The Base

Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Thu, 2009-06-11 12:29.

In the next weeks / months I will regularly post the current progress on the linux kernel experiment.

Last weeks I made a new linux from scratch system based on LFS.
This very small linux "distribution" features the linue 2.6.27-4 kernel and includes the most important base utilities like coreutils, bash, etc.

First I used gfxboot to get a nice graphical boot menu, but I'm trying toget usplash working currently. In order to support usplash in a very early linux boot phase a new init ramdisk based on scripts from ubuntu has been made. This initramdisk is responsible for displaying the animated boot screen as soon as GRUB loaded the kernel. Unfortunately getting usplash to play nicely requires a few ugly quirks to the boot / init system.

Did anyone ever design a usplash theme? A SkyOS usplash theme would just be great!

Additionaly, while getting this base system working a small build system has been built, making this linux distribution self hosting from the very first moment.


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