraries of C# & C++

Technically a great project, but economically a flop

Dear Robert,

you are a talented and ambitious man, but I think you have backed the wrong horse, and you are really wasting your energy.

SkyOS is a great project, it is fast and stable, and I know the amount of work behind it. But still, I think it is completeley useless to compete in this market today. There are big players which dominate everything, and at a maximum, you could find a little niche, like an OS for Mobile Devices, or something.

But then, however, a lot of successful software companies are desperately looking for people like you.

So my advice is: Make SkyOS open source, donate it to the public, and then forget about it and do something completely else. You are talented enough to find a new project which will satisfy you and where you will earn really good money.

I'm happy to hear you are a father now; I think you'll have more reward and fun by investing your free time into raising up your "real" baby, instead of your software "baby".

All the best for your future.

Kind regards

Georg Scholz

You may already have shot your OS down with your Ubuntu comments

Firstly I shall let you know that now in your time of desperation, I have to take the time to say you had it coming...
Sorry but you invited trouble by making several mistakes:
I think that by trying to do this whole OS by yourself is your first major mistake, one cannot expect to make a competitive OS by themselves, by closing your OS off to anybody but you your OS was doomed.
Plus your apparent fear of Open Source is a big factor, you choose to include open source software with your OS yet seem very anti open source in your goals.
Your second major mistake is spreading all that rubbish about Ubuntu and Linux, you assume that because you had troubles that linux in general is inferior.
Ubuntu is only one example of Linux, but you made it seem it was the end all and be all of linux.
You used FUD, a weapon a linux user as myself have seen as a weapon by companies such as Microsoft.
You only had what you seen, you didnt ask for support or try out alternatives to ubuntu in your rant against linux.
Also by using tactics you did to make your OS noted by spreading FUD about Linux you have isolated the very community that could have helped you in this time.
I have used linux for 4 years, I have seen it made more progress then Windows and Apple could have in 10.
But by completely isolating us linuxers, and open source advocates you might have very well spelled the end of your OS.
Hey its your decision to make your OS open source or closed source, but as a member of the linux community...
A community that could have helped you if you wanted it to seeing your rant about Ubuntu and seeing your hypocrisy concerning open source software then maybe an end to this project is inevitable.

Look I know my comments are provocative but so were yours, I think the best way for you to start is to apologize to the linux community for your comments and maybe the wounds of your failing OS will heal and maybe something better can come from the ashes...


I have the impression that you don't really know what you are talking about...

apparent fear of open source, hypocrisy? Nonsense, he (and other people involved with skyos) have contributed to numerous open source projects with bugfixes and improvements. The fact that skyos is not open source has nothing to do with fear, it is a free choice and no one has the right to tell him otherwise.
The fact that GPL is not very compatible with SkyOS has nothing to do with Linux, so many other OS are also not using GPL and it seems to be working fine.

Spreading fud about linux? Did you actually read the first sentence of that blogpost that you are obviously referring to? These were just his experiences when trying to install a linux distribution that is marketed as very userfriendly. With every new release of ubuntu, there is a whole bunch of reviews and "user experience" articles. Are you complaining about them as well if they mention something that is not yet how people would have expected? I think criticism can be a very good motivator to improve on some specific points that may have been silently ignored because people were too much focussed on the biggest and best new features instead of the annoying little details.

With that blogpost, it was very striking how the linux community jumped on it like it was a review while it was certainly not. Sure it mentioned some negative aspects, but that doesn't mean the community has to silence everyone that even dares to mention them.

I have worked with linux for quite some time but even I must say that even though some of the distro communities are very nice (gentoo f.e.), there are a lot of people that are usually not directly involved (as developper or something like that) and basicly scare you away once you say something wrong.

You see his comments about ubuntu as an attack on the entire community. What about those comments from the ubuntu community against Robert? How friendly :-) Should we see this as an attack on the entire SkyOS community as well?


We do not need to BSD-kernel. Indeed, whereas SkyOS will be another non-original BSD / Linux - like the product. We want to build almost from scratch. But we will know everything in detail and be able to create a good defense and a good UI. Similarly, we can avoid some mistakes BSD.
Do not forget about my idea with an interface on Silverlight. This is the path to popularity.

Thoughts in my mind...

There is a great niche. Why not develop SkyOS a home media centers of the PC? The only solution - it is Apple TV and Microsoft Media Center, XBOX 360 and Play Station 3.
The morning you wake up and turn on the TV. But it is not just a TV:)
This is an entire computer system. It includes:
Graphics card with hardware acceleration and HDMI, DVI and Display Port
Intel dual-core processor
Ired module or Bluetooth for wireless input devices, including consoles and nutrition
Module WiFi
Modules TV-tuner and satellite TV
Audio card with support for Doulby Surround Pro Logic II 7.1
HDD (but better than SSD) of 160 Gb for small systems up to 1Tb for home media storage (movies, music, pictures, etc.)
Motherboard ASUS c Attansic L2 Ethernet
DVD (BD) optical drive NEC
DDR2 (or 3) RAM 2-4 Gb
USB 2.0(or 3.0), FireWire and eSATA
In SkyOS can build Silverlight
Then the interface will be reworked in Silverlight
Silverlight is very simple, and Microsoft will not be SkyOS enemy. SkyOS will be at the same time demonstrating the power Silverlight (developed by Microsoft), that we can play good.
It would just get away from Grub loader
So, SkyOS must have
Mediacenter (like XBMC, but better, like Windows Media Center)
Web Browser and email client
Wednesday Silverlight Silverlight 3 and 3 on. NET (this may help the project Mono)
Developer SDK Silverlight 3, which allows applications to make Silverlight 3 directly without leaving SkyOS.
Universal Windows / Mac Silverlight applications will work on SkyOS without porting! Great, is not it?
Developing of applications on Silverlight is easy
We need just a viewer, text editor and file manager. Good to have a driver for the entire gland.
Using Silverlght 3, you can create an application where there is even a popular CoverFlow.
Sorry about my bad English

SkyOS could be virtualized

SkyOS could be virtualized using little part of BSD kernel and you can use BSD drivers, for example! You can do virtualization modules and you have NOT to release code (BSD License!).
[Spam removed]
Or, you could be change target... no desktops anymore... but mobile devices, why not?


We do not need to BSD-kernel. Indeed, whereas SkyOS will be another non-original BSD / Linux - like the product. We want to build almost from scratch. But we will know everything in detail and be able to create a good defense and a good UI. Similarly, we can avoid some mistakes BSD.
Do not forget about my idea with an interface on Silverlight. This is the path to popularity.

The potential of SkyOS...

In order to realize the potential of SkyOS, you MUST have a focused objective for what SkyOS is meant to accomplish. You've been doing what EVERYONE who writes a hobby OS tries to do. Cover every piece of hardware on the planet, to make EVERYONE happy. Well, only Microsoft has succeeded on that front. Not even Apple boasts that claim. You cannot go that road and ever hope to succeed. And you've now seen what that road leads to... emotional burn-out and failure.

In order to succeed, you must have an "edge" to your OS that no one else (open or closed-sourced or proprietary) has. You must be able to stand out from the crowd as so significantly different, that people will stand up and notice and appreciate/use your OS over others.

I am planning to do that very thing, with a currently existing OS, assuming it gets to a point where it can be safely forked and continued from that point.

Do NOT open-source your OS. Keep it close to you. If it is your baby, let it grow and mature under YOUR guidance and direction. Unless you no longer care about it anymore and you've moved on with life. Then it doesn't matter WHAT you do. And this reply is meaningless.

But, if SkyOS is to make a name for itself... to become more then just "another OS", then you MUST find direction and focus to your plans for it's destiny.

I have many ideas for directions the OS I am looking into could take. I have many plans for radical approaches to hardware/software that others deem impossible or impractical to implement. I am not afraid to "think outside the box of conventional wisdom" when it comes to ideas and concepts too foreign for others to even consider.

SkyOS could be the greatest thing ever seen/imagined in ages, or it could easily go into abject obscurity, as it appears to be headed now. It's up to you and how daring you're willing to imagine. How far are you willing to push the envelope of conventional wisdom?

But a vastly better OS on an existing platform (PC), is still never going to break the Apple/Microsoft stronghold.. Not unless it is so radically different it BECOMES it's own platform, as well!

Aye, there's the rub!

Einige Überlegungen...


Also erstmal echt Respekt für deine Arbeit, ich hätte (habe =)) mit Sicherheit schon beim Bootloader aufgegeben. Meiner Meinung nach ist jedoch SkyOS als Desktop Betriebssystem nicht geeignet, nicht da es nicht gut genug ist, sondern da der Markt einfach zu stark durch Windows bzw. auch schon teilweise durch Linux dominiert wird (d.h. bis zu uns nach Österreich ist Linux für den Produktiveinsatz ja auch leider noch nicht durchgedrungen). Wie du bereits erwähnt hast "Specialize on a yet to define niche", da das System ja recht schnell und resourcenschonend sein soll (ich konnte es leider nicht selbst testen, da ich es nicht mehr downloaden kann) war meine erste Überlegung der aufkommende Netbook Markt. Ich weiß nicht wie resourcenschonend das System ist, doch man könnte auch noch einen Schritt weiterdenken und auf den Embedded Bereich umsteigen (ich selbst entwickle gerade einen Media Player - mit Linux Kernel - basierend auf einer AVR32 RISC CPU mit 190MHz und 64Mb RAM - - der Embedded Bereich hat eine recht gute Größe, du müsstest nur einen Kooperationspartner finden. Solltest du das nicht schaffen würde ich mich auf jeden Fall über einen OpenSource Release freuen - ich will unbedingt versuchen das System auf meinem AVR32 lauffähig zu bekommen =)

Naja schöne Grüße aus Salzburg =)
Bernhard Wörndl-Aichriedler

PS: Gibts vll. noch irgendwo einen Server wo ich SkyOS bekommen kann? Meine E-Mail ist bwa [at] berniwa [dot] com =))


Sorry guys that I wrote in German, but I finished my thesis yesterday and after 120 pages in English I'm not eager on writting any more, at least for the next days =)

Thoughts in my mind...

Dear Robert Szeleney!
I'm a first-year student of Rostov-on-Don State Colledge of Informatic and Communication Technologyes(Russia Federation). Sorry about my bad English
I think, SkyOS do not OpenSource. SkyOS - the original project, but OpenSource lead him to the
unoriginal linux-like operating system. Or SkyOS became component for linux. Both ways are bad, very bad.
But there is an option. Why not start advertising on the network?
This advertisement should interest the user.
Get out of the linux-like, want to be originality and compatibility with POSIX, and everything will turn out. Сan be ported FreeBSD to SkyOS, but it is better to write itself - the original and more reliable.

And yet. Sorry, I illegally downloaded SkyOS Build 4915, but it is for the test. And found that SkyOS does not work with HDD SATA (SATA II). SATA is very popular, therefore it is recommended to ensure compatibility with SATA. Once again, sorry.

Dear Mr Szeleney.

Dear Mr Szeleney.

I am sorry about your current situation.
I am a young computer student at the University of Odessa (Ukraine). I am interested in the development prospects of the SkyOS as a free operating system.

If you do SkyOS free, I organize a support group of your operating system in our region based on ONPU.
For more information about me and my university can be found at the following addresses:

The site of my institution:
My page in sotsealnoy network vkentakte:
My e-mail:

Regards Andrew.

Sorry for my bad English.

Halting Development

Such a shame that development is halted, I have yet to try out SKY-OS and will not pay for a beta but the project sounds impressive, perhaps ignoring the rings and bells of a modern OS is the answer, I don't know as im currently looking for an OS to suit my needs as a developer & user.

I would suggest against unmoderated open-source but what could be acheived is you resting in a lesser role of project-manager and accepting a slower pace of development in the project or maybe another 2004 lift-off.

I would like to develop application prototypes in python or even PHP-GTK for your OS, I will even port PHP 4 & 5 to your platform (maybe 6 if I like it) but I would most likely want to test a "live-cd" or vm-ware image first.

On the note of the Sony inspired "Crossbar Interface" probably best to stop now it's not usable it's actually crap for anything besides media and games and as you've already alluded to in your post, you don't want to develop a fast-paced gaming OS with support for all the major graphics cards "although possibly Nvidia may sponsor your OS if you support them I know OGRE was sponsored by them and ATI.

Lewis Cowles - Senior Innovation Consultant Codesign²

It's a pitty...

It's sad to hear that news. I think you have done a great work so far, but surely you'll need a lot of manpower to keep this project a reality. If you somehow can't go on I'd suggest opening the sources with a GPL2 or v3 license.
You could think about joining other projects, like ReactOS for example, a person with your knowledge could be much of a help there...

Tis' a shame.

They should have to legally give all OS makers tech specs on their hardware at the same time, no heads up like Microsoft likely gets.

Could design it for the older machines, like previous year models and so on. Doesn't need to start at the next machines just yet.

Mojave sucks!



You have produced some great things

Two areas where SkyOS shines are the BranchFS and the media programs.

I paid some money, but I would not have sent it if I really expected anything back. I wanted to see what happened.

Open source it, but not the way BSD is so that others can almost silently take your work and build something proprietary on it. Use GPL version 3 or later. Your payoff is notoriety, and the fact that you'll never lack for programming jobs. My payoff is the BranchFS and what I will be able to do with it to revolutionize databases and tracking-type development and versioning systems, but in any of those developments I would make sure the maker of BranchFS was known.

Having worked as a QA manager for a now successful linux distro, I can appreciate how we were faced with an explosion of hardware and only about 6 developers to work with it. I kept lm_sensors in our distro from blowing up some Thinkpads, but that was all the time I had available to the kernel, with my primary job being testing. You provided an amazing amount of work, and it should be continued.

Virtualize the hardware layer

A. I think trying to do something like this by yourself is a mistake. Look at JBoss. The main developer made no bones about the fact he wanted to make money off of JBoss and that he wanted to develop a professional software package. He allowed key developers into the "inner circle". JBoss development happened at a fast pace and the end-users were very happy with it. You need to establish a core group of developers, no matter what you do. Open sourcing the OS may make it more interesting for some, but other developers may be willing to contribute their efforts regardless. The promise of a share in SkyOS' commercialization (money!) would be a good motivator too. JBoss was purchased for millions of dollars. I'm sure all of the core developers were justly compensated.
B. You claim that keeping up with the latest hardware is extremely difficult for one person. I believe it. Signing up more developers will help, but so will virtualizing (abstracting) the hardware layer. It may seem like a major compromise, but you could use Linux + Xen or Linux + VirtualBox to get around the lack of drivers for SkyOS. Essentially, you would use Linux as a "hypervisor" and run SkyOS inside the same virtual machine regardless of the actual underlying hardware. You could concentrate on making SkyOS work inside the virtual machine which always uses the same "hardware". For many years, IBM ran its operating systems on top of a "hypervisor". It works and it allowed IBM to upgrade hardware without having to upgrade the OS/applications to work with the new hardware. They updated the virtualization layer instead and the OS just kept on working.
I think you owe it to your investors (users) to give them options. If you are giving up on maintaining SkyOS, then give it away (open source it). What do you have to lose? If you want to keep SkyOS going, you *must* add more developers, period! I really think you should consider hardware abstraction by running SkyOS inside a virtual machine.

Semi-FreeSoftware, Semi-ClosedSource

Some parts could be in a license like QNX, Apple Darwin, other partes in a obvious GPL, BSD/MIT, and other (i hope the less), definitively, closed source.

The World is grey, not black or white.

Leo AKA "QuarzoLiquido" Ruilova

You have come much too far

You have come much too far and some of us have been waiting too long for you to pull the pin on a viable solution to desktop computing. If you must find a niche market, aim towards the netbook - Sky's footprint makes it a natural. And, after giving up windows for Linux years ago, my bias is strong: open source SkyOS and see where a dedicated community of volunteer developers takes it. I, for one, don't want to see SkyOS go the way of OS2, or BeOS or AROS - all great operating systems in their own right and time, but in need of some attention.